Logiciel Regutility


Related pages: clean registry 64bitsA released 2010 sky Installer is a utility for third-party software for the Microsoft Windows operating system, whose purpose is to eliminate redundant in the Windows registry. Registry cleaners are not supported by Microsoft, but suppliers claim registry cleaner, which is helpful for the subsequent manual changes to resolve inconsistencies in certain programs COM applications. Registry cleaners are effective not agree is a controversial issue, with experts about the advantages. This article is for review. Please help improve this article by references to reliable sources. Promotional material may be challenged and removed. Due to the size and complexity of the registry database cleanup can be impractical, redundant entries and log search invalid cleaner manually search for invalid entries automate missing file references or broken links in the registry and fix or remove. Registry keys provide some benefits; But it will be the largest documents usually harmless, antiquated COM business applications where associated files are no longer available. Distinction according to the grave mistake not, and many fatal error may incorrectly classify some registry cleaners, with little basis to support it. Registry cleaners have been used as a vehicle for a number of Trojan applications to install malware, typically through social engineering attacks, pop-up Web page use buy free that falsely report problems that can be solved or download a registry cleaner. Worst race are products that advertise and promote a free scan of the registry. But they tend to be of the user, the product for a considerable sum must be purchased before scheduled repairs are carried out. WinFixer registry cleaners-rogue were classified as one of the most widespread malware in circulation. Under Windows 9 X, it was possible that a very large registry could slow down the computer's startup time. However, it is less of an issue with NT systems operations (z. logiciel regutility B. Windows XP and Vista), through a different slice from the registry, improving storage management and indexing. In addition, all versions of Windows server 2003 before you can step begins when integrate is capable, within the first 16 MB of kernel memory and log files. Slow down due to the expansion of the register is less of an issue in modern versions of Windows. On the contrary, must the underlying registration file defragment (z. B. through free tool PageDefrag from Microsoft supports). instead of trying to clean up the contents of the field, has a measurable benefit has in the past been recommended by experts like Mark Russinovich. (A form of defragmentation function directly integrated in Windows Vista). Windows performance tools was developed to solve operating problems under Windows and includes the non-cleaning the registry as one of its optimizations. The registry most unrepaired cleaners are caused by null characters embedded in their name such as Undeletable registry keys; special tools such as the RegDelNull utility (part of the free Sysinternals software) are only able to do so. A registry cleaner cannot repair a registry subtree, which cannot be fitted the satellite service through a disk cannot install. A corrupt registry can be recovered in ways that are supported by Microsoft (z. B. Automatic System Restore last known good start, new runtime configuration menu or by using System Restore). The last known good registry system hive last (with pilots and the service configuration), which was successfully restored your system started. These tools are also difficult to manage a full system restore from a backup to a nonbootable situation or an infestation. At the time of rapid development of malware to get rid of possibly a full system restore Bootkits in the path, not a hard drive to a. Registry cleaners are not even the removal of malicious software designed to be, although mild side effects can be repaired when one turned on the system restore. However in complex scenarios related malware such as spyware, adware and viruses can delete your changes to the file system. A registry cleaner is not suitable for cleaning registry entries associated with a virtualised application since all registry entries in this scenario in a virtual registry instead of the real specs are written. Complications of the detailed interactions with the virtual may also be improper disposal of links and registry entries pointing to missing files and the confusion that arises, users of cleaning products. There is little relevant information about this specific interaction and without integration. Although the registry cleaner could be seen probably in a normal environment for the end-user, do not generally in a virtualization environment. .