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Book Description business intelligence technologies are a must-have in any enterprise, making informed choices to achieve and maintain quickly changing markets. QlikView ’ 's innovative technology is actually a great player and market leader in the industry; with its flexibility and powerful analytical environment, growth may be dominated by QlikView applications by developers and business users. This book will help you get to the QlikView develop a base-level grid, one of students through a step-by-step procedure in a practical and proven best practices of any topic. The whole book, build a QlikView application based on actual data on flight operations and “ airlines ” HighCloud aid decisions and business strategies of analysis. HighCloud help airlines verifies whether the entry into the American market is a good strategy and if so, what kind of activities with them in its investment focus; QlikView is necessary to take the best decision. The application of the chapter, as well as their expertise ranging from simple proof of concept, to create a data template, add a user-defined style, create an array of edge and develop management and processing the data source by using a script. We are the “ airlines ” HighCloud request with many objects, displaying data, and time-saving techniques. The application uses data from the real world of statistics of the Office of the United States and includes transport flight operations nationally and internationally. With three years of data will help you discover HighCloud airlines where people travel more, that is multiple carriers market share, what is the most used medium use airline aircraft for flights, airports and a whole universe of new knowledge. What you learn in this book. Book Description Twitter bootstrap is by far the most popular of all front end Manager. He won his position suggests solutions developed, tested in the community for some of the most difficult aspects of modern design, equipment problems to reach difficult simple tasks and duties developers with greater speed. Twitter Web improvement guides bootstrap gradual development hands the work of creating a consistent JavaScript, more site page. After this quick and dirty training starts ’ not only the construction of works by Ernst, but ll ’ ll be equipped, a plunge into the rest of what it has to offer Twitter bootstrap. The content of the book is updated with version 2. 1 twitter bootstrap. She brings zero Pro in record time, this boot's Twitter book begins ’ excellent network system to respond. ’ database change tables and presentations media shelves are more complex. ’ tea-learn how to control the ’ bootstrap's navbar, adding elements from drop-down list and adjust the settings on small screens. ’ tea ’ 's boots Add jQuery, dynamic tiles and beautiful presentation slides. You ’ to walk you through the steps to download the file, test your website on mobile and desktop browser and optimize Web site files to improve before the last performance of the House. What you learn in this book. DescriptionThe book is with a focus of progressive and iterative software development a step by step tutorial to developing a real-world application. More information on agile software development, PKI application character Yu-agile development. The task of the implementation of the project, all aspects of tmj no more pdf free the software development cycle through the creation of an application of the concept through the production of touch. After a general introduction to the framework of Yu and description of the methodology of software development, through the book took the rest of the chapter in the same manner as the software development iterations in real projects. After the first iteration, you have a professional and proven application with a valid link to a test database. Iterations of second and third base, extend our database and object model domain main unit and do the Yu ’ 's object relational mapping (ORM), active logging level. Learn to search Yu ’ automatic generation tools automatically generate's our function to create/read/update/delete (CRUD) against our newly created template. These iterations also focus, as Yu ’ module's model validation work and presentation. At the end of the third generation, they have allowed a request for work, projects and Legal Affairs (tasks) within these projects. Fourth and fifth iterations, dedicated to managing users. More information about Yu-integrated authentication model to help the functionality of application login and logout. Therefore, we are immersed in the permission model, taking first a Yu ’ simple access control s, then the application within the control template access functionality (RBAC) sophisticated paper-based Yu. What you learn in this book. Book Description 3D animation offers a versatile way to give life to ideas. With this ’ learn how to guide your vision and turn it into beautiful million Cinema 4 d ” “, you can bring your vision to life quickly and easily. This beginner's Guide will take you ’ through the creation and animation of a 3D scene with tips and techniques for all animated photorealistic rendering graphics. Cinema 4 d ” “ all by professionals, amateurs, awesome 3D to create animations. This book will guide you through all stages of the emergence of a domestic flight of round tables: creating a 3D structure by adding materials and lighting, animation and rendering. Then you are ’ ll explore additional functions through a series of mini-projects: creating motion graphics, export, unrealistic image of stylized, over the hair and creating the fabric. Tea ’ learn how the pieces that work together in the study of programming based on an Xpresso nodes and shifted the topic with an introduction to composition in the sequel to Adobe then. You can find it in this book. .