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Avon Partners with FocusVision to Investigate the Emotional Impact of Cosmetics among Latin American Women

The test 

Avon Partners with FocusVision to Investigate the Emotional Impact of Cosmetics among Latin American Women, makeup accomplish more than impact appearance. For women in this locale, individual makeup regimens are regularly straightforwardly attached to their certainty, confidence, and strength, as they strengthen their character and capacity to oversee family, work, and society. In Brazil, for instance, individual beauty contends straightforwardly with family and money/professional desires. Research has demonstrated that women there spend a normal of 20 minutes applying makeup, and for some, it is viewed as valuable relaxation time. Accordingly, the Latin American restorative industry is unique, with a few setup brands contending within local business sectors and new ones ceaselessly entering the crease. This industry is a complex straight-out chain of command, which incorporates ace classes (for example, eyes, lips, nails), and subcategories (within lips there is: lipstick, lip shine, lip liners). Accordingly, keeping up a momentum comprehension of how, when, and why these buyers use beauty items is fundamental to the critical business and requires a refined statistical surveying approach. 

“It was pivotal for us to stroll from customers’ perspective to genuinely comprehend their relationship with makeup, and gather significant subjective information in amicable and motivating manners. We had the option to catch exceptionally helpful customer experiences, materials, and viewpoints, which educated different conversations and choices within the Avon association.” 

Paola Toscano, Senior Insights And Marketing Intelligence Manager, Avon 

The arrangement 

In a joint exertion, Avon and FocusVision planned a quantitative+qualitative (Q+Q) research approach to gather both mathematical and enthusiastic information to introduce a bound together perspective on the objective customer. A quantitative review conveyed by Decipher was utilized to talk with female beautifiers clients in Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia. Respondents received some information about the sort and number of items within their beauty pack, including dependability drivers, brands utilized, and generally brand observations. A subjective exercise was then centered around researching the job and significance of beauty in members’ lives. Using the Revelation portable application, members were approached to keep a journal of their makeup exercises over a multi-week period, including picture transfers and video tributes. This helped the research group perceive how members applied makeup, how they blended and coordinated different items, and the sentiments experienced during and after makeup application. 

The outcomes 

Utilizing a hybrid Q+Q research approach permitted Avon to increase a more profound comprehension of female makeup clients’ complexities and sentiments in Latin America. The research distinguished particular sections of purchasers with novel arrangements of qualities and mentalities towards various brands. For instance, “Make-up Lovers” or rich women aged 30-39 love to shop and look for top-notch driving brands: “I need makeup to feel invigorated. It’s a basic piece of me every day.” The average size of their beauty sack incorporates 99 every day through another section of moderately aged women recognized as “cost minimizers” place less of an incentive on their appearance and take a cost/esteem approach to beauty brands: “Basic makeup is a piece of my life… I just utilize different sorts of makeup, on uncommon events.” The size of their beauty pack comprises only 12 things. These and numerous other information guides gave important data toward Avon. From emotional triggers to brand discernments to use propensities, Q+Q research yielded critical experiences that will affect Avon’s ebb and flow and future item advancement, promotion, and deals.

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