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Mother nature network whole Kimi Harris: small ants in our new House and many people suffer the same fate in the country were. As I like me the pen, not error-mainly of insects that can affect a House. Asked last week pulled of course, recommendations on dealing with ants because I don't have the time to examine me because I last weekend. I had these tips, with readers here on MNN, as well as parts. Some of these measures are a deterrent. In other words, you discourage ants from entering your home. Looks good for the job, having a small problem. Others have found that using a method that was supposed to kill the entire colony of ants. I allows compiled comments and suggestions, the various methods, a little easier to compare by category. List and subtitles courtesy of mother nature network. Theresa: We disinfect the openings with pure lemon juice. and always works for us. something about the acid gets on your sense of control. Courtesy Flickr image by Grongar. Shayla: Use cinnamon ground from where it came. It works very well. Peggy: Sprinkle cinnamon essential oil on doors, Windows, floors, etc., prevents. I water with sugar and borax in the fresh air. Jordy: I vote for cinnamon. Easy to clean and works for us!John: cinnamon and cloves. He hates ants House, its pleasant smell and I sprinkled with right on their way. Patricia: we also use cinnamon oil. We prefer to frame the whole thing with a cotton cloth. how to get more views cheat Does not spread. Flickr Image courtesy Oberazzi. Heather: my mother-in-law has success with Peppermint essential oil around Windows and doors (all entries). Besides the House, then you feel incredible. Julie: liquid soap by Dr Bonner Mint aroma. Mixed 1: 1 with water in a spray bottle. Spray Ant invasion and watch them suffer. Image courtesy of Ohsarahrose Flickr. Jennie: we make sure that all our food is sealed. Honey jar is usually the biggest magnet on Ant, gets a complete cleaning and is inserted into a small bowl filled with water in your toilet. Use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops (I use seventh generation) visible to kill ants SOAP detergent. See also abroad to try and find his Hill; Pour a pot of water to boil over it has solved the problem. Christy: also-mentioned, Jennie boiling water, to destroy a colony of ants or weed seeds, which almost caused the cracks in the pavement or mulch. Is a simple and natural way to kill things we think often. Flickr Image courtesy of USDAgov. Karen: Yes. Diatomaceous earth () works fine. Do not use the swimming pool of the quality of the food. It must be sprayed on the perimeter of your new home and you can also use Homeland Security, where you can view. Not working wet. Is no time to kill, but it should solve the problem about a week. Jami: I have a serious invasion to me. When last April moved already homemade. I have the cinnamon thing last year and it worked very well, but that only kept, is finding new ways to. My ants were not attracted by the sweet stuff, but protein, especially the dog food. Got borax in cookies this year and put it in the old fireplace where noticed ants before a week back. I also lost the size of my kitchen, and it looks better than anything that previously worked for immediate results. Flickr Image courtesy of AlishaV. Natalie: Oh! And are no bigger than a chalk line. I moved in a line where it came from my window and has kept them at Bay. ANALI: my grandparents very good results with chalk powder, used a DIY stores. It comes in a bottle of squeezey then is easy with a line. Image courtesy of John Morgan of Flickr. Jennifer: ants carrying an acid substance with them always to protect. Make a mixture of baking soda and sugar in a plastic cap located in strategic places. I think it's a small volcanic science experiment in your body. For several days, has made a big difference. Flickr Image courtesy of Michael Francis McCarthy. Reading: I have had success with used coffee grounds, I didn't know where his voice was later never came back in the meshes of the net. I know it's not to kill, but homes can move (in outdoor beds and have a little later just see pop-ups). Flickr Image courtesy D'Arcy Norman. Rebecca: cream and wheat. Advanced eating & explode! Yes! I have in my garden for Ant problems. That makes you think, making our hearts, if we eat TooFlickr image courtesy of Thoth, God of knowledge. Kristie: vinegar! Since we switched to clean with a solution of vinegar and water to clean the floors and counters, passed away on our ant problem. Alessia: vinegar is the reliable solution, but requires that you pay for, where the ants have their nest, not only where the foot. When you, their nests just above 0 to determine the merger. 5-l vinegar 1 (not expensive). I've never had problems with ants, but my grandparents sometimes it is so that there is a large farm and there is always a problem with ants is a corner of Carson farm: we use a mixture of vinegar, dish liquid (Ecover) and peppermint oil, last year. After his return to their nest and put on jumps. It is never returned. Teal: kill our own bags with Apple Juice mixture of ants. Is a nerve for ants. They fear that people put in their coffee. Flickr Image courtesy Cogdogblog,. .