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Notice, that the story 123D here to publish. Click on an update from the list below for more information. Need help? Visit the support forum. PIN improved controls. We are pleased to announce that this is very needed feature! You can now manually add, subtract and move the anchor point, with stack models to align sawing technology. Update controls in the 3D view. Autodesk ViewCube tool is a 3D widget, located at the top right of the window. It uses a driver's orientation, as the ViewCube tool that Chuck may or surfaces, edges or corners, click the scene, to orient the view easily. If the counter serves as a guideline, it seduce your ex free pdf renders the ViewCube tool in the direction of the current look, because the user oriented new scene with other tools. New 3D printing utility. Access to the utility of new Autodesk 3D printing 3D menu to optimize the model for 3D printing. Print template and quarry equipment registered, allows the position of the model in order to minimize the set of information that otherwise are too small to print overview of the substrate, substrate and adaptive thickening. Level optimizations. Numbering of the individual segments of the leaves was intuitive and DXF FILES are classified into four layers: Note Board, Board, Forum, etc.