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So much for a new session of Santana added to the Gallery thanks to modern myth. This is probably my new favorite photo, because it is absolutely beautiful. So if porto ’ t seen it yet, check it out in our gallery. Join our NewsletterGet report-top and more directly in your Inbox. The article described the fact to use ClassDojo of teachers give students positive stimulation in the classroom students and helping them succeed through better communication and understanding between the school and home. If you haven't used ClassDojo before, it would be easy to misunderstand how it works in practice. Teachers use ClassDojo to give a positive response to skills such as leadership, perseverance, teamwork and curious students and communicate this reaction of parents. Over 90% of the teachers give students that classdojo returns are positive. Use of master ClassDojo to communicate with parents and the success of the students the opportunity to Excel outside of a scientific assessment panel closer. He was an eloquent commentary of Kelly, one of the teachers, mentioned in the article, in a letter to the editor of the New York Times: I have explained in detail the advantages of ClassDojo is one of transparency as measured the level of participation of the class and how social learning, emotional and academic; improves how students funded, where I often allows no positive response, as another way to reach the most difficult students and offer encouragement and hope. Also, as parents that we have witnessed very satisfied and wanted more teachers. Student labels, I pointed out that ClassDojo students, who have a reputation for difficult behavior are excluded from this restriction, is immediate positive feedback to reinforce positive behaviors-these children remain, in some cases for the first time, to receive the praise and is a transformative experience. Article ClassDojo and some experts online-painting in contrast to average classrooms and families of ClassDojo hit is: positive moments and ways to improve a reason to celebrate, share everything over a secure communication channel two-way private between teachers and parents. It is significant that the response to the online article was divided into humor among the commentators have used ClassDojo and those who are non-uniform positive comments from teachers, parents and students know and discover the platform every day. We are very sorry about the confusion following the NYT article. Many of the ClassDojo team are former professors, some of us are parents-and all that we are very interested in making things right. We believe that this demonstrates the the team vision dojo way in which we operate: our members are part of the policy clearer, simpler and easier to use in all areas of Tech-Ed, and we hope that this blog helps to the facts of the article lost to clarify. As always if there anything we can do to help, we know. Thank you, you're part of the community ClassDojo:) Lay sat, Liam and ClassDojo,. .