Plainville Ct 50 West


10/12/2012 5/21 / 2013 50 1 arrival ROTD West offers fresh ingredients with a new menu every month change. Each dish seems with seasonal ingredients carefully note be planned. I heard that the chef in the Boston area.  50 West is nested in the near future in Plainville. I'm surprised that there such a place.  When I heard the restaurant I was excited, it add to Favorites, since I saw a duck from the menu. Unfortunately, the duck has disappeared December menu.  I usually use a duck restaurant to review. As one other reviewer mentioned make reservations. The night I went the place was full. Parking is not bad, they have a page parking lot and a small parking lot, together with other institutions in this square. 50 West is definitely a family-run restaurant. It shows that for these people to invest in the production of excellent business.  Apparently helping the family with the operation. For my main dish I went with the rabbit. Rabbit and lamb are supported if the duck is not available. I was overwhelmed by the size of the part.  Two large rabbit rested on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with white legs. Roast rabbit was accompanied by a sauce of apples, peppers and herbs sprinkled.  Rabbit meat was unbaked bricks and wet recommend otherwise.  So as it was, served it was good, but for me personally, I prefer a salsa or sauce of any kind. Maybe a Bacon broth of some sort-based. Potatoes and asparagus are dry a green juice enough vegetables, usually when I have grilled protein dear exhibition. The food is the perfect representation of your concept of meals. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients and attention to detail with every bite. I was relieved when my salad arrived. No single iceberg, unfortunately, the cucumbers were replaced with Zucchini.  For those know that me is depending on rank by the plainville ct 50 west availability of cucumber salad. I'm sure that I have in my wishlist for future visits to put. Recommended this restaurant and I wanted to try not just because so many of the comments by reviewers were submitted was not used. I came to West 50 duck, but I was more than satisfied with the bunnies. And loved the most about this place was, the service and the food I made in the factory or mass. This is definitely the right place for those who want to experience something new, but are on the conservative side.  Overall had a good time in the late afternoon, special Council, include the duck wings at happy hour no doubt coming back to try that. I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to take good pictures. I think, could this year from Santa Claus for a new phone.  A side note, I was much more written in his time and nobody wanted to show me the door, every restaurant that allows me to enjoy my meal, without pushing me out the door is probably on my list of most Revisita. Lowlight: Lowlight: rabbit rabbit (broke with my phone) (broke my phone) and, .