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In the world depend on forests the most marginalized. Deforestation impacts on their environment and their livelihoods. Brings a new concession program design and funding for projects of decision to fight against the loss of the forests into the hands of the indigenous peoples and local communities, from the Brazil. «Read» join an online discussion with the experts of the Group of the group home job application World Bank on global food security, highlighting the recommendations of the world, until April 6. We love what we do, what do you think when you participate in most big retailer world? The possibility of affecting the community living and working on innovations for the next generation of customers and build a career that you like. Our employees are our greatest asset. We develop effective solutions to our customers by assembling the best team possible. With over 250 agencies in the world, offer a choice of career for specialized, dedicated and talented professionals who make the difference, if the challenges that our first customers. For safety and uncompromising ethical behavior created an environment of unprecedented commitment to all members of our team to grow with win and can succeed. Global technology LeaderWheeled, hit transport could be added today, but more than a century, the idea of driving trucks with engines instead of horses was frankly extravagant. The idea was a success, but the brilliance of the inventor, which has accepted the world increasingly more mechanized, its potential and vision of corporate, business and large corporations across the risk of the contractor, raw, who pushed the entire industry. These pioneers, the founder of Dana Holding Corporation-Clarence Spicer, Joseph Victor Hugo Reinz, j. b. long and Charles Dana were among them. Their initiative and ingenuity still lead to Dana today in our mission to advance and the needs of our customers with innovative solutions for. .