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Send an email to NewsletterHier newsletter to get updates in your email inbox get. E-Mail address) is secure with us! Maybe only my working hours is, but it is Monday again? Well, then, that means that we go ahead and get the competition title this week.   Last week, bond has a good image and some of them are fun ways to seize the moment of the words. I thought that worked a few lines, but it does at least for fun. This week we take advantage of a moment one of my favorite in the entire series scenes: scene of sugarcane catapults the Wind Waker. Remember don't let you next week to win the title in the comments below and Upvote, you want to see. Oh! Something that I forgot. Last week was also a voice, we think that linking from must be completed: Ilia or Zelda? While we had a vote by Midna and another for a mixture of Zelda/Ilia, was social monkee warrior forum the vote between the two. Well, it's the truth. You used. So I think that it is the only way, that this is true: the updated rules: Please do not use any offensive material (sexual, racist, offensive language, abuse, etc.). We want competition fun and accessible for fans of all ages. Keep the image as much as possible its original form (at least for photo retouching). Our Photoshop contest is the title of the competition, which took place Friday. If you have not the ability to change the image, to leave a comment. Make sure that a separate list of winners in this category. Everyone has the right to their own opinion Zelda informer. In fact, we recommend the discussion on this basis. Please do not insult but to work what other fans. Make fun can apply to a person on the other. and that's very good. Have fun and be creative!Use the image at the bottom of the page and let your title in the comments below.   If you accidentally register as a guest, simply connect and respond to your comments with your user name. If you book your label as an image and not to load, wait 5-10 minutes and then try again, usually just a few minutes to load correctly. Don't forget again in the entire week and Upvote favorite and one may be the winner of next week! by: Canterberry Bell by: Cherryb6mb by: Lplance by: Monkee-Goro by: Risha and here are our winners of PAS legend photo: Darrin w. Harr II - when your page of girl meets the girl of your manager and be best friends. Thalia Chen-Lien: I'm going to ruin this picture. George Platko-take a guy out of the picture! Type? All have remote Inova, a friend had. Photo of the week:,.