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S. l. of Blackstone Group is responsible for public investment. The company offers its clients financial advice. Offers its companies Pension Fund, charity and cultural institutions and corporates, academics, services. See more. New ' terrorism ' native from Ecuador resistance can protest for land rights and trying to protect natural resources is a terrorist, Manuela Picq Al Jazeera wrote. In Ecuador are the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the Andes, altiplano terrorists fight to get access to water in their community. Old criminal codes are written during the dictatorship to suppress leftist Reavivados President, indigenous activists. Like terrorists, they are labeled as enemies of the State and the prisoner-the President himself, organized openly claimed leftist credentials and his inauguration in ethnic style. There are currently 189 cases of people according to the Confederation of indigenous nationalities of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Government's protest accused of sabotage and terrorism against the privatization of natural resources. The situation is so serious that Amnesty International has an explanation for the dismissal as an attempt to silence opposition against the policy of the Government. Read the full article Al Jazeera, July 10, 2011. The Pachamama Alliance, in collaboration with FundaciĆ³n Pachamama, allows the Western Amazon indigenous peoples to defend their lands and their cultures. In response to a request of the Achuar, an indigenous people in the Amazon region of Ecuador, Pachamama Alliance was born. The Achuar made the courageous decision to ally with the people of the industrialized countries would work with them in the jungle and House security their traditional way of life. They did this partnership, clear vision and Aboriginal wisdom of enormous value to address complex problems to offer, we have lived in our modern world. Bolivia leads around UN initiative for a World Conference on indigenous peoples of the United Nations General Assembly 16. November 2010, yahoo announces no work from home approved a draft resolution decided to organize (/L/65/3 c., 22/Rev. 1) in which the countries agreed on a World Conference on indigenous peoples in 2014, to hold at the end of the second International Decade of the world's indigenous peoples. The resolution calls on the Member States and the international community for help, solutions to the problems of indigenous peoples in the fields of culture, education, health, human rights, socio-economic and environmental development side and extended the mandate of the United Nations Voluntary Fund for indigenous populations include facilitating the participation of representatives of indigenous organizations in the meetings of the Human Rights Council. [Click on the image of the poster to enlarge],.