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Colon cancer refers to cancer that originates in the colon. It is often called colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer. The most common form of colon cancer starts with an adenoma. In 95% of cases begin these adenomas (polyps) develop in the lining of the colon and sat in the Middle the KOLON-or rectal cancer. Colon cancer is usually slow, but when the phase IV is no longer curable, because it has spread beyond the colon and rectum in different places throughout the body. Colon cancer stage cancer free treatment in mumbai IV is usually curable, although in rare cases, surgery can cure the cancer if the metastasis is locally in a small village in the liver or lungs. Other treatments, radiation and chemotherapy are used to reduce the spread of cancer and improve the quality of life in patients with stage IV colon cancer. Usually, surgery is the most common treatment for colon cancer stage IV. Surgery removes the primary tumor and cancer in the cells of the liver. Depending on the size and location of the metastasis, surgery have spread to eliminate cancer cells. For metastases liver and Lung Surgery is possible and eliminate cancer on the Web site of metastasis. Transported out of the liver is called Cyrosurgery involves freezing and the small part of the liver, they contain cancer cells. In most cases, however, surgery is not able to cure cancer, only prolong and minimizes the symptoms. Chemotherapy can be used to destroy cancer cells in the colon and in the field of metastasis. The goal of chemotherapy can reduce cancer cell in remote areas of the body where the metastasis, make them small enough for surgery removed are to be produced. This type of given before surgery, chemotherapy is called neoadjuvant therapy. Auxiliary chemotherapy can be even after surgery to kill cancer cells remaining administered. The commonly used chemotherapy agents used for colon cancer stage IV are Folfox, Folfiri, bevacizumab and cetuximab, CapeOx. These chemotherapeutic agents can be used in conjunction with each other. If the cancer has spread too far to try to heal, can relieve certain operations for symptoms and increase quality of life. Remove foreign particles in the colon and restore bowel functions, a segmental resection or a colostomy may be used. In addition, you can keep a colon inserting stents. Finally, radiation therapy can be used to ease the discomfort or temporary reduction of tumors. Level 4 cancer colon cancer, also called colon cancer, the prognosis is the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the mucosa of the large intestine, the part of the. life expectancy of colon cancer 4 know the probability is a good idea, when fighting cancer, stage completely devoted to how some people show that the bad doctors. The stages of colon cancer and the treatment for colon cancer from the first stage, where there are no lymph nodes involved, on the scene. Stage four colon cancer stage four colon cancer is different from the other phases, because often it is impossible to force the cancer in remission, ,,