Mindmeister App


MindMeister is considered the best account for online cards currently on the market. With its award-winning and its free mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android version users can a spirit in the school, home, Office, and even moving map. Mindmapping with MindMeister is so simple and intuitive that it no, CEO role first-degree child can thus improve their productivity and to realize their creative ideas. MindMeister offers a number of powerful features with which users collaborate online, create great presentations to develop exchanges of ideas and projects, business strategies and take advantage of the tremendous power of mind maps for their education. MindMeister include: cooperation: mindmeister app to share mind maps and other real-time multimedia brainstorming: add images, links, notes, file or video of you think show after release: publish your mind maps and a form of website or blog to integrate: you cast cards in presentations of corporate governance: assign tasks to your employees and monitor the progress in your activity stream. Now task even better with MeisterTask, our new online brand management solution. Map export: to transform your mind mapping to Word, PNG, PDF documents or convert them to other formats mind map,.