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Dog healthy food. We understand the joy of having a dog and even of unconditional love, which is special in your life of this animal. Dog's health is the most important for us. Our promise is to help lead a long and healthy life and quality of life of the active dog. With the development of the natural balance. We are looking for the experience of Dr. Nick Costa, a senior Professor at the University of Biochemistry, nutrition and scientific feeding of healthy dog food australia the animals by the Australia experts. Under his leadership were a series of carefully selected natural recipes and the Devourer of the vario to seduce. The result has been the natural balance. Our total commitment to the dog's health is reflected in the premium for food ingredients, we use. We understand that the best wants to reduce the ingredients if cheap, have no place in the natural balance of your dog. . Approved the practice or non-invasive animal experiments. It's easy, because we care about the well-being of your dog. Today, the natural balance, .