The Effective Ball Handling Program 2.0

Effective Ball Handling

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Deep tissue massage by compression and 83 describes procedures to stretch safely and effectively for you and your clients. The reference contains step by step instructions and more than 165 color photographs, which will help provide a comfortable massage and the satisfaction of their customers. The techniques are organized for the part of the body (limbs, trunk and limbs) and the placement of clients (three-quarters supine decubitus prone and sitting). Once you've met techniques, is discovered then effective moving the customer from one location to other built-in routines. Discover these techniques and positions to treat you like and where he shot the less useful. Find a large number of these techniques easy to apply and quick you can register in your practice. 175 pages, Softcover. The course includes a manual free paperback book, the test booklet and classification, immediately. Credits: CMHA 16 0; AEA 8 0; IFPA 0 12. 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