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After his day Unfriend ex wanted former approached from a different perspective, the relationship with one. What brought him to my thoughts is, that many of you have written to me recently with the same question: I love my ex, and I guess I still love. ? What is new? Or you just try to forget?Deepened as my mentors in the particular situation, we found that often, their relationship is officially over, soon resume their normal e-mail messages or SMS messages or even call and issues together. But before the race backwards and pretend that everything as always, wonders, what has really changed? You can only give some kind of contact, but are not for him. For example, in the first, little interaction, ask him to wonder if he had some deeper reflection on the failure of their relationship. If you want to see, just set coffee half an hour a day and make sure you have something to go, now that you have planned. Do not wrap you impulsively to sleep with him again if proves not much transformation. Is the kiss of death, and it happens all too often. In my new book, best-selling bargain tables-reports: sustainable love guidance of mentor, share all the secrets and principles underlying all possible reconciliation. Here, the 12 most important signs in the behavior of your ex are wanted while you are in contact with him. To learn more contact you have, must show that it is sincere. Words are cheap. Watch the most important is, according to its follow-up action, it promises. To determine whether the separation of man have contributed to that great progress in its commitment, fears and doubts, ex back experts pdf download try one of the 12 characters to modest improvements in behavior for the profound changes. The 12 signs of change:. We talk in depth, open and honest with each other about their relationship, what was missing there and where you are in the future. You want to give psychotherapy, or follow a course of growth-or individually-to understand its dynamics and improve their relationship. In therapy I recommend they see someone who can see the two of you, as well as individually. Works better than good. If these characters, and I'd go with you, make sure that you take serious discussions about their future and what is your relationship to a deeper level, z. B. Hunt consulting, apartment or even shopping ring. The bottom line is the courage. No guts, no glory. Instead of investing a lot of time and energy into a relationship, that pulls down, you can set a limit. Finally, you can can be much happier in a new relationship with someone is grating and actively construct a future with you. A report should make life better, not worse. .