Is Pc Health Boost A Microsoft Partner

PC Health Boost

Healthboost PC have Appearred on my desktop, Microsoft partners, and that it inform downloading their software to fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0d. You can check if they are partners in good and due form. I want that my previously expressed jpbwp MS MVP vote. These programs are oil snake and much to your computer something in a stone, because in reality all repair or create an appreciable improvement in performance. However, if you have a problem with the execution of programs or simply more information or help with some aspects of Windows or another program, post a description of what you hope to get and taste will help you. I am extremely concerned about the way and the way in which: 1) a company did not know that she had difficulties with his PC, which requires service and 2) that has your private phone number and 3) how got this program on your PC first, and infections. Yes, it was a coincidence. (The call is a scam believed to banks) People with a Windows-based computer with Internet access and b) this computer has problems real or imagined. The PCHealthBoost is just a program of oil of snake that seeks to resolve the problems of registration, but often more harm than a measurable property. . I am a little surprised that it amounted not support wrong call. Takes a few years, and despite its exposed monetary overload (also in local and national news from radio and television) and accident risk is so small that these crooks continue their infamous acts. Recently graduated from TeamViewer remote desktop to take control of the unsuspecting victim computer so an eye on this software, disable permission to access via remote desktop. To educate customers and you can say to the customer who recently known to these tests, you can probably expect more calls of the same nature, increasingly aggressive and aggressive and offensive. Say that you have only one computer to work and give you their number (in fact, the number of police non-emergency). In any case, I learned this type of tricks of the call. Not only the way they moved. It was a full-time job for 8 years and we run through the computer by 30-40 per week, so I've seen everything. A coincidence? Yes maybe. But perhaps not. The fact is: & PCHEalthBoost DriverBoost programs were installed on your PC 18 01 13 (classified in the list of programs and even eliminated DriverBoost installed on the same day). Then he received a call on 25-01-13. You also have the fact that the program PCHEalthBoost and the telephone call claimed Microsoft partners and both were eager to correct the registry errors and viruses on your PC. But yes. You are right. It may be a coincidence. But don't do it. And he said BTW, never let that (or any), control of your PC from afar to take and so quickly last night received the call as he. As usual, had no idea of how you made the 2 programs on your PC. I have this offer on my new pc. Someone can tell me how to get, if my site is! There is no x in the top right and appears everytime I go on my search page. It is pc health boost a microsoft partner comes my mother to tell me was the so-called Healthboost PC appears a screen called me to say that the errors on your computer. My parents are in the 70's the phone, who travelled with the control panel to uninstall. It seemed to work, but then it was immediately the PC Healthboost. More later to see what's going on here. The company behind the PC Healthboost has done a lot of work on the Internet. Rise of negative reviews of Internet search, and most of the descriptions seem especially positive responses from your PC Healthboost will defend their product. But my parents don't need a registry clean and never knowingly upload something. I've is no way to know what they have to click on the installation of this product released, but I think it was some kind of trick. Person will be downloaded inadvertently legitimate registry cleaners. I hope that uninstall without incident will be. .