Option Bot Does It Work

Option Bot

Robots the size of their market are set to 2. 5% (25 USD) for the first spot. Now, it is important that the bot settings inside of you to win this first contract with a probability greater than 60%. In fact, this business with a measured 34% 100percentprofitbot 61 WINS! How? The robot analyzes the choices and measure the volatility of the boat for 30 minutes. Yes, it's not 60 minutes – 30 seconds. 60 seconds Play trades, so be careful of them. You are the worst invention since. In any case, ever. They were designed by runners, play people, and it works. With 60 seconds, it is impossible to predict, even if you change manually, can be reached away from them! Min 30 trades, however, are another story. 30 minutes can strong fluctuations in the bot to understand and plan accordingly. In fact, the bot chooses the 30 minute volatile local businesses and then choose the currency, securities or era. It is important to keep in mind that this is all done automatically. You can not no harm or disturb the system manually. You have to make a profit. :) Because of the mechanical filter, which is the bot determine positions very volatile, gold and gusts of oil stocks and currency, and those that you have and more. and then the magic happens. Then take a business and WINS with 61 34% chance. Keep in mind: you tried. We have negotiated for months with real money, and this was the result of careful analysis. So, to assume that the first trade, won. This means that is an age from 18 to 21 dollars, depending on which broker is installed (numbers between 75% and 85% in the business of premium). Congratulations! Now, the process is considered by the bot. However, if the Exchange is lost, don't worry. It is part of the plan. Now, the size of the new market and bot cracks, this time with a USD 75 or 7. 5% of your bankroll! The probability that you win this trade is now more than 72%! The sides are now bigger, because it is very rare to lose settings for a second time in a row with them. If you win this trade, Pocket $ 56 -64. With this business to absorb not only the loss of the former, but also benefits. Play well! The bot now returns and resumes with 2. 5% of your bankroll, which is currently between 1. 031 and 1 039 $. 2. made of 5%, this means that the first new negotiations between the 25 and 26 dollars. Yes, the power of compounding. As we gradually increased numbers 6 shots, don't forget the trade not total? Questions now you might, but what happens if you missed this second job so much? You see, this would be? At a loss, makes the bot to act a third with 22. 5% of your bankroll. In our scenario would be $ 1 000, the sum of $ 225. Now, the probability of a win, it gets close to 87%. When it comes to child, it means enormous benefits because you pocketing between 192 and 168 dollars in profit (depending on the operator). So even if the previous trade lost 2, your bankroll is $ 1068 and 1092. What happened? In fact, that the third victory of Commerce has made even more money! Smart, right? So close to 87%. Is very high, but it is always possible to lose. Can you guess? That's true. The increase in commercial loss 4 begins. This time, the bot uses 67. 5% of your bankroll. With 675 dollars should begin a option bot does it work trade very rare. An incredible 98. 21% is the rate of profit with this now. It's true. the number of photos! Show 21 98 percent. In fact, these crafts are rare and yet still lose one (within 5 months of the trade). This baby will win anywhere from 506 to 574 dollars and calculate losses to 1 do you want to be seated. 181-1 $249 - bravo!,.