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Mineral manganese trace is a micronutrient essential for a human body to function properly. Manganese deficiency can impair necessary the creation of important enzymes and enzyme reactions key to good health. This page treats the symptoms of manganese deficiency and the best sources of this important mineral food. Enzymes are chemical messengers, which are closely involved in virtually all aspects of health. In your body, manganese is used to create (also called MnSOD) superoxide dismutase of manganese, one of the most important enzymes, to keep your system correctly. Superoxide dismutase of manganese are a powerful antioxidant, it concentrates in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, pituitary gland and bone. Then it is water broken down in the mitochondria of the cell by hydrogen peroxide, in catalyzes the superoxide radical (a kind of harmful radical free). Manganese is responsible for absorption and utilization of nutrients in the activation of several other enzymes, such as vitamin C and vitamins of the Group B. In addition, one sufficient level of this manganese depends on the creation of essential fatty acids and the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. Build strong, healthy bones must also good amounts of this trace element and weak and brittle bones were long associated with low manganese intake. While only a small amount of manganese, a bottleneck for its central role in the enzymatic reactions vital to prevent any deficiency of this mineral can have big effects on health. Pain in the joints and weak and brittle bones that break easily. ¬†Manganese is necessary for the formation of healthy bones without enough, can become brittle and weak. Joint pain, regular tendons and ligaments a low intake was associated with this micronutrient. Fatigue, listlessness and constantly tired. ¬†Alternatively, changes of nervousness, irritability, and mood and even in extreme cases, nausea and loss of consciousness, can under manganese in your body. Problems of regulation of the sugar in the blood and the metabolism of carbohydrates. There is also a possible link with increased risk of diabetes by inadequate intake of this mineral. Poor wound healing. Manganese deficiency can be specified if they heal small wounds take particularly long and linked to manganese ’ role in the production of collagen. Skin problems. As the current dermatitis and skin in General again once tired and boring, by the tone of insufficient collagen. Vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, chard and kale are some of the best sources of food of manganese. (Not white) Brown rice, rye and oat is also good, but not wheat products are usually of manganese eliminated. Pineapple is surprisingly high supply and this recipe of mixing of pineapple and Gee, that would be covered daily in a good manner of manganese requirement. Raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and lawyers are also very good sources. Many nuts and seeds contain manganese, with pumpkin seeds, a high source and excellent vitamin and mineral rich snack around. Adult males are recommended to receive 2. manganese 3 mg per day, preferably sources of food as above. For women, the RDA is more than 19 years of age at least 1 8 mg, with higher amounts during pregnancy and lactation. There are also various quantities, deficits in children, to avoid the one given here. Despite the daily recommended intake to prevent lack of manganese are low, it is ’ essential for good health and yet another reason for the juicing for fat loss tv products leave nutritionally devoid of supermarkets, especially fat food grains and a diet rich in foods. Jim Dillan is an investigation of health and well-being, write about the natural diet, improve your physical and mental well-being and to change to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy recipes articles on benefits of foods for hair and skin treatments website is super detailed profiles. .