Eggshells In Worm Farm

Worm Farming

Its four step to create a worm farm1 instructions. Buy you or a friendly worm farm (plastics Reln contact 9605 9999 (02) or the Municipal Council) and place it in a fresh, well-drained place. 2 line am depressed with some newspapers and a few handful of Earth.   Sprinkle lightly with fresh water. 3. Add the Red worms or Tiger and a small amount of food waste. 4 check you the status of the week and add some more food.   Make sure that the worms eggshells in worm farm do not do.   Once you have determined your firm worm to worm produce castings that a fertilizer that can be used, which can be used in plants for indoor or outdoor activities, including their lawn of the school. What your WormsFruit food and vegetables (with the exception of citrus fruits and onions) and peas BoxesShredded ShellsDirtHairLeavesSoaked PodsEgg torn and full of CardboardPaperWhat pizza not to feed your WormsPlants FruitsMeat onions (garlic, shallots, leeks) of the citrus family (which can lead to unpleasant odours and maggots), see our fact sheet of the worm, agriculture (230. 1 Ko),. .