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The content of this site is inspired by Socrates the wisest of the mortal and the gods at all. No gods here, no people, the human it is worship. Only draw the attention to the dialectic method of Socrates: everything is one of two opposites. At the end of the beginning of the end is the beginning: infinity and nothing. Created by big bang followed by extension of the implosion created by big crunch, and so on for ever and ever. If it is legitimate, there must be legitimacy. There is no justification for the term legitimate; or on the contrary - it is legitimate. You synthesize these statements on the basic formula for philosophy (FF):. There is no principle (forces, on the physical plane) more highly or more generally of creation and destruction. Create always the creation of creation. the destruction of the destruction is destruction. On the lower level is the unity of opposites of matter and energy. These States are relatively static energy. We can the essential formula below later (FF1) write: holding the light. Even worse, the light is a cosmological constant a God called intellectual!Albert Einstein is considered the most brilliant scientist of all time! Many men love. However, other, you actually contain, they think of Einstein as one of the smartest Mystics of all time. Einstein made the true, that God plays no dice with the universe of light! How can the constant speed of light in a dynamic world? Even a car needs a certain distance and time to arrive at a certain speed. Einstein, feels however as a cleric, that God leads his empirical work and you worry none of our mathematics! In Einstein's theory, there is no chance. absolutely certain God's laws. Another brilliant man, Isaac Newton, argued against yourself. His team has discovered the law of gravity (and the infinitesimal calculus in geometric patterns). Newton was (created by their mysticism) what some call a dark side. He was convinced, that religious has calculated that come the end of the world by 2060 (based on their interpretation of the Bible). Philosophy is the strictest form of consciousness. Science can often fool if you considered not only on certain facts, but other facts. Even worse, can science go wrong events (science fiction) to imagine. Einstein once more in this way said: imagination is more important than know. Evil again. I say: the philosophy is strict fantasy based on known facts to lead new facts and new perspectives. True knowledge is the truth about something or someone. It was the task of philosophy from day one, when he dared to defy the institutionalized religion and mysticism. It went from 12:00 (before common era) in the ancient Greece. Attack or other human being blind to follow, even if they claim to divine status or tyranny lotto master formula does it work have heavenly gods is my right! In the mirror, look at and really believe anything that you are an extraordinary result by chance, the favorite game of many of God. The only software is absolutely free to register and use for life. Requires only a reasonable license fee package, no software download. You should always be a registered member to download of the software one of-a-kind and other resources (results of the Powerball, mega millions, Euromillions, of professional football in the NFL, source code of proprietary software, etc.). .