Heal My Broken Heart Amelie Chance

Heal My Broken Heart

My name is Amelie chance. Ago fifteen years I have experienced a divorce, who live in fear of leaving me. I was afraid that my heart would never heal. I was afraid that every day more that the previous would be negligible. I do not fear once again, that. After several months, I have met down. Then I saw a very simple choice, he had to make – a choice between hope and fear. I choose hope. Time has been a challenge during the last 15 years, which were still better in my life. I could rebuild my life and find love.  For those who suffer from pain or adversity, do you want to know that life can hold new meanings. Ahead is a way better and brighter. And love, expect many ways. I choose hope. Still, there is love. Positive psychology examines the negative space within traditional psychology. Where traditional psychology focuses on the harm to the ” “ positive psychology a different approach and assessment, strengths and talents help you prosper. Using positive psychology to people helps overcome adversity to a better and brighter life. I am a common person, trying to explain the extraordinary powers that we all tell real stories about my life. Before winner Inc. recently co-wrote called: stories of hope, courage and inspiration, achieve the happiness that has a status of bestseller # 1 on Amazon. Also, regular diaries filled. Some people come from families of the doctors or engineers. In my family if you Cuando eras old enough, sets a lemonade stand or establish something as a contractor legitimate. I followed these steps and I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have a master's degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Pennsylvania applied positive psychology professor. I have my whole life to small and medium-sized enterprises. My greatest joys in these workshops help people lucky enough to find purpose in heal my broken heart amelie chance their lives. I am a human being. I realized many goals and I got lot of dreams through my hands. I have tried lucky. I apparently won unuberwindlicher. I confirm my countless blessings. Now I want my experiences in life with others to share. Helping others to find their own way to prosper, because I found that it is less confusing, we, that everyone thinks. Every week, I get the step toward the healing words of kindness by members. Very many thanks for sharing your strength – are a source of inspiration for all those who best place for a break. ~ Love and light, possibility of Amélie,. .