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Nigeria-estafa (419 scam or forward). Be warned, promise millions, but most importantly, you have to pay. These pages are not insignificant lists of names and titles added spam criminal motivation that has received some, as possible. the list cannot be exhaustive, because scammers every day invents new identities, but many of them describe the techniques here. This page: fraud, money-laundering, see also fraud, to win the lottery, adpost express ltd primer on Internet scams and scammers tormenting dating/dating sites. False job offer fraud. Bank accounts. Rich, unknown, parents killed in Africa and millions of unclaimed dollars. Lawyer wants African Union must pay inheritance - but by Western. Yes. Criminals send junk e-mail using e-mail addresses anonymous who have chosen by Yahoo, Hotmail, Myway, Netscape and other providers of messaging services. It could be said to represent an African dictator, or a reverse Bank in the administration of the estate of a wealthy expatriate, died in a terrible accident. When you transfer your bank details, as well as the current address and telephone number, millions of dollars would be issued. She says something to remember that you must keep this information confidential. In fact, you mean not want about its attitude to the police or the mention of the writer. Do you like medical call, lawyer, Pastor or engineer and they often pretend to be women. You write in a ridiculous legal cod and words as confidence to use and how. N.-b. fraudsters often include a link to a Web site with information about a plane crash or other tragic event. The following are some of the false names and titles have appeared in the last postal fraud. They are listed in chronological order, are recent examples of fraud in the upper range and,. .