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Quadrant four is spent looking for ways of social organization deeply democráticas-los, methods, such as decisions by consensus, in order to improve cooperation quadrant power comm and social cohesion and at the same time protects the autonomy of the individual to use. We commit ourselves to this newspaper, to publish material, which will help to promote the character unique and deep participatory democracy and benefit the people, to be used as a form of organization in everyday life - in schools, workplaces and the community forums. Enable your browser JavaScript all had additional windows, click on the small circle of close. Many of these red links have audio or video streams. For these pages you must release 'real player', which can be obtained by clicking on this icon:. Critical of the policy of the left, who fall into the trap and autonomy are excluded as options to see and feel the former must be estimated this community must be validated. As for the need for reform, the democratic Makeelections, including the preference, then the victory apparent and none of the previous options of the vote. The concept of material of construction often suggests a Responsivechord among workers. But it is the best way to improve the quality of working life?And create democracy in the workplace, .