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Mark as inappropriate select the reason of this indicator's slideshow as inappropriate. CancelLife coaching, career, coaching and coaching for individuals and OrganisationsWe offers a range of services, including coaching, training career life coaching and coaching for individuals and organizations. Coaching does not focus on the things that lead to problems, but rather to identify and aspire to achieve certain objectives that are desired. This means that at the time where things are generally acceptable, and coaching of new extensions or research for the sake of clarity, rather than anger or emotional distress is generally better suited. Types of CoachingLife coaching focuses on the identification and work on specific goals to improve the quality of life and personal development; Races training focuses on the personality and the work, which is to examine what type of career can be rewarding for you. and Executive Coaching is still often successful roles, building and development. How do we use psychological concepts CoachWe and coach first to people to identify their goals, these goals are what (a procedure which is more difficult than it seems!) and then look at the barriers that these goals will be. ? Most of these barriers psychological, like limiting beliefs or low estimates itself, however certain lifestyle, the failure to do the link between time or money on. The process involves finding solutions through the planning and implementation of structured change. CoursesWe coaching offer a variety of coaching courses in our Edinburgh city centre. They are based on people search trainer work on communal areas. During the coaching session to focus on the achievement of the results during this fifth. Sessions are offered on a basis of 1: 1 - a, so that they can be adapted to your individual needs. Training as a block, which must be paid before the course start date. Visit our courses page, as a coach for more details. Enjoy and send this training on the same way and are subject to the same standards that our therapy services are organized. We meet all customers at a first meeting to discuss their goals and relationship coaching edinburgh discover the best to meet them. Subsequently, and if necessary, arrange a contract to develop the work. It is usually between 6-8 meetings face-to-face, telephone and e-mail contact. More information about the framework of courses and prices, see above. More information on this please see a trainer or book an initial meeting, please contact us.   Professional and training in our offices in Edinburgh: Professor Ewan Gillon, PsychologistDr tips, cross consulting shamila & psychologist CoachJohn Cassie, counselor/therapist, Kirsten PsychotherapistPaul, psychological and trainers, .