Diabetes Miracle Whip

Diabetes Miracle

I'm relatively new to all gluten-free. I wonder if power miracle whip (essentially the mayonnaise), inside they have gluten? Soybean oil is a list, as one of its components. Soybean oil contains gluten? I think I read somewhere online, but now I am totally confused. "Color" is also listed. I think the taste can potentially contain gluten, but I don't know if the color can. Strength, I called, and they are not been of any help. Basically said that they cannot guarantee this product to be free from gluten, but it contradicts, as saying that if there is no containing ingredient (& should also contain a number of traces of impurities) gluten-free, which diabetes miracle whip is manifested in the ingredients. I was so frustrated. I wanted can be politely in vain to wonder how these two conflicting. Has not had no longer to follow authority, so I just left. How frustrating. Speaking of coverage,. .