10 Tech Experts Predict The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Encryption And Cybersecurity

With the growth of remote employment and e-commerce, always hot topics, encryption and cybersecurity are even hotter than ever.

Tools and best practices in these areas are constantly evolving to help businesses and consumers protect themselves against the next big data hacking.

Forbes Technology Council

As industry leaders, Forbes Technology Council members keep abreast of the latest technology trends. Below, 16 members detail their predictions on the next big news in the areas of encryption and cybersecurity.

Members of the Forbes Technology Council share their predictions for the next round of cybersecurity headline topics.

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1.Increased use of biometric for security

It is often said that there are two types of organizations: those that are hacked and those that do not realize that they have been hacked. In today’s environment, encryption and cybersecurity play an important role in maintaining the operations of all organizations. I hope the next big news includes an increase in the use of biometrics and solutions that are very easy to use. – Steven Power, RollKall

2.Common user interfaces

As the next generation of machine learning technologies, such as artificial intelligence communication and mature computer vision, cybersecurity and encryption increasingly need to work with “natural user interfaces” such as voice and image-based authentication. . Soon, secure and relevant standards to register, validate and authorize users “natural interface” that needs to be developed and implemented. – Mudit Jain, VinBrain LLC

3.Long-term security planning

Confidence and privacy of data are essential for any private company or government organization. Having the right cybersecurity or encryption technology platform is only part of the solution: implementing and implementing the right security measures, defining policies and frameworks, ongoing management, and clarity on long-term strategies and roadmaps. it will be key. – Vamsi Gosu, TechForce Services

4.New AI threats

Technology is changing faster now than ever. As AI becomes more prevalent with each application, cybersecurity will become a deeper threat. The focus will be on security-focused AI that can be predicted to manage threats and fix them without the interaction of others. Encryption must continue to grow securely due to technologies such as computing as a whole. – Van Richardson, iManage

5.Protecting the safety of remote workers

Remote working accelerates the “consumerization” of the business, as employees demand more and better tools to work remotely. Meanwhile, security groups must fight a massive increase in environmental security. The challenge for them is to protect the privacy and security of employed shareholders while strengthening openness to new ways of working. – Jennifer Smith, type italics

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6.More responsibility assigned to cloud providers

Will there be a deeper shift to the cloud that negates the chances of payment fraud, ransomware, hijacking, etc.? Services like Office 365, Windows Virtual Desktop, Google Drive, etc. are shifting the burden from the individual to the cloud provider. This is the reputation of the cloud provider on the line and will take all necessary measures to implement consumer protection. Like hackers, consumers often find other ways. – William Diggin, Accenture

7.Data integrity

One important area is data authenticity, which does not require security or encryption, but rather “trust” in the data. Information overload and really big data create confusion and mistrust. Platforms focused on the preservation and maintenance of reliable data must be developed and certified. – Dave Padmos, EY

8.Extensive zero-trust adoption

I think it’s time for zero confidence to take the stage. Like telecommuting before the coronavirus pandemic, zero trusts is seen by most people as a solution to finding a problem, even a luxury. There are needs in the real world to do the abstract in real-time.

9.A universal encryption system

I think we can see a change in the development of a universal encryption system that will eventually be integrated into all future solutions. With decentralization, you will not overload the servers and allow the globalization of existing markets. Overall, encryption is likely to shift to quantum computing as e-commerce faces increasing integration of blockchain technology. – Nadya Knysh, a1qa

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10.Secure edge-to-edge access

For me, the most important thing in cybersecurity right now is SASE. While most current SASE implementations don’t rely heavily on hype, the principle is still a good one: turn software-defined software into cybersecurity. I hope that SASE will replace many different network and security solutions, including SD-WAN and MPLS, firewalls, VPN, CASB, and more. – Adi Ruppin, Ananda Networks

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