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The App Shortcut

Press the key on the keyboard, in combination with CTRL + ALT (keyboard shortcuts automatically to using CTRL + old start) use would, and then click OK.  If you are prompted for a password or for a confirmation, type the password or confirm the action. You can now use this keyboard shortcut to open the program when you use the desktop computer. The link also works for the use of some programs, even though it can not deal with some programs, which have their own keyboard shortcuts. SideDepending page applications on your screen resolution, have up to four applications on one screen at the same time. So in response to an email, or save a lesson in class with recorder notes, while on your desktop, you can schedule meetings in your calendar. The two applications use the page SideOpen is an application that you want to use. Push an opening behind the application at the top of the screen, until you, and then drag the application to the left or right. (If you are using a mouse, you display the icon in the title bar in the app shortcut download the direction of the upper left and right mouse button. Select split split, left and right. ) To start again and to open a second application. In addition to the first application must be demonstrated. To change the size of the application, drag the dividing line between applications. Open to a third AppIf to start again and open a third application, it appears on the first two. You can click or on the left or right edge of the third application, to replace one of the applications below. If you want to use all three applications on the same screen applications will pull the third application is used in addition to or between other applications displayed. If a room is not open, can the screen only two applications at the same time mount. .