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Sports betting are exciting. You can use a last-minute goal to win or lose. Arbitrage betting is so exciting, but very different. Rush occurs during the investigation and bets, I prefer to wait for the outcome of the event. As always, we love to Paris, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make a profit. How much profit and how can we achieve? Could we better? As in any business (entrepreneurs are betting experts and sure praying gate), we need to tell you good information. Most recreational gamblers would lose money. In fact, you lose a lot of money. Of course after his own heart. Impulsively try to recover more money in Paris. And one day hit corrected bet a partition, its greater than 10 pages and celebrate and forget the previous losses. In fact, if you're wondering how are doing yet they sure bet excel don't know if you win or lose in the long run (although according to many analysts, between 90% and 98% of all sports bettors are losers). If they were betting even the details? (Perhaps …)But professional traders, who stakes as investment or employment, need to know if they win. And by how much. And how, when and where. If you assume that it is in this group, you can say …. You should. All these questions could be combined and requires some time the year last week, last month, so far, from the beginning of time. Answer these questions and many more, need to keep records. . No registration. Still, can the historical data, offering some betting houses. It is a good choice, if you don't use some betting houses and players who use the stakes of 20 houses, 30 or more is not useful for arbitration. Pencil and paper. Perhaps not so much it is better than nothing. Keep all your bets on paper, but will be almost useless for statistical data and reports. Electronic documents (word processor). It is much better to only using pencil and paper, are still very limited analytical capabilities. You are looking for at least certain versions easier and can transfer this information in other formats later with a job. Electronic spreadsheets. They are now taken seriously. Tables are a good tool for your records of Paris. Of course, you need a good balance, designed, easier to find, as well as the minimization of errors and analysis. What you talk about in a moment. Applications and databases. This is the top. Applications have all the advantages of spreadsheets and offer even more options, depending on their quality. It would be nice if sufficient information, all these questions and many more to respond. But it is also very likely to capture more information, more effort is required. You have to compensate efforts and services. What do?To analyze the information and respond to initial requests from each episode include:. Let that ’ a safe design review Excel Tracker!First, you must define the main entities used during the recording of bets, because it is ’ not only in betting. Recommended that these large entities: House of betting, sports, markets, countries, currencies, types of business and types of bets. Of course, you don't she need entities defined detailed for each of them, but treated as an entity with a key (or code) information and the use of reference for everyone in their use. It is a best practice design of databases, facilitating the minimisation of errors and maintenance. In Paris? In addition to these entities (master) define Paris (transactional records). It is recommended to define operations and gambling, so we can follow same deposits, bonds, shares and if we continue to Paris, we have to keep the statistics belong to each Ā«arbitrationĀ» what should include for each entity? We can do as much or as little as you. In our next article would be a simple plan, but entirely in Excel, which allows us to analyze: in our previous article records recommended to keep their bets (part 1) - we talked about the importance of the …. Bet smart Tracker, the last SureBetTracker ’ service, is fully automatic with a modern website, monitor the auction and Paris, providing detailed information of each player …. Perhaps you know the fact that most bookmakers for your account over the course of time be limited once 6 players in arbitration to pass. Some of the …,,.