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The Tumblr website, if a user is not logged in may 2013. A different background every time image appears on the screen when the page is loaded. A platform for microblogging and social networking site by David Karp, Tumblr (stylized as Tumblr logo) was founded and owned by Yahoo Inc, The service allows users, multimedia and other content in a blog soon. Users can follow other users of the Blog, as well as they do their private Blogs. Most of the features of the website is done from the console interface, publish content and contributions from blogging more below appears. Since March 1, 2015 hosts Tumblr Blogs more than 225. 1 million. Karp was interested in the Blog (short for more views on tumblr the blog) for a short time and waiting for one of the blogging platforms decided to introduce the Tumblelogging platform. Because nobody did after a year of waiting, garment Karp and Marco's developers began working on own platform Tumblelogging. June 2012 his Tumblr since the first great brand with adidas advertising campaign. Adidas has launched a football official Tumblr blog and bought investments on the user dashboard. This release was announced only two months after Tumblr, move you to paid on its website advertising. Dashboard: the dashboard is the most important tool for regular users of Tumblr. This is a live broadcast of the latest posts on the Blog below. Users are able to submit observations and Reblog posts from other blogs that appear on the dashboard. Dashboard allows the user, messages, text, images, video, quotes or links to your blog with a click of a button at the top of the dashboard load. Users can also use their Twitter accounts and Facebook, their blogs, doing so, when making a post, you posted a tweet and update. Tail: the user can set a calendar, they make a late contribution. You can use your contributions over several hours, or even days. Tags: Mail, they find a created user, they can, their public, contributions on specific topics to help by adding tags. If someone downloads a picture on their blog and their desired audience, find pictures, it would be the #picture label and viewers could this use of the word, looking for articles with tags #picture. Launched in may 2012 has Tumblr storyboards, an editorial in the team blog and videos on Blogs and Tumblr users. The service is very popular among teenagers and base of average visitor age University segments of Tumblr users aged less than 25 years. Tumblr is journalists technology a considerable amount of content, pornographic notes, even if you know the exact amount of the company. The pornography of notes for the New York Times is a fraction of the content on the site, but non-negligible amounts for a site with 100 millions of Blogs. . Adult oriented community guidelines authorized Tumblr content but requires that the Blog, only occasionally or adult significant content reported as such are included. Sexually explicit video not in website loading, but you can embed videos hosted elsewhere. In a public statement, the company offers the following: years of Tumblr NSFW content has not changed and emphasized the importance of freedom of expression. We have tried in this policy, take measures constantly to ensure that our users can avoid this content, unless you want to see. Everyone can safely click on disable in the settings on your dashboard. In February 2012 blog personal Tumblr announced that amendments to the rules prohibiting articles, promote or advocate for suicide, self-harm and eating (ANA) disorders. Suicide of the British teenager Tallulah Wilson, promotion at Tumblr Wilson said self-injury, Articles on the site were chosen intentionally self-inflicted injuries and suicide. A user on the site reported that a photo of a noose, which, with the message sent Wilson: here is your new necklace, try it. Wilson Maria Miller said in response to the case that the British Minister for culture, media and sport, which, as social media content of Tumblr, sites must remove toxic self-harm. In 2013, Tumblr allows companies pay their pledges to a wider audience. Tumblr Head dirty, Lee Brown, continued buying ad media on Tumblr to be near six figures. Tumblr users can publish original content on reblog, a feature on Tumblr, which allows users to publish content from another blog in his blog again. Sometimes during the year 2006, we had a fortnight between two contracts and said to see what we can do, we will see that if we can get this thing built and, together, we have the first working version of Tumblr. In the coming months, somehow put together what was the first version of Tumblr, released in February, 2007 in life .