Play By Ear Digital Piano

Play Piano By Ear

Mr. Schott was a cocktail pianist for most of his 90 years and more. In my opinion, that died in the year 2010. Absolutely brilliant gem of a book. Much better than most around the so-called music instruction books. Mr. Schott is doing something in a very simple and effective: no theory explains, shows how, in a cocktail-style of play this as its speciality-in c major, starting from simple chords and simple progressions based on this one after the other, until complete and sophisticated songs to play without partitions and also with the ability to improvise while they are in possession of the capacity of the array. Show spills, decorations and the chord progression used. Explain without theory, proves that you sent, everything you need to know the progress of the chords, dominant, dominant chords, secondary, etc., contrary to what the previous reviewers mentioned that this book, * play by ear digital piano does * show you how to play the tracks on the CD, in the same way, listening to. Seems more, former auditor or auditor at another point were confused. The purpose of this book is * not * to learn to play the piano if you don't know how to make notes (a difficult performance) reads a book. On the contrary, it is the purpose of the notes citing low launch, making music. In other words, learn, how harmony works and how to configure and play that is written on the standards and show tunes, rather than just the way the notes ,.