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Law of Attraction

/ r/Stuhlgang animal attraction is for discussion and the exchange of information on zoophilia. Note that bestiality is a topic of mature and with regard to content in your province or territory, be illegal, discretion is recommended. Rules: Provide any personally identifiable information to third parties. It is also recommended that you not published. Try the post which makes. Repeated messages or questions, negative responses already influence the signal: noise. Messages that must be explicitly sexual or sexual acts be NSFW. We consider this a Subreddit SFW, but must maintain the completion of the transaction. No cruelty or mistreatment of animals. There is no place for everything, and here is no exception. Do not ask or request animal sex. We do not recommend that you know do not exceptionally well later and uncertain. Porno zoofilia does not work. Please send from/R/bestiality or one of the other many Subreddits, created for this purpose. If you want to send law of attraction 4chan media or romantic stories, that you, you contact the partner/R/Animalromance. High quality images of the photogenic horses are very popular in/R/Finehorses. Information and as a Subreddit, expressing fetishes or kinks. Use your judgment and post mods, if you're not sure that is something normal. Do not forget that everyone feels like, you talk about zoophilia, d. (h). independent made its zoo or not. You can respect others and treat them how you would like to be treated. Do you want to make a complaint about a user or how you are running the Subreddit as post mods.? And as always, don't hesitate to go to the forums of knotted. Yo!New: We now have a clone of the future Community of test/R/bestiality Voat; Please, take a look,. .