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Sign up with FacebookSorry, we are not able to report at this time on Facebook. Try again later. The opportunity to compare this full set of luxury Deluxe double only cycle. This is the best of both. Buy Red, blue and chrome do not tie with the trick Deluxe hyper evel facebook set black, white and chrome version and fact. Red, Blue Ribbon chrome & it is a beautiful, but in my opinion is another scrap. It is suitable for display. The spin cycle is in any way in the manufacture of defective. It's not as fast as another crank cycle, is very strong with a polished, to chillar, destroyed my teeth and my ear hurts and worked very hard. I have twelve of them (red, azul-cromo - cycle) out-of-the-box and each of them was crap. All had the same problem. Black, white, chrome, loop & was very lack of performance however, it jumped slightly tilted up to speed very high and wonderful. The only problem I have outlined with this Energizer (reel) deleted a passage or a few teeth slip or rotate bike, why it was nice to work faster. This was almost 2 weeks when this happened. If you want to get a number, definitely by Hey Deluxe Kit ramps and burning of tyres, wall brick, etc., has the best bike. It is now the good bike without other things, in the group, as well as available? Chrome engine is crap. Avoid this movement. .