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For awhile, the address was always concerned, that is the career of Julia Roberts, then depressing at the moment in these clothes as Mary Reilly and Michael Collins where it seemed that her radiant smile was traumatized nothing in sight. Thank God has in my best friend's wedding is returned. This film is also unvollkommene, a shining example of what Julia so bright and desirable in the role of the law. And it has a little here. As Julianne Potter, Julia is the same soft, radiant, brightness that gave us the pretty woman. Apparently, Neal (Dermot Mulroney) - which is as in love with your best friend forever Michael or ', which unfortunately live on the eve of his marriage with a lively girl (Cameron Diaz), who suggests that their strange Julianne her best friend. as well as their bridesmaid. Course, Julianne makes what sensitive young: everything in his power to break, the wedding of the title. This isn't as melodramatic as it may seem: in fact, is one of the brightest, funniest, smartest comedies and around the Decade. All the characters make irrevocable do their parts and revel in the glory of love, duplicity - classified and plane is common. In addition to the very romantic, this must be the love story most skillfully drawn at all: for each ideas Julianne plot, there is a turn or bad there all with love and blind devotion. There are also large areas in the background. Susan Sullivan, Philip Bosco and the great m. Emmet Walsh in a position to support its end. But how I can cite them in the same paragraph without the addition of Rupert Everett in the fray? Friend gay editor/Julianne, adds color to your dinner scenes in the fish restaurant, especially during the wedding (you've seen, you know what I mean). I want to spoil everything saying that true love wins in the end. Are you Julia Roberts as a villain? my movie pass login You may want to, but not in a romantic comedy. In fact, they are the big surprises in the twists and turns that are in this film. Each shift makes the story more interesting and entertaining (by the way). Of course, the music makes that process much better (with a help would be by Dionne Warwick, twice). To understand what can I say: If you like Julia Roberts, love stories, comedies and weddings, this is your movie. Ten stars and a copy of the greatest hits from Dionne Warwick-CD for the wedding, where true love win my best friend, but a true friendship comes into its second later. Keep up the good work, Julia. .