Micro Niche Finder Vs Google Keyword Tool

Micro Niche Finder

"I rarely get excited about SEO and SEM tools.But, when it comes to keyword research it is virtually impossible to produce a quality worksheet without software. When I have to perform the same task for my customers, the process is even more daunting and time consuming.there is now a better way to manage huge keywords lists and this tool is called WordStream.". "As Search Engine Marketing grows as an industry, it's inevitable that new technology will evolve to fill in the gaps where current solutions fall short. Case in point is WordStream, a new SEM tool that specifically helps raise productivity for handling, assembling, and segmenting your keyword list.". Want to know more about The Free Keyword Tool, like where it gets its data , what "relative volume" means , or how it compares to other free keyword tools ? Then, keep reading or you can use the links to the right to jump down to a particular topic of interest. Here’s what some of the biggest names in search marketing have to say about The Free Keyword Tool."The coolest feature it offers is that it allows you to download thousands of keywords at once."- Aaron Wall, SEOBook"WordStream has launched a free keyword research tool that is better than Google's limited one." - Frank Watson, Search Engine Watch"In a time where most willingly pay for multiple commercial tools, it's refreshing to see one free tool deliver great results that render the others useless."- SEO expert Eric Lander"An awesome alternative to paid Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery."-  Search Engine JournalWe pride ourselves on offering what many feel is the best free keyword tool available online. Google keyword research can be difficult and confusing for those new to online advertising, but our free keyword research tools are made to help. You can watch an online video tutorial for our free keywords tool, demonstrating how to use our tool to do a free keywords search and find free keywords for your business. The Free Keyword Tool is free for guest users, providing free keyword research. You get 10 free keyword searches up-front, then one free keyword search per day going forward. You can email the full free keywords list of keyword suggestions to yourself for free. Expert keyword research - free! . People often ask us where we get the keyword data that fuels The Free Keyword Tool. The answer is we purchase the data through a number of U.S.-based search industry partnerships, which include:. Once we’ve acquired this keyword research data, we apply sophisticated statistical models to aggregate the different keyword data sets, applying various weightings and powerful semantic algorithms to compute related terms. WordStream's keyword database is U.S.-based. This means that our keyword suggestions are based on searches done within the United States and therefore, the majority of our keywords are in English. However, we do have foreign language keywords in our free keyword suggestion tool database since some international searchers will search in their native language. To see whether or not WordStream has the foreign language keywords you are looking for, do some test searches using the Free Keyword Suggestion Tool . We use a CAPTCHA to verify that you're a real person interested in keyword analysis . This helps us prevent abuse so our computing resources aren’t bogged down by spammy bots, allowing the free keyword research tool to run much faster like a truly efficient keyword generator should. First, here’s some background on us. Besides free keyword tools, WordStream provides PPC software , a keyword analyzer and a host of next-generation keyword tools for conducting proprietary keyword discovery , keyword research, keyword grouping and keyword organization. That said, the private keyword data that users plug into any WordStream product (paid or free) is never shared, sold or in any way integrated with any of our keywords tools. While using our keyword free tool, you can trust that your data is safe. Maybe you've seen the phrase "relative volume" in our free keyword search tool and are wondering what it means. Our free keyword search tools have a built in free keyword search volume tool; relative volume is our estimate of how often particular keyword phrases are searched on. The higher a keyword’s relative volume, the more frequently that keyword is searched. Keywords for websites - find popular and niche keywords for your websites at scale. Don't be limited to Google's 200 keyword suggestions. This aggregated keyword data represents over a trillion search queries and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse keyword sources. Using this method for our free keyword tools enables us to provide a more comprehensive and less biased mix of both head and long-tail terms for you to use in SEO and PPC marketing activities.With WordStream's keyword brainstorming tool, you don't need to download a thing- our free keyword suggestion tools exists online for you to use at your convenience. Obtain your free keywords lists without the hassle of downloading and installing. Keyword tools in general are notorious for supplying dubious keyword results and inaccurate search volume estimates. In designing The Free Keyword Tool, our goal was to devise a means to overcome known keyword discovery tool problems, such as:. Google's keyword suggestion tool and their AdWords tool for keywords have a micro niche finder vs google keyword tool tendency to suggest only the most popular keywords , or “head terms,” while greatly overestimating keyword search volume. Also, you may have noticed that Google’s tools are slow in returning results. WordStream's superior AdWords keyword discovery tool provides specific traffic-driving keywords in addition to head terms. Wordtracker keyword generator and other keyword search marketing tools , on the other hand, grab their data from obscure and seldom used resources, like Metacrawler and Dogpile, which tend to favor less popular keyword searches ("long-tail" terms). These other free keyword suggestion tools don't offer particularly accurate results, either. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget.