Celebrity Jesus Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos

Rick Ross-we know that Rick Ross loves his hometown with all my heart. Now it's YOU-always top of mind-so to speak. The rapper has a new Miami Heat logo tattoo on the right temple. David Beckham-a legend icon and how football David Beckham tattoos on his chest, arms and legs. He also took art in recent years. Machine gun Kelly-rapper Machine Gun Kelly colored almost his entire body like tattoos that are an ode to the famous book of 1984 and her grandmother died. Gucci Mane-Gucci Mane known for this, is that a tattoo is an ice cream cone and the word Brrr on the cheek. In 2011, said a spokesman from Rolling Stone that the image of a reminder for fans of how he wants to live his life. Cold as ice. As I'm so chill, BRR said ya did. . Birdman rapper Birdman has tattoos on his face, arms and legs, religious symbols, names and even its record management company, full bandwidth. Jamie Foxx-recording artist and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has tribal tattoos on his body and the back of the head. celebrity jesus tattoos Kelly Osbourne-the only answer we have on Kelly Osbourne is the new tattoo ouch. The E! Personality revealed that their new ink on the side of his head in line Saturday, June 28, thanked his tattoo artist to the label of word histories. Sorry mom and dad, do you share on Twitter, but I love it! Here are other celebrity tattoos, you do a double-take:. Megan Fox-Megan Fox has two prominent tattoos. Shakespeare, you will laugh at all over gilded butterflies, is inked on his back, and used a photo of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm sports. Chris Brown-Chris Brown, here pictured with Rihanna in December 2012, took heat when it debuted a tattoo on her neck, which some people thought, looked like the face of a battered woman. Her tattoo is a sugar skull, which (with the celebration of the Mexican day of the dead) and MAC cosmetics design that saw his Rep said in a statement. It has been reported in error does not Rihanna or victim of violence, woman. .