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Curry in Akron, Ohio, was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his father by the Charlotte Hornets. Often I had curry father and his brother went to times where shoot by Seth in their games to be with his team during the warm-up period. As a child, he attended a Montessori school, which was started by his mother, Sonya. From 2001 to 2002, Curry in Toronto Ontario, has during the tenure of his father with the Toronto Raptors, that lived the University as a student of the 8. Queensway class to visit a Christian College in Etobicoke, Ontario. A member of the boys of basketball had 7 and 8 grade team, leads to an unbeaten season. Curry attended Christian school from Charlotte high, where he was named all - State, Conference and led his team to three titles of the Conference and three appearances in the State playoffs. Then 0 in (1.83 m), 160-pound senior has offered a scholarship by the Conference of the major schools of 6 ft received. Given the fact that his father by Virginia Tech played in its Pantheon, Curry for the Hokies wanted to play, but she only offered him a place as a player of figuration. In his second season of 2007-2008 Curry reached its adult size 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) and led the Southern Conference in scoring, with an average of 25 5 points per game, the addition of 4. 7 rebounds per game and 2. 8 assists per game. He led the Wildcats in a regular-season 1-16, and as a result, Davidson won a record 20 Conference - le 20 - 0 0 offer their third NCAA tournament. Tune in on March 21, 2008, Davidson with the seventh seeded Gonzaga. Gonzaga has 11 points to begin the second half, but Curry continues to 30 points in the half. On 23 March, was seeded second Davidson Georgetown in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Class came into the game as a big favorite Georgetown nationwide after an appearance in the final four in 2007. Curry managed only five points in the first half of the game, Davidson, followed by less than 17 points, but Davidson his 25 points in the second half led to a 74-70 victory lap. March 30, 2008, record against the Kansas Jayhawks, with its 159 position to three points of the season. Curry has 25 points in the game but Davidson lost and withdrew from the tournament for the head and later champion Jayhawks 59-57 November 25, held three against Loyola, goalless as Loyola systematically curries. It's only game collegiate Curry without goals and only their second double-digit points. He won finished 0-for-3 on the ground as Davidson the game 78-48. February 14, 2009, Curry rolled his ankle in the second half of the victory of Furman. The damage caused to Ms. Curry, who lost the game against the Citadel, the first and only game in his academic career on 18 February. Davidson then fall 68-80 by Sainte-Marie by the Scots in the second round. Curry had 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists in what was his last game for the Bobcats. In May 2011, Curry had surgery in the right ankle, torn ligaments, has more distortion in 2010 / 11 to repair. He started the opening of the season against the clippers, but with only 4 points to shoot, 2-12. The next game against the Chicago Bulls, Curry had 21 points and 10 assists to lead the warriors to a 99-91 victory but rolled to the right ankle and will miss the next match. He returned to 3 games and sprained right ankle Jan. 4. He returned on January 20 for point guard college 2010 the next 16 games until 22 dilated a tendon in his right foot in a game against the Phoenix Suns in February. March 5, returned to Curry operates to the Washington Wizards for 4 matches before the end of the season, in the right ankle Arthroscopy. Injury plagued season playing 66 Curry with sight in only 26 ended with an average of 14. 3. 4 rebounds, 7 points, 5 3 assists and 1 5 interceptions. He went on to average 22 9 points, 4. 0 rebounds, 6 9 assists and 6 1 steals per game this season. February 27, 2013, Curry in a career of 54 points scored the New York Knicks 109-105 loss. He shot 18-28 from the field and 11 of 13 3 points. His 11 three pointers is the right to vote for a single record. The last day of the season, Curry broke the record in the NBA by three points in a season. Curry finished the season with three points from 272; the previous record holder, spoke of three but Golden State defeated Denver in six games to go, it's the San Antonio Spurs. Curry a career playoff high one had 44 points in the first game that blows at the end of the series, but the advantage of 16 points of warriors at the end of the fourth quarter, which resulted in a loss of twice more. Golden State would continue to lose the last champion of the Western Conference San Antonio Spurs in six games. 07 December 2013, attempts in a victory of 108-82 against the Memphis Grizzlies for shots of three points in a career of 701, at least make Curry franchise broke records for Jason Richardson. Curry said Barakat family did a great job to communicate with me and makes me aware of the details of his life and his personality, [,. It is a type of business, cool, for the use of the platform yesterday in honor of Lucy and her family [-]. I send you the shoes he wore yesterday. And if all goes well, they know who thought of them. ”. Curry is a gold medal twice as a member of the United States basketball team in 2010 and 2014. There is also a silver medal with the United States under-19 team in 2007. Curry is that the same number (# 30) was his father, while he was in the NBA. The younger brother of Curry, Seth, is also a basketball player and,. .