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iPoll is awesome!Friday, March 20, 2015 joined MariaJust to Ipoll. Has a study over 7 minutes and $2 was performed. 00 immediately. IPollMonday, March 9, 2015 from EvaNot much fill surveys following the same questions, not then upgraded from the trial but the gap. Saturday, February 28, 2015 RU LeoFormerly Surveyhead, more c - s bad enough, if you need to study a problem. Missing for a survey had to (which was recorded) long questions, so that you can finally rewarded. Much time wasted, surveys tried and learned to close the investigation, that which in fact were the normal part of preliminary surveys, rather than a gaming site, where all kinds of information and cause all sorts of different questions. So even with a survey. I actually lost a lot of time at the start. Me li DQ 2 surveys! But, as always, the bar register and make notes for each poll watch, the second operator to explain recognized since iPoll, care (I understand that they have the same right, if unfair), I asked him, and complained to their sponsor and examination with an apology, which was beautifully restored. I can't believe that Sterling has changed the amount of almost every day, as if you exchange rates $ applied, I have noticed, but never not taken seriously an explanation, but how he was ready to redeem and they fluctuate negatively set,. Rate of 3% for the reward by PayPal! I ipoll phone number think this sentence is unfair but 3% is the highest, I've seen survey company. I left you. slow!Sunday, February 15, 2015 by LisaI member of the Ipoll was for three years and still not in right. OK, links lasts for 6 months, but too long to withdraw money. I swear, the polls seem to be more just a few sites. Perhaps because fear has to register? Very often, was I $12 at the polls, most, which I paid for a survey. I had also some research by $7. In any case, I have some eight polls this week. I should just wait, which is approved. Immediately paid the many sights. I will update if I can withdraw money. In this case. After my payment has been reached, I'm closing my account. Ipoll is not a referral program. What company wants not more traffic? I'm pretty sure that I'm using a low-cost airline. I have change the iPoll for awhile now belonged to your PayoutSunday 15 February 2015 from DarleenI. Once downloaded, but seems more difficult to pay because they change is still its main interest rate from you. s / Canada. Once I get close to it, to change!Previous 1, 2, 3. 68 69,,.