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How to write SQL DML statements, tutorial it as standard Constructionsof uses mainly supported by the syntax MS SQL Server 2005 SQL - 92. I hope to help in many ways to the formulation of Arbitrarycomplexity, I like to query relational databases. Each topic in the tutorial for March exercises can be solved online that the accuracy of the system checks the Ofsolutions.   Description and drawings of the teaching of database in the areaddressed of questions in Appendix 1. Annex 2 list all exercises of the phase of Firsttesting. Although this tutorial is mainly intended to assist Solvingthe suggested exercises, covers the whole of construction syntax Datamanipulation statements really.   Compatibility with the SQL-92 standard is the universal tool Acquiredknowledge to interact with databases sql ex solutions from different vendors. Some services that apply specifically to MS SQL Server, especially temporary and string functions. Here you can find the full version and update of the Guide of SQL - SQL tutorial. RU. An index | For the phase of learning exercises. Evaluation,.