Need To Get Rid Of Cold Sore Fast

Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast

Many of us have experienced, this is embarrassing, annoying and painful cold sores or wounds. Are herpes simplex virus type 1, by the and type 2 virus causes. This contagious virus infect can 90% of people all over the world, and you can easily get rid. Fortunately his entire remains valid in nerve fibers in the area of the original infection life. 90% of people infected with herpes simplex, 66% sores once or several times in a year to develop. The herpes virus has stressed the possibility to grow when you are tired, or have a weak immune system. The small virus hidden enters nerve fibers produced on the surface and other small viruses. The replication process leads to the growth of the millions of viruses, which the skin cells to explode and develop cold sores cause. Herpes Labialis TreatmentIf wants to quickly RID, confronted, it must keep in mind, a mild irritation or tingling of the skin. This sensation is due to the movement of the virus to the surface of the skin and should immediately apply ice to the area. Low temperature reduces the replication of the virus and then close the development of more viruses. It has inactive virus and return many times, sleeping in nerve endings. You can cover the area with Vaseline, and help to accelerate the healing process and prevent secondary infections. You need to keep the area dry. Moisture causes, that the growth of cancer cells. Ulcers cancer sore heals quickly, if the skin is dry and clean. need to get rid of cold sore fast Alcohol is the best disinfectant and can be any kind of alcohol in your home for treatment used. Simply soak you cotton in alcohol and rub it on the sores. Do not forget that it burns, but certainly contributes to the cure of the infection. In addition to alcohol, even garlic can be oil above. You have to mix a few drops of olive oil with the garlic oil before applying. This is because garlic oil irritate sensitive skin. You should eat foods that are rich in acidic amino acid lysine. You eat more potatoes and dairy products to get more of this enzyme. Get to, but do not use supplements of lysine you, if you are pregnant or if you are breast-feeding. Another effective method is the application of lemon balm or echinacea tea tree oil. Alternatively, you can add a warm tea bag on fever blisters that contain antiviral properties. Make cooking and the button simply fever for 15-20 minutes. Avoid touching or scratching the wounds. Very, very likely is that it spreads. The pus or fluid that oozes fever brings to spread to different areas of the skin or any other person. If it's too painful or confusing and not touching or scratching, try here remedy create can withstand. Take a clean towel, hot water and anti bacterial SOAP. Soak the antibacterial soap in hot water and soak the sponge with liquid soap and warm. Rub gently with a towel. It helps reduce cleaned infection, pus and spread. In addition, you recognize possible triggers. Extreme exposure to the Sun or cold winds, are colds, flu, etc. generated by certain factors such as menstruation, acidic foods or fear of sales if you notice that it appears to be and then immediately intervene. If not cold sores heal in a week, consult a doctor. He can prescribe anti-viral drugs. You can try also acupuncture. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid the development of cold sores and,. .