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The High Performance Handbook

Type the characters that you see below, sorry, just make sure you're not a robot. For best results, make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Book description business intelligence technologies are a must in every office informed and keep pace with the growth of the market. QlikView ’ of disruptive technology is an important player and leader in the industry; with its flexibility and its powerful environment QlikView analytics applications as well as developers, construction and professional users can be burned. This helps book the development of QlikView in a basic element for a practitioner, use a step by step approach in a practical environment to learn and apply practices tested for different topics. Any book, build on the basis of the actual data on the operations of the airline a QlikView application that helps HighCloud “ airlines ” and guided by strategies of analysis of informed decisions. Assess HighCloud executives of airlines in the United States, if the market is a good strategy, and if so, which region should concentrate their investments; QlikView is necessary to make the best decision. Chapter by chapter, the application with your skills, sees more than the simple proof of concept to build a data model, add a style defined by the user, build a control panel to manage and modify your data source using script. See you in “ HighCloud airlines ask for ” many different data display objects and time-saving techniques. Real data of the Statistical Office of the United States taking the entire application and includes national and international airline operations. With three years of data, helps to see HighCloud airlines, where the people is carrier of the majority with more market share, which is to use average what aircraft each airline to perform the most common flights, airports and a whole universe of new discoveries. What should you learn from this book. Book description Twitter bootstrap is by far the most popular all front end frames. Professionally designed community for some of the most delicate problems of modern Web design, earned his position through proven solutions developers from the team of difficult tasks with ease and normal activity faster. Instructions to work of Twitter development guides bootstrap surfer not to the foundations to create a fully-sensitive site, improved JavaScript multiple page. After this quick and dirty Bootcamp boot you ’ are not only heavy yards, but ’ installed, an immersion into the rest of what Twitter bootstrap has to offer. The content of the book is the latest version of 2. 1 twitter bootstrap. Brings zero Pro in a time record, this book you'll start with Twitter ’ 'bootstrap' excellent network response. With the Basic will continue to ’ more complex designs with the media and the network tables. You learn ’ control startup, ’ s, drop-down navigation menu add bar and configure it wonderfully adapted to small screens. Use boots ’ ’ s jQuery plugin to add dynamic maps and a presentation of the welcome home the high performance handbook pdf download page. It is also ’ to guide you through the steps to download the file, test your browser and Mobile Office Web site and optimize your web site files to improve performance before the start of the final ll. What should you learn from this book. Book of the description is a step for tutorial step in the development of a real application, with progressive and iterative software development approach. Learn more about agile software development depended on the agile nature of Yu application development framework. It affects all aspects of the lifecycle of software development through the construction of a society of project management from concept to deployment in your production environment. After a general, brief introduction to the framework and outline Yu approach software development chapters whole book of rupture in the same way as iterations of software development in real projects. After the first iteration, you will need an application works and tested with a connection to a valid and proven database. In the second and third iterations of base expand our main database and the domain model object and become familiar with object-relational mapping ’ Yu (ORM) layer, active record. Learn how lean Yu ’ s automatically to create tools of generation of cars to our capabilities/read/update / delete (CRUD) for our newly created model. These iterations also focus, such as validation of the form of Yu ’ and enter the model of work. Until the end of the third generation, has a functional application, allows gale and issues (tasks) in the context of these projects. Fourth and fifth iterations are dedicated to the management of users. Learn more about the model of integrated authentication Yu, to support the ability of connection and disconnection of the application. Then delve in the authorization model, before operating a single frame ’ Yu s access control model and then implement more sophisticated, (RBAC) role-based access control provides the Yu. What should you learn from this book. Book description 3D animation offers a versatile way to give life to ideas. With this guide, you will learn how ’ your vision and turn it into beautiful ” million “ Cinema 4 d, you can bring your vision to life quickly and easily. This guide from ’ through how to create and animate a scene 3D with tips and techniques for everything, photorealistic for animations. Cinema 4 d ” “ each of the professionals, amateurs, allows you to create stunning animations in 3D. This book will guide you through the steps to create a circular flight in an office: create a 3D, materials and structure of lighting, animation, and rendering. Then ’ explore additional functionality through a series of mini-projects: graphic animations, creating a stylized image realistic hair and fabric to create exports. You will learn how ’ with pieces all together, working through the exploration of programming focused on the Xpresso node, all wrapped, with an introduction to composition in Adobe after effects. What should you learn from this book. .