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My Neightbor has a sprinkler system in prato with rain dial controller. the controller does not light any of five valves. I'm having the controller manual/Run, swtich running, a specific valve, valve and press the button to start it manually. On the other hand, I have an intermittent valve. According to the manual indicates that the battery is shorted, or other electrical problems. But get the same result in all faucets, and it seems unlikely that there is a problem with five valves in various parts of the Court. So it seems that something bad is omitted a ROR-transistor-diode with the controller itself - or something more. Another indicator which flashes constantly, which was done before. The battery looks good-tiempo is correct and 7V battery 8 measures against me. The closure should be sufficient, I think, I think, I hope that someone here, I had this problem and knows what caused it. You would send some 24VAC directly on the valves? power cables: a warm (?)The wire is in each of the five tubes and wires, which seems to be a neutral or tierra-este passes by a switch of the rain gauge. (Short in the gauge, but this is not repair surge protector the case, this is the problem). If 24 Vac valve hot wire sent and that fact that the neutral common works, you want to say that the driver is the problem. If that doesn't work, then there are another problem, a underground place. Any ideas? I'm not an expert on the sprinkler to make use of this information. You have a volt meter on the solenoid to see if it is energized? Once their RainBird 24VAC solenoids, so you must be directly in the situation. Some plants have a master valve, which meets the individual zone series valves. If you have one of them, sometimes called Manager MV can be bad. You can manually open valves for tubes to test. Good luck, Peter. Meet Tony Hwang, Anon wrote: my problem is a bad capacitor C4 marked on the map. He replaces it with a new one of the same specification (220μF, 35v) and well promoted. Anon wrote: a few years Agon a bunch of Hi it covers the value of voltage, they are released and all devices somehow during this time shared the same problem. Perhaps a high impedance cables connection. Check all cables and remove one at a time, try manually. He had bet that all Thecommons are attached, so this could be the problem. I'm not familiar with this brand but I had problems not unlike me as backup battery is dead, so he would give consideration it. Peabody wrote: .