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This is the kind of program that sought, and he does everything he said, fact - and does it well. Customer support was also good for me and I still have a quick reply to my questions. I had no problems using this application. It runs silently and without any problem since I installed it. If you have someone with a phone that will be, it is definitely the right tool for the job. I really like this software, and he works hard to help me manage all SMS messages on the phone of my daughter. I do not know the pornography and violence do not have access to your mobile phone. Entry (also called text record) and burn CD phone called included files (also known as call data). Records contain the same information as phone cards. Usually contains a record of communication: telephone NumberRecipient LocationDuration DateTimeRecipient register of geographic text contains: Tel DateTimeRecipient CallA NumberReverse Phone Detective do not condone and are related to the sale or the misadvertising cards to sell phone somehow. Many websites claim they can offer the tabs of the phone, but this is not the case. In addition, the sale of the appeals by third parties is illegal. Who has the legs on my phone?Telephone and corporate partners: provider and your phone service company and settlement sister PartnersYouYour: of course have their phone and text records. The real question here is: who to share it with the right? When a subsidiary of the company, now, is that they say paper printing invoice outsourced companies. Member, you have the information. It's part of life. Good news: the affiliate must provide the same standards of protection for your information in the Guide. In general, the tabs of the phone (FNIC) apply to network owner of consumer information. It is more guarantees mainly data from the top shelf. It is a highly regulated sector. Wait not customer related information are sold by your phone company, credentials. I.e. one may to sell to sterilize the data any personally identifiable information to a third party (for example, an analysis of the marketing company) and delete. The good news is, once more, this phone very companies legally in any case, that consumers decide themselves must allow this type of transfer of information. Now, this can be the user final opt-out agreement in printed form: as simple as a box (or not), a verbal reply Yes controlled or not, a notice of the registration. So stay tuned if you tell your phone company or someone that you can not sell your information, then that is not altogether (unless for information and directories). In the past, the telephone company must all records on calls and text will submit application to a government authority. Telephone company cooperation is needed, if they don't get penalties and the charges against them. This brings us to the next category. Who can receive the eyelashes of my mobile phone? Government agencies: Federal agencies such as the federal Bureau of intelligence (FBI) and the Agency for national security (NSA) and local authorities and the police. Night owls: intentionally or accidentally your text documents and telephone to find someone. He is member of the family, friends, employers and potential thieves. This is illegal. Government agencies: Historically, if you file a complaint or an appeal includes his phone records and text. Then, she allegedly handed over to the competent judicial authority. If you are part of an investigation, an agency may review your documents. Behold, phone detective us what many consumers is alarming: the FBI and the NSA the phone company for records of phone without permission, or without apparent reason by the Patriot can call Act, 2001. The application is there to help, to stop terrorism. The reason why the Patriot Act increases, the eyebrows much, because it presents the record for a security agency state publicly as illegal for any telephone company, or even publish speak. It is a red flag for the possible abuse of civil liberties for many people. Summary:, security authorities and the telephone companies have legitimate access to their phone records and text. Third parties are not legally, but can be made with the tools available market and steal obsolete. Phone scams and cells PhishingTelemarketing and PhonesWhat is only a pretext? caller spoofing. ID,.