3Summer Beauty Trends to Try in 2022

There is so much going on in the world right now that it can seem almost frivolous to even discuss beauty products or trends.

However, it is in these times of turmoil that the little things can really make a difference in how you feel. Whether that is getting a new beauty sponge, trying out a new eyeliner trick, or finding out a classic product has come back around.

So, with this in mind, this piece is going to take a look at some of the summer beauty trends you can try in 2022. Take what you want and leave what you do not!

Cream over Powder

Cream-based products are exactly what you want to be looking at for this summer, as they give that fresh, dewy glow that seems to be the go-to look everyone is inspired to achieve. Powder is notoriously matt, so avoid it for any products if you can, apart from a little bit of setting powder for the places that might need it, such as your T-Zone, or on top of blemishes.

Cream blusher can double up as a lip colour, so you can get this seamless, uniform look.Plus, you can also get liquid highlighters, cream eyeshadows, and cream bronzers to make sure everything flawlesslyblends together.

Top Tip –If you love cream products, they also tie in with the minimal, glossy, ‘skin like skin’ trend that is very popular this summer. Less is always more!


Tweakments are becoming all the rage, so much so that they have their own word! These little tweaks that are performed via treatments can do anything from smoothing your skin, reshaping your nose, lifting your eyebrows, to permanent hair removal – many of which can be done on your lunch break.

The time for changing your entire face has been replaced with small, minuscule changes that enhance your natural features rather than reshaping them entirely. If you are interested in what tweakments you can try out, then head over to for a full treatment list!


Glossy Lips

Say bye to matt crayons or lipsticks. It is time to enter the noughties again with gloss. Glossy lips will seldom fail to look glamorous and youthful. In fact, the only issue they might offer is when they come into contact with other lips, strands of hair, crumbs… Yes. The texture is often sticky and does not last long on, but if you do not mind reapplying regularly, this might just be a trend you can get onboard with.That being said, lip glosses have come a long way since they were first ‘in fashion’, and you might be surprised to learn that there are some formulas that are far less sticky than their much older cousins! Lip oils can also give you a very glossy lookwithout having that tacky feeling too. These trends might not be for everyone, so only try them if you are genuinely interested – but if you are interested, you could find that the compliments come pouring in even more than normal for the change you make this summer.

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