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Fascinated by the music and bought his first guitar at the age of eleven years began. While he was 15 years old, his family moved to Orlando, Florida. Although that often criticized and parodied, credo is recognized by many as one of the main events of the grunge movement in the years 1990 to 2000 and at the beginning of the year. Together, Tremonti and Stapp have been recognized as one of the most prolific songwriters of rock music. Marshall left the group in 2000 due to increased tension with Stapp and other interests to pursue. He was temporarily replaced by bassist Brett Hestla of the tower. Now its main group alter bridge and creed, his side project, gangs of two singers on their projects work with jamorama amazon Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall, following the meeting of the Credo, travel alternative, while the other group is active. A fifth album, which I believe is located at the end of 2011 or early 2012 according to Tremonti. and early 2012, his group after that come together to explore and start working on a fifth album. But Stapp and Tremonti, relations cooling and albums with the uncertain future of the band was abandoned. A DVD version of the album was sold exclusively in places during the match of the tour in 2009 and the credo of Amazon with a Blu - ray and DVD Deluxe edition set for release later in stores. However, a distribution in stores due to label problems change in several delays caused frustration among fans of bridge and the members of the group. Finally, delay came out in stores in North America, January 11, 2011, after two years. At the time this creed was soon at the end of his career in the 2000s, Tremonti has a form of Downshifters part metal speed (with the vocalist of Hatebreed Jamey Jasta and drummer Joey step of Slipknot) called the intention, but the project was never released. Tremonti has begun later expressly interest to create a unique album in the year 2010. The bands are so different, said its two main projects. And I write much. I am a solo album to make, because it the songs I want to believe, would see light of day does not work, because it works for the creed and alter bridge. . Eric Friedman plays guitar on all the songs himself and former members of the diving and Garrett Whitlock are also on the register. Tremonti has described the listed music melody. Later, said that probably heavier than alter bridge album and the creed and that many of their own. . January 20, 2012, Tremonti has a website for his solo album, where fans can subscribe to news, previews, live broadcasts, and gifts. A list of the working title of the piece was that I included on the site, as well as the title of the album all. From here there is a new site for his work after the release of the album. The band played their first concert as a soloist at the social in Orlando, Florida on January 17. July 2012, with a performance that, for a future version of the video, filmed. Reminded Tremonti later became that we want friends, until his career starting to take off. We joked on set and make a song, and she called me one day to tell you that I really want to do. So I sang your idea and I went to my guitar to save this day there, and the plate is gold. . Another brother, Dan, has created the artwork for all albums of alter bridge and creed and are President and the Creative Director of the design/marketing company called twelve core. In addition, and also in 2011 has been the only guitar in the song of alter bridge Blackbird, Myles Kennedy, Tremonti has played the best of the time guitar all Guitar Player magazine named,. .