Reset Password Readynas Pro

Reset Password Pro

Push the power button to turn the unit back on. Continue holding the reset button for at least 30 seconds while waiting for the lights on the front of the unit to turn on twice. Remove the paper clip from the hole after the lights on the front of the unit turn on a second time. When the ReadyNAS Status light turns green, the device is ready to use. Resetting a ReadyNAS to its original factory state is destructive, meaning that all of the data stored on the disks is lost. Perform reset password readynas pro a ReadyNAS factory reset only when all other troubleshooting steps have failed to resolve a problem and after backing the data up to another storage device if possible. Press and hold the "System Reset" switch with a paper clip. The switch is located on the back of the machine. Power on the system while still holding the "System Reset" switch. Continue to hold the switch for 30 seconds after powering on the Duo. The disk LEDs will flash twice signifying the the reset has been completed.