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Communicates with his ex-girlfriend? How often? He said that it is to talk to her? Tell you what you are talking about? Are to keep open lines of communication with your ex-wife?For others, it is best to cut all communication with former especially if it was a bad separation. If you would like to develop two things after the debacle and failed, is the best pieces and move each other. Why is it better, including communication with an ex? Not only because a former is your past, it is best for you and that you are now. This shows that save the marriage system free download we must respect his current boyfriend/girlfriend. Not to mention with ex doesn't mean you're not an ex-boyfriend. Take leave of the fact that the Relationshipalready is over, back and forth the past. After turning to the phase of acceptance and moved, your bad feelings for an ex are average. Are you able to forgive an ex and see an old friend, not the enemy. So, Yes, can be friends with an ex but talking or speaking are not necessarily included. If your friend is talking or your ex is true, it is his ex-wife. If life can without communicating with an ex, is more than her ex,.