Mind Master Homer


In this article, we explore some of the ways in which the Homeric rhetoric of the Odyssey of idiocy traveled, the title of America's favorite cartoon character. We fly to Springfield, to check the classic 20 phrases. English? Who needs it? Never on to England!Woo - Hoo! In the immortal words of Mr. Homer Simpson-beer sucking, Patriarch bun-popping nuclear Central Inspector and security rhetoric Springfield resident. Homer English interjection delighted in fact only with oh. Take a look at some of these posts extend and revise as several rhetorical terms. Rhetorical QuestionsConsider of Homer Simpson Symposium Exchange: mother of the Simpson family: [singing] how many roads must a man go the calling of a man?Homer: Sept. Lisa: no, Dad, that's a rhetorical question. Homer: Well, eight. Lisa: Does dad know what rhetoric?Homer: you know, what is rhetoric?Logique, logic is indeed often to Homeric a rhetorical question to his expression: books are useless! Read a book, Mockingbird, and he hasn't given the right, I have no idea how thrush kill! Reliable and he taught me to judge a man not by the color of their skin. . . But hey what should I do?A rhetorical question, favoured by Homer is Erotesis, a question, the strong affirmation or negation: Donuts. Isn't it something? SpeechThough I have both an idiot figures of Homer, wrong, Homer is indeed a clever manipulator of oxymoron: Oh, Bart, no worry, while people die. In fact you can wake up the dead tomorrow. And our favorite figure of ridicule is actually clever enough with the rhetorical figures. Human behavior, to explain for example based on the personification: the monster only here is the monster game that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time your mother with his neon claws!Director of Chiasmus Homer to a new level of understanding: very good, and I don't like the brain, that I don't like - all of this and you can back to killing you with beer. And here in just five words, manages to combine apostrophe and trikolon crescendo in a sincere compliment: television. Teacher, mother, secret lover. Of course, the names of these figures don't always know Homer,: Classic Lisa: i.e., the Pope, Latin, the language of Plutarch. Homer: Dog Mickey Mouse?But stop laughing, Lisa: Plutarch language was Greek. Simpson RepeatsLike large speakers of Rome and Greece, Homer uses repetition evoking pathos and underline the key points. Here, for example lives the spirit of Susan Hayward in an anaphora panting: I'd like to shake the dust of this town. I would like to explore the world. I would like to watch TV in a different time zone. I would like to visit the exotic foreign shopping centres. I'm tired of eating Hoagies! I want a mill, a submarine, a hero of the feet in length. I want to live, Marge! Don't let me life? No, please? Epizeuxis is used, to a timeless real transfer Homeric: when it comes to civility, women are voracious Monster sucks want more blood. More. MORE! And if you give them, you'll get much in return. Poliptoton and led to a profound discovery: Marge, what? Are you hungry? Dream? Gas? Gas? East - this gas? It has gas, right?Rhetorical phrases of the Homeric ArgumentsHomer, in particular their efforts, by analogy, sometimes odd detours to argue: Son of a woman is very similar. . . a refrigerator! They are about six feet tall, 300 pounds. Make ice and. ERM. Wait a minute. In fact, a woman is rather a beer. Son, a woman such as beer is. They feel good, they look good, it would be a little more than his own mother take! But you can't stop at one. I want to drink another woman!You know, a nuclear reactor is people, very much like a woman. Just read the manual, then press OK. Fame was like a drug. But what was still more than a drug of in medicine. Yes, Mr. Simpson is sometimes controversial word, such as the duck, which underlines this unambiguously Homeric prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for this grace of the microwave oven, if we don't deserve it. I mean. our children are a satyrs uncontrollable. I'm sorry, but behavior like the wild! Have you ever been to the picnic? Yes, of course. Wherever you are, you're an omnivore. Oh, my God! Why I did wrong with this family?Pure eccentric (or possibly Dyslexic) Hypophora Homer (throws questions and answers) consider: what is a wedding? Webster's Dictionary describes how to remove weeds from a garden around. And now, then breaks his thoughts until he can do at the end of a sentence, as in the case of restraint: don't sleep in the same bed with a woman who thinks I'm lazy! I will unfold bottom right, the couch, take BA sleep-uh, good night. The master in RhetoricianBut for the most part, Homer Simpson is a skilled orator and advise. On the one hand, a master is self-proclaimed verbal irony: Yikes, view make happy to me, margin, people! I'm the magic man, happy land, lives in a plastic for Lolly pop lane House!. . . On the mind master homer other hand, it was sarcastic. And he distributed the wisdom with Dehortatio: the code of the school, Marge! The rules, which she, a boy lessons, a man to be. We will see. Do not complain. You play with different. Never tell but, if you are not sure that all just feel, making it that. The next time, catch the Simpsons on TV, to see whether other examples of these rhetorical concepts can be identified: our tool for rhetorical analysis Kit, see critical Speechhypophoramalapropismoxymoronpersonificationpolyptotonrhetorical full Questiontricolonverbal Analogyanaphoraaposiopesisapostrophechiasmusdehortatioencomiumepizeuxiserotesisfigures IronyFor vocabulary required, by Homer, appreciate the richness of the rhetoric.  Next: Lessons in the language of the Simpsons,.