Wisefixer 3.2.1


Reply by Mntnrvn on December 28, 2013, this product is a nightmare, as the technicians and the people at the other end to work. I did a scan of the registry on the computer and had serious problems, including an emerging growth, loss of the Wi - Fi function creates. many new problems. After running the analysis and activation codes, the fixing of Sage showed this team has a value of 100, but when I run the scan from another company, it showed 16. 457 computer problems. You want refunded my money and keep trying, something else to try myself to make. This company is set to false, since it says on their website: after the acquisition of the wise fixer, the customer is entitled, a guarantee of 60 days wisefixer 3.2.1 from the date of purchase back. During this time, a refund of the purchase price received customer doses, if you are not satisfied with the operation of the software. Attention of the buyer! You would have to go and buy a new computer, so I use this software, because that's what you have to do if the system in which computer old Fixer download wise. Log this message,.