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┬áHer hair needs adequate amounts of protein and moisture remains bright, shiny and strong. Pollution and daily lifestyle can extract moisture from your hair and can be dull and lifeless. The best way around the wires very healthy and full of life is a protein treatment. The protein helps repair the cuticle layer of the hair and makes hair stronger on these beautiful locks back. See also: 4 simple ways to quickly grow, here are some natural treatments of hair protein and merchant ships natural hair: protein conditioner: post that requires a protein treatment strengthens the hair, is most effective when applied after washing. You can a good protein conditioner from your hair stylist recommended. Once you are done with shampooing, apply conditioner generously, to your hair and let the hair around the food to absorb. The protein is filtered to the hair shaft and strengthen your hair. Avocado and mayonnaise: Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. Mayonnaise made from egg yolks and oil, so it has the quality of egg protein and moisture. The lawyer is rich in fat tend to make the hair soft and resistant to collateral damage. For optimal results you should mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise with half crushed avocado soup, until the mixture is smooth and creamy. This applies to your hair from root to tip and rinse after a while. The morning after shampoo. Processing of yogurt: a yogurt or cream can help to restore your protein of the hair loss. Use just two or three spoonfuls of sour cream or yogurt in her hair and let sit for 20 minutes and then wash. Keratin: a protein resistant protein can be used for severely damaged hair. This protein is available with almost every designer. He helped restructure the hair that I have been damaged by drying of harmful products, design loads, iron, discoloration, stains and other uses. Wheat protein: this protein is known for smooth hair during the process of restoring lost protein. Wheat protein has superior and powerful moisturizing ability can help restore lost hair structure. With regular use of this protein hair loses nutrients and becomes healthier from the inside. The hair becomes softer and earn more elasticity. Protein: protein requirement is easy for natural hair treatments and like easy to use, but you so far, that hair must restrict treatment exposed. Overexposure can cause more damage and breakage. Make the hair feel stiff and hard. ┬áNot all types of hair are the same amount of protein, some less, it may be necessary, and others. Hair style has been damaged by the overdose, should be treated once a magnetic messaging warez week from proteins. Normal hair with basic requirement of protein can be treated with light conditioner or packages from home. Of course, all these five protein treatments are very useful for healthy hair. In my opinion especially protein conditioners are still more important, I think. Wow! ’ try some of them. I had questions about treatments at home because I'm afraid that it could ruin. I believe that I have won ’ I do not know until you do it. The ’ s nothing that can damage my hair, so I will be healthy. Is a very useful article. I heard that natural protein can increase treatments health and hair thickness. Many creams and hair treatment modern oils contain various chemicals that may produce negative results. My daughter is an example of the various creams, hair, which has in turn used for hair loss. Now grab the hair loss in Toronto in the past two months. The hair is something that many much less worry about people or attention, both can also dangerous for the health. Careful, your case is necessary for the good health of the hair. .