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Isn't this obvious? Jade were operation past the helmet in any other country, would also be a military exercise for labelling of martial law. Isn't this obvious? Jade were operation past the helmet in any other country, would also be a military exercise for labelling of martial law. (NaturalNews) Fats have bad reputation. No, it's only for the life and human function, but actually you can burn calories and reduce the life. Brown adipose tissue (Brown fat AKA) is a type of fat in the body of mammals, which acts like an oven for the body. Once thought that there should be only a newborn mammals and in a State of hibernation, the research showed that we are all, more or less. Not only to produce the fabric brown adipose when the body is cold, but its energy source is that white hatred as grease works like an oven to heat and less desired. There are two types of fat, white and Brown. White fat is what you want to get rid of all that, even if it serves as a means of storage energy in the body. Before the meal they ate abundantly and excessively, an important role in the survival as backups energy had white grease, food and maybe even days in the middle. Since we eat with the calories, empty artificial and toxic, white fat accumulation has reached beyond a need and become a burden. Brown fat on the opposite side fat burning furnace revealed free is sufficient, when we are children and decreases with age. Adult, there are only a few areas in the back and neck that contains local businesses of Brown fat in the majority of the people. When it was introduced to the cold temperatures, fat burning white Brown for heat, until what you reach the earthquake takes over, to produce more heat. Babies do not tremble, tremble replaced because the high number of Brown fat. Brown may have contributed to the large number of mitochondria in the cells, the amendments to the code, they consume an incredible amount of heat from the fatty acids that contain iron. Contrary to what you think, maybe more tal vez mas delgadas thin have more stores Brown Brown fat thick and fat using exercises to increase and advanced from exposure to the cold. Brown fat is actually a very effective calorie burner. A study conducted by men in good health to cold temperatures on the threshold of goosebumps. In a period of three hours, a 250 extra calories burned participating, as it has been activated cold brown adipose tissue. People with more Brown fat takes more time, starts to shake when it's cold, because the effectiveness of Brown fat, temperatures are white transforms grease into heat. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are on the way to unravel the secrets of the Brown fat activation and transformed into a $1 billion drug against obesity. Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of agreements for medical use for the people of the Government as guinea pigs. * Required. Once you click on send, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your free registration. Protect your privacy and the data is treated confidentially. You can cancel your subscription at any time. .