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Sports betting are exciting. A door at the last minute, you can win or lose. Arbitrage betting is so exciting, but very differently. Rush occurs when the recognition and enforcement of Paris and not until the end of the event. As always, we love Paris, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make a profit. How much benefit and how to achieve it? You can do better? As in any business (entrepreneurs are betting experts and some praying gate), we need to tell you good information. Most recreational gamblers would lose money. In fact, they lose money. Of course after his heart. Try this be restored, creating more money impulsively. And one day make a correct score bet with more than 10 ribs and celebrating and forget about previous losses. In fact, if you wonder how to still do not know if you win or lose in the long run (though according to some analysts, between 90% and 98% of all sports bettors are losers). If you have information that would go to Paris? (Perhaps as a …)But professional traders, who bet as an investment or employment, need to know if they win. And by how much. And how, when and where. If we assume that it is in this group, you can …. You should. All these questions could be combined and it requires a certain time – this year until today, since the beginning of last week, last month. To answer these and many other questions, we have the driving record. . There are no records. You may have historical data offer some betting houses. It's a good choice if you use several betting houses, but it does not make sense for players of arbitration, bookmakers from 20, 30 or more use. Paper and pencil. Maybe not so much is better than nothing. You can keep control of all your bets on paper will be, but it is almost useless for reports and statistical data. Electronic documents (word processor). Is much better than with a simple pen and paper, analytical possibilities are still very limited. At least for some popular missions, it will be easier and you can transfer this information in other formats later with a job. Electronic spreadsheets. Now we take it seriously. Tables are a good tool to keep their registration of the bet. Of course you need a suitable folder to give information, minimizing errors and analysis easier. We are going to talk about in the near future. Applications and databases. This is the top level. Applications have all the advantages of spreadsheets and to offer even more options, depending on their quality. Nice if information would be sufficient to answer all these questions and much more. But it is also very likely that store information that requires more effort. You have to weigh the costs and benefits. What record?Need information, analysis and first answer questions for each episode: let ’ 's safe bet Tracker Excel drawing!First we have to define main entities that during the recording of the episodes, already ’ is not just Paris. We propose to define main entities: sports betting House, markets, countries, currencies, types of bets and types of business. Of course, you need a definition of sure bet tracker the details for each of them, but it is good to treat as an entity with a key (or code) and the remaining information and using references to each of them in their bets. Is a better database based design, errors minimized and facilitate maintenance. Paris? In addition to these principal needs leaves Paris to define (transactional records). We recommend betting transactions so we can follow even deposits, bonds, stocks, etc. and if we follow the surebets, include information that captures Paris any betting arbitrage. What we are doing to contain for each entity? We can provide as much or as little as we. In our next article, we provide a simple but comprehensive design in Excel, we can analyze: in the previous article – – record proven methods to keep track of your bets (part 1)-we talked about the importance of …. Bet ripped, Tracker, the last SureBetTracker ’ is a modern Web application and service, fully automated Paris and BRA, providing detailed information of every player to follow …. Perhaps you are aware that most bookmakers would limit their account over time, once you are local readers of the arbitration. Some of the …,,. .