The Ex Factor Lauryn Hill Mp3

The Ex Factor

» rod sound effects mp3 » the last time mp3 » mighty obstacle mighty mp3 » trey songz nightmares of mp3 » sia be good to me sia me mp3 » often mp3 » hardcore ice ice baby mp3 » foxtrot uniform charlie kilo mp3 » valeria lynch mp3 » sexy naughty bitchy me mp3. gotta love Ms. Hillrate, comment, and request if you want :]sharing this music with you , a women singing from the depths of her heart , i'm so greatful my mom played this album on repeat when i was growing up , the best music . i'm only sixteen . but i truely can recognize how much raw passion/talent Lauryn has , i wish she would share more with us . hopefully that's coming soon , until then; ENJOY !It could all be so simpleBut you'd rather make it hardLoving you is like a battleAnd we both end up with scarsTell me, who I have to beTo get some reciprocityNo one loves you more than meAnd the ex factor lauryn hill mp3 no one ever willIs this just a silly gameThat forces you to act this wayForces you to scream my nameThen pretend that you can't stayTell me, who I have to beTo get some reciprocityNo one loves you more than meAnd no one ever will{Hook:}No matter how I think we growYou always seem to let me knowIt ain't workin'It ain't workin'And when I try to walk awayYou'd hurt yourself to make me stayThis is crazyThis is crazyI keep letting you back inHow can I explain myselfAs painful as this thing has beenI just can't be with no one elseSee I know what we got to doYou let go and I'll let go too'Cause no one's hurt me more than youAnd no one ever will{Repeat Hook}Care for me, care for meI know you care for meThere for me, there for meSaid you'd be there for meCry for me, cry for meYou said you'd die for meGive to me, give to meWhy won't you live for me{Repeat}