French Rocket Fail

Rocket French

France 100 missing. 000 Jews could be seen as a failure, the Prime Minister ’ said last week, before an attack in a kosher market left four Jewish men killed and spur renewed calls for immigration to Israel. Manuel Valls said The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg, the ’ “ France wouldn't be France ” when the Jews en masse, in an interview published Sunday, soon to leave the country. “ 100. 000 French from Spanish origin were to leave, never say that the french rocket fail France is not France. But if it not until the 100 000 Jews, the France will no longer be France. The French Republic judged a failure, he said. Valls reflects the statement Saturday outside Paris ’, by calling a Millones Fuerte HyperCacher March against terrorism, a day after an Islamist gunman has killed four people and abducted several others before they are put to death by the police. “ France without Jews is not France, ” said. And the Vice-Chairman of the head of the Knesset, MK Yoni Chetboun of the Knesset ’ French and Israeli Caucus, urged the Government on an emergency situation to explain the target for immigration to Israel in France. The rookie legislator said that in the light of recent events in France by thousands of Jews French is supposed to knock at the door of the Jewish Agency and demand information about immigration. However, Valls, showed that French Jews should show that you have left the country. “ Of the Jews of the deep France in France are connected, but need peace of mind that they are they are welcome, course here, he says,. .