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Forget the red carpet creations and prestigious monuments date - certain Promipaare decides to take it calmly and silently in the background when it comes to their lives for love in Hollywood to navigate. The last few discrete make their first public appearance? Former member of Saturday night live Kristen Wiig and drummer of the strokes - and former-Drew Barrymore - Fabrizio Moretti. The couple, who have met since the end of the year 2011 is the marriage of PAL of WIIG Ellie Kemper in New York on 7 September. Join in July. Bridesmaids actress, get your ex boyfriend back quiz her relationship with Moretti in its coverage of the Marie Claire article references, the magazine said: I want to say I'm happier that I saw, he said, and now I feel very happy with me. Why? Where they are now. Who is this. These are the big two. WIIG and Moretti is a good company's radar when it chose not to talk openly about his private life. Other discrete Promipaare below to see:  secret about Promipaare  has since the end of 2011, but the strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and former SNL Kristen Wiig were displaying their love story in New York yet. You can be big stars of cinema, but when it comes to privacy, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig to keep things as under the radar. Indeed, the couple was secretly married only four people in June 2011, and I do not know until after the fact. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are certainly very hot set, but try their best to keep their love story in the eyes of the public. Fled to marry in the Bahamas for individuals in 2012. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have their chemistry onscreen to the reality, but do not expect talk about their romantic situation. Relationships of any kind, is, you want to protect. You want to protect, Somerhalder recently told Hollyscoop. Seen on the streets of New York on a regular basis, you can walk, but do not expect too much PDA from Amazing Spider-man Co-Star Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Even if the difference of a few months they together since 2007 - with the exception of the year 2011-Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are a couple of Hollywood, who appreciate privacy. Although they are engaged, the couple takes care to share too many details about his personal life. The disappointment of the fans all over the world, commented co-stars of rejected of the twilight saga Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, his true story of love, although Stewart took her Spanish boyfriend in interviews. Although we have lots of Jay & Bey (blue) recently, saw it as a couple who has learned to keep her private life secret. Jay and I really. ? Do not interview or the image to the right. It is true, says Beyonce being six months after their secret marriage in 2008, the magazine. Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied do not hide their love during the 2011 season-price-Portman pregnant story and won the Oscar for best actress, but the duo appeared at the Academy Awards, causing many people to secretly believe sea without any fanfare for 2012 confessions. We see lots of photos of Jessica Alba and her two sons, but it is pretty decent when it comes to marriage with Cash Warren. During this very busy two pairs formed, the actress recently wrote in his blog of iVillage, writing: I do not think that romance is still considered light. One Tree Hill and White Collar actress Hilarie Burton will surprise everyone when he revealed in 2010, a child with actor Jeffrey and both had since 2009 meetings. Even with some married Ryan Reynolds Scarlett Johansson, quiet things with his new girlfriend, actress Blake lively continues. The couple, who is bound fall 2011, must still do their relationship to recognize their debut on the red carpet, via the link above - or even publicly. ALICA and Swizz beats keys lost a great marriage and married to a ceremony secret at a house in the Mediterranean in 2010, while the key was pregnant with her first child. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are another pair of celebrities who try to keep their relationship quiet. Married in a secret ceremony in 2010, very little on the beach in Hawaii. Singer Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore decided to 2009 to make the jump from the marriage after a year of the League-get married at a very discreet ceremony in Georgia this year. Married to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay is lucky enough to find a picture of them on the red carpet for more than eight years, but many. Rarely speak of their marriage with Martin with his wife the morning show CBS Sunday reopen. (In addition, if you are in a recent concert, which gave him a quick kiss. (So cute)!) Carey Mulligan was the voice with his childhood friend, Marcus Mumford, in 2011, but the left breast of the pair is included (see what we did?) in their relationship. They were officially married in April 2012, without a Word to the press. Part film  Tweet ƒ to report ✖  share this narrow current ✖,.