A Spell To Make Him Yours

Make Him Yours

Player: HiRashid: Ah, a client! Welcome player!Player: or CustomerRashid: I am a man of itinerant trade. Buy, but not all. And not everyone in the case. Player: NameRashid: I'm Rashid, son of the desert. Player: promotions or TradeRashid: of course, old friend. You can search only arms, legs, shields, helmets, boots, weapons, weapons, jewellery and other enchanted. Players: offers or trade Rashid (non-contractual liability): Sorry, but you're not one of my exclusive clients. I make sure that I can count on the quality of their products. Players: Mission (bad day) Rashid: I agree with humor now speak. Come and find me another day. Reader: from dendrielRashid: Elves. I really don't trust. All this talk of nature, flowers and treehugging. I don't know that there's a diabolical plan behind it. Player: AnkrahmunRashid: my beloved people! Ah, sweet scent of the desert sand, the perfect shape pyramids. amazingly beautiful. Player: CarlinRashid: I have to go, because she wants to see my exclusive merchandise at regular intervals from time to time. Player: CormayaRashid: CORMAY BOAT? A good place for business, is too far away and little to do. Player: DarashiaRashid: that's not true, but almost as good. Dealer claim ridiculous prices, which is good for my business. Player: EdronRashid: Ah yes, Edron. An island so beautiful and so quiet! I am in good standing are a few shops. a spell to make him yours Player: FibulaRashid: very few customers that isn't always a trip. Player: GreenshoreRashid: eh. I don't think so. Player: KazordoonRashid: I like not much underground. Also tend to these labyrinthine tunnel gnomes get lost, so I prefer to avoid. Player: BayRashid of freedom: If avoid favelas, is a very nice town. Almost as beautiful as the Governor's daughter. Player: NorthportRashid: eh. I don't think so. Players: HopeRashid Port: I love the creation itself, but I put my foot in the jungle. Have you seen the size of that centipede?Player: SenjaRashid: eh. I don't think so. Player: SvargrondRashid: I wish I was a little cooler but with a good cup of barbarian Mead in your belly a lot more comfortable. Player: ThaisRashid: I feel uncomfortable and very uncertain in thaïs, don't go there. Player: VegaRashid: eh. I don't think so. Player: VenoreRashid: although it is the prosperous commercial center of the tibia, I don't like to talk about this. Too much competition for my taste. Player: TimeRashid: it's almost time to travel. Player: Norns: Kings, Queens, emperors and Kaliphs. Each pretends to be different and unique, but in reality, it's the same everywhere. Player: ByeRashid: Goodbye, reader, the wind that will guide your path. .