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Access to hundreds at auction houses and auctioneers in the United Kingdom through our directory of auctions. All types of auction sources are available and property liquidators, including, police, ex government auction house and many others. Soldiers sell Iraq medals through eBay disillusioned soldiers thought about the war in Iraq will sell their campaign medals for hundreds of books on the Internet. Dozens of Telic decorations government auctions gloucestershire operation Telic Medal with operation operation Telic Medal for sale on eBay, the online auction house, published a few months after they were issued to the troops. The revelation is how surprised, officers and members of the Medal, the Defence Agency issued medals. Many troops, will benefit hope auction of their scarcity value medals. Although most are released a few 90000 previously have found its place in the market for collectors. Indicating that sales are made, while British troops are still under fire in the region has echoes of Viet Nam, war protests when veterans threw their decorations. A soldier who served in the war in Iraq, told the Sunday Telegraph that currently it is believed that many soldiers were sent on a false premise in Iraq. He said that while he was proud to have served in the war, he knew that sent soldiers who believe they are fighting and dying in a war was illegal. All members of the armed forces, who spent 30 days in Iraq is entitled to receive the medal. These troops, who participated in combat operations received a rose window that accompanies it, means added value. A number of medals, at the site of the auction appeared included decorations from the first Gulf war, the Queen's Jubilee Medal and a medal for serving in operation Telic. The Group has sold to a collector for £570 in November. According to the seller, who was anonymous, detailed twice has been operation Telic Medal from its packaging and the receiver was a sergeant who can still serve in the army. Another operation Telic Medal, sold for £352, was originally sent by a member of the Royal artillery. Read the description: Iraq war Medal with clasp reading March 19 until April 28. Posted by front line rosette, absolutely mint condition. Also in Government with the tape box. Sales details will be the new January issue of soldiers, the official magazine of the British army. The magazine quoted a spokesman of the medal Office of Defense, RAF medal applications Whitstable, Gloucestershire, valued words: it is disappointing to see the auction prices. To sell the decorations you regret it in the long term. As with the current demanded war and Canal Zone Medal (Suez) my decorations shown, older, because they are older. Patrick Mercer, the Conservative Minister of inner shadow and former Commander of an infantry battalion, said he wasn't surprised that some soldiers were selling military decorations. He added: morale should be very low if soldiers sold his operation Telic medals just a few weeks after they have been issued. A spokesman for the Ministry of defence, said: it is not illegal to sell a medal, but this is something we wouldn't do it. It is very disappointing. .