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It seems that you use an older browser, now they are not supported by the Bangor Daily News. The site will always be visible, but some objects may not be displayed correctly. To use all the functions of our site, we recommend that you switch to a newer and more secure browser. «Read more» if you do not have administrator privileges for the computer, you can always intervene. Google has developed a plug-in for Internet Explorer, called framework of Google chrome. You can install it on any computer, even if you can not install applications and ensure that the computer is protected and that it is always possible that you visit our Web site. Enable framework Google chrome now. Yes, send me emails from time to time (the necessary income. Mail e-preferences can be configured completely after the Panel upwards). Our Center offers a variety of programs to complement most martial arts lovers. These programs include traditional and effective as film and television based on self-defense for height shown performance programs. All of our programs is designed to create an environment that the safe, fun, educational and friendly, where our members are able to meet or exceed your personal goals. Our programs strive to participate an important role in the natural way of life of our members. This can be achieved a framework and support for our members and excellence in physical martial arts, small matter of sex, age, or the natural skills of our members. Programs are offered for children, adolescents and adults. The week in our locality in Scarborough and recognized industry is easily 7 days sunny Tang the arts martial in all the country. The combative final fitness program: Sanda is a modern defense system Chinese fist fighting and combat sports. Focuses on the physical development of women through a rigorous training program, which promotes the strength, endurance, strength and speed. Sanda consists of applications of Arts martial Chinese, including most aspects of combat, including pace, appear, rings and mix. History of Sanda involved unarmed fights where there are no rules. As a competitive Sanda in how developed army attacks were widely used martial arts, skills and techniques, but between the fists of soldiers try and practice. Rules developed and approved the use of protection devices have been introduced and Sanda is now a sport of competitive struggle in the world practices. Emphasis on realistic fighting ability, conducted in an atmosphere of martial arts safety. Sanda contains because (beats), TI (kicks), shuai (MMA) and NA (litter, locks, chokes). In contrast to other types of constant struggle has a focus on the precision of the attacks, counter and I. Our program is designed for beginners and experienced professionals at all levels of education, recreational and competitive level. Wing Chun - the cheapest system of self-defense for adults. Wing Chun principles are functionality, efficiency and economy of movement. The Wing Chun system is based on three principles, focus on the simplicity ultimate mma scarborough of this traditional form of Chinese Kung-Fu and 2 theories. Its roots are centuries old and its techniques were engaged in the course of the centuries survived trailer. Tang sunny Grand Master is to make a second generation of IP Man (teacher of Bruce Lee) and one of the first Canadian Wing Chun students. Training is based on certain basic principles, to reflect the limitation and the capacity of human movements to get the relative position between the practitioner and the opponent and the cheapest movement, the result you want in any situation. Training is rigorous and requires a high degree of concentration, the conceptual understanding and discipline. The classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced, and practitioners are encouraged, their skills through the application of training together and controlled. 1996 has as a tribute to the final great master Moy Yat Ving tsun spelling as opposed to the more traditional Wing Chun in our schools in recognition of the line of the family of Kung-Fu was founded. Martial arts program is a fun program, performance of martial arts developed by specialist in the industry-oriented. Martial arts program is for beginners and veteran artist martial looking for something new that helps their skills at a higher level in a fast environment fast, fun and sure to bring. The program combines martial arts traditional WUSHU with a focus on choreography, stunt weapons and action. Balances technical excellence with a strong emphasis on creativity and energy. Weapons in the taught curriculum contain everything from staff, swords and Escrimas tools which can be used every day in film and television. But the highlight of the attention of the program refers to the rupture of the waterfalls, Cascades and choreography of combat martial arts by our professional interpreters staff, national champion and choreographer taught. This program is specially designed for young people and adults looking for a rapid formation of wushu of fun. Age: 14 and more,.