Final Fantasy Xiv Race Guide

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There are five different races in final fantasy XIV, Hyur, MC, Elezen Roegadyn, and skeleton. Each race has a different style of the game, which are available in different shapes and size so by slightly modified statistics. The skeleton is the expert magician small and tiny, during the great Roegadyn mighty warriors are built to survive the most difficult shots. Discover careers in all information and much more! The Hyur Hyur are the most populous people of Eorzea. They are everywhere and with many different classes and professions, which have grown with their well rounded abilities. Remember the race from Final Fantasy XI Hume.    Hunter, that this cat conditions people the least populated of all races. For the most part, they keep for themselves and tend to interact only when necessary. Remember, the breed of final fantasy xiv race guide Mithra from Final Fantasy XI.    The loud and proud Elezen Elezen decided many once in Eorzea. You can now their lands, but they are still a noble people who make excellent warriors and you can go, go walking with more difficult opponents. Remember the Elvaan race in Final Fantasy XI. The Roegadyn Roegadyn are more urgent powerful rays. You would not tall and built like a tree, no enemy in all circumstances on the ground. Need an ally for an upcoming fight, such as more a Roegadyn. Remember the race Final Fantasy XI Galka.    A small child may look sweet and innocent, but are not easily with Badinait. You are an intelligent group, but also more comfortable and understanding of all races. You agree to inform everyone as friends and their wealth with others. Remember the career of Final Fantasy XI of the agreement.    NextHyur PreviousMiner what connects HereMain page,.