How To Grow Curly African American Hair Long

How to Grow African American Hair

I cut for years until I learned how to prune is not important, and my natural hair has grown a lot, (the length of the belt with clip) no long hair while you give not crazy with the trim. The micro GuarniciĆ³n every 6 months and it works for me. Also wanted to add. I have my hair braided extensions and not damage my hair at all. Section diameter debit card only in the hair extension is not unless you add partial shutdown. Addition of synthetic hair, a very small area certainly added tension on the hair. I would not recommend, each how to grow curly african american hair long hairdresser without research, because I know that some very tightly intertwined in some rooms. (Not to mention names) It was so loud that I had to take tylenol. Fortunately, I have alopecia. Also make sure to maintain the moisture when you have braids,. .