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Very well, I liked this movie very much. Why? Now, for what is pure fun, it was fun. I laughed a lot of action and dialogue and the treatment of the fight was a nightmare, but in the end, I had a good time with the movie. Gave me what to expect, but with some decent Act (and other very bad). We get caught with the benefits of Ed Wood, also known as evil is a good material. For starters, Ben Kingsley. I have never seen an experienced actor to do a terrible job in my life! I could not stop laughing when he was on the screen. I.e., really it seemed like only a doll of wax in a Chair. Their dialogue is flat, and I think that they are only a sample of her voice and read that a computer had its lines. Corn. The whole movie ├╝ber-kitsch. It was just. Then there is the awkward dialog box. Some of the role of dialogue, i.e., when the characters speak in modern dialects, but if everyone looking for old French or wheels is bulky words a car with square, drawn by a man with no arms and legs. Michael Madsen has called in its execution, but ten times better that act in Sin City. And at the end of the film, which had very few problems with it. He did what he did, nothing more. There are bad parts. They seem smaller, but unfortunately, they are important. It is because they are all constantly visible. It was wrong on the one hand, the constant shots of people riding was not very funny. It was very fast. Very good pieces are presented in the form of a couple of things. One is Michelle Rodrigez. Really tried with this film and dissipated in a very credible. Their accent, their movements, all. It worked easily. He made this film to watch. In addition, the drill guide was interpreted (sp?) very well by Kristina. Their dialogue is standard, but you can fight and played hard daughter very well. And looked the part. And Billy Zane, is seeing an explosion in a small role. Eat corny dialogue, and we can say that it is known. They should have given more time! A great advantage for this film is the fact that there is a coherent history of the era. Yes, in effect a history of pelicula-videojuego bubble! It is not a great story, but it is a paste, a coherent story. Only in the dark and House of the dead, the two casinos in history, he basically moved action scene in the scene of action. There is more talk time for the characters to interact. For other administrators would be adjustments, this movie is a total disaster, but look at video game Bolles, I must say that this giant improves. It is always a great Director, but he is improving. But the usual problems that come. Fight scenes are horribly edited, with some feeling the cast of very low light. It should be stopped, because the angle of the fight. It takes distance, which allows the public to see the action. Unfortunately, so it is editing and effects as annoying as something decent seems inconsistent and discontinuous. In general, this film is good, but that's what we decided to do. It must be on the same level as the first Mortal Kombat film. I'm not a fan of the Director by any means, but I have to say, full movies blood in blood out I had no problem with this film. A kick out of it. It is cheese, and I knew it. If what you expected nothing more than pure cheese inside will disappoint you. If it is purely and have a few laughs, some jokes and enjoy the film would be, in fact, a good time with it. I know that many people want to just breeze past of this review, but I have to say, I've seen some very bad movies and it is not one of them. It has a decent plot, some good (and some very bad acting) and has an action. I have the feeling that it's the movie of Dungeon Siege, but suck. It is like. three hours! Too much!,.