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97% of all email is spam has elapsed. Spam can be annoying but harmless, can contain viruses or can try to trick someone to staff, again leading to identity theft. EMTPro offers not only the possibility to follow an e-mail, the e-mail header, but it also comes with a filter spam (advanced version), searches in every message that arrives and informs the user if you suspect spam. Essentially stop spam before it reaches the recipient. Download Wondershare DemoCreator. An e-mail header contains all the information you need to have come from where. Follow you the track email tracker for gmail of any mail server that has traveled through what brings us to the city in almost all cases the email originated. For more information. Abuse of Whois information in the main contacts of the organization that has registered, responsible for the operation of the address IP or the Web site of the trace. He also discovered all services running on the target computer. For more information. Abuse is a useful feature for users who want a more proactive approach to the management of spam. Providers of email such as Hotmail and Yahoo, all services instead of addressing the problem of spam, but they need our help! Inventory of the network provides a platform that generates a report of abuse and automatically opens a new email message (can be used for all email clients does not work) with the '-' detected Spam (see right) filled with the email address. Once it the complaint it was forwarded to the mail provider steps and click on them to close the account. Any account that is closed is long-term, no more spam! So don't delay, usa now to start to stop EMTPro and spam. Always does what can contain spam mail? Their personal data against viruses and Trojans have been built. No more concerned, use spam for EMTPro and block the spam filter, until you reach your Inbox. The process is very simple: 1. Insert you POP settings for the mail server on EMTPro (say) 2 click on position 3. They will be awarded each email for spam methods 4 upwards. As soon as the process is to mark all emails easy do to not to delete, and then they are legitimate to clean 5. All emails will be deleted. Now if your e-mail (Outlook, Windows Live Mail) program located on the server are valid email to download. 15 days fully functional, fully risk test free no obligation to purchase. Just download, install and enjoy a free trial 15 days unrestricted version. .