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This planning calendar can be used in 12 months of a 2-page calendar with space below each day, quick note to write characters. This establishment offers simple tool for professionals, accounting services, and other small businesses, which are easily adaptable seek solutions, Bill. Create a program of change for any number of employees. Simple design for easy customization. Ready for a day and night. This page is a collection of several 2013 calendar, including the 2013 calendar template, 2013 calendar clips (i.e. Calendar embed in other documents) and printable 2013 calendar (PDF format). These calendars and models are ideal for design, planning and organization. These four templates contain all 12 calendar months of the year on separate pages. Each theme is enabled, which means you can change the color and font types, simply click on layout > themes. Excel 2007 or later required. If you are using Excel 2003, try our original model Excel calendar. 2013 calendar that the following models were developed for Excel and OpenOffice. The same format as above printable 2013 calendar. To download a template that you can easily change the color, try our calendar structure model. Vertex42 calendar template-this is the original Vertex42s template calendar. The new version of xlsx is theme-enabled so that you can easily change the color scheme. Download a printable calendar for 2015, in a variety of different sizes and colors. My free printable calendars are available in PDF format that http vertex42 calendario you can print on your home, Office or school computers. You want a calendar that can modify and customize browse Vertex42 find 2015 for the Excel calendar template. Try printable monthly calendar of the original model, yearly calendar templates or the new perpetual calendar template. Unless otherwise noted, all files below are 12 months with one month per page. For a printable schedule, click Calendar in the year 2015 or 2016 after the special class. Blank calendars are simply calendars without holidays. The calendar on this page are our sole. Check out some of our other calendars, diaries and schedules under:,,. .