Ukulele Lessons Arlington Va

Ukulele Lessons

The lessons are usually 30 or 45 minutes in length and include theory, written assignments and opportunities for a wide variety of ukulele lessons arlington va musical styles in a home studio. My philosophy is to make fun of piano lessons with high standards and relational, playing piano and learning through play with serenity of his family, friends and a wider audience. Piano masterclass for students under age twice a month to develop performance skills and allow students to play before couples and receive feedback, which improves their ability to play publicly. Until I started piano lessons that compose my songs, were the Nicejempiano. Mac Companion. Me4-6 YearsYoung kids have a blast, as the ideas of rhythm and melody, explore, tools, movement, art projects and much more! Potomac Arts Academy offers: music, theatre, art and computer game design for all age groups. Piano, guitar, violin, vocals and other kinds of music; Professional summer programs and activities for children and adults; dance classes, art and action. Potomac Arts Academy is part of George Mason University and is located less than a mile from the main campus. .