7 Best Personal Finance Apps of 2020

7 Best Personal Finance Apps of 2020

It’s not the easiest thing to manage your finances. Now that we are no longer juggling a checkbook, recording and spending can be a little difficult to keep up with the bank balance. Finance software easily connects with your bank account. Also, personal finance apps remind where you have spent your money. Tracking expenses, keeping records of spending, tracking upcoming bill payments there are many such features you can experience with finance management apps.

The best personal finance apps offer several various features for handling your overall finances (email alerts, bill due dates, monitoring subscriptions, shared wallets, etc.). Whatever smartphone device you have, Our listed Top Finance Apps are available on both iOS and Android OS.

7 Best Personal Finance Apps

  1. Takefin Finance: Best Expense Tracker
  2. YNAB: Debt Management App
  3. Personal Capital: Wealth Management App
  4. Clarity Money: Subscriptions Managements
  5. Prism: Dues Payments
  6. Spendee: Shared Expenses
  7. EveryDollar: Budgeting App

I). Best Expense Tracker: TakeFin Financepersonal expense tracker app

Takefin expense tracking app, the most popular expense tracker that provides you the complete financial solution. Takefin categorize your every added spending and shows how you are handling your finance. It shows a graphical presentation of your expenses charts. You can track every expense day to day wise and create your monthly budget. 

Free access for personal expense tracking is one of the most valuable features of the takefin finance app. Takefin app supports almost all OS but most called it the best budget app for iPhone.

II). Manage Your Debt: You Need a Budget

best budget app for iphone

YNAB a personal finance app built with the Four Rules. First gives a job to every dollar,  accept your real expenses and minimize them, make the best use of money, and at last grow your wealth. These steps not only help you create a good budget but also help you take control of your expenses. To get an accurate picture of your spending, import transactions from your bank account and add them to each budget category. 

According to the YNAB report- On average, a user can save up to $500 in the first 6 weeks, and over $5,000 in the first year.

III). Wealth Management App: Personal Capital

best free budget app

Personal Capital is a personal wealth management app that allows you to track and manage your wealth and savings directly from your accounts. It Regulates with more than 10,000 financial institutions so that you can link your account easily from any source. You can also build your monthly budget by linking you’re saving account.

You can track your portfolio by individual security, account, asset class or. With built-in intellectual capacity available on the smartphone version of the app, you can explore opportunities to diversify, manage risk, and discover any hidden fees you may be paying. The new version now available for android and ios.

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IV). Subscriptions Management: Clarity Money

personal expense tracker app free
clarity Money

There are growing numbers of businesses switching to monthly subscriptions. It is possible to lose track of the subscriptions that you have signed up for in the process. Clarity Money aims to help you avoid throwing away unused services by helping you find and cancel non-used subscriptions. The app also analyzes your spending habits and gives you tips to boost your financial safety, besides getting rid of extra payments. 

Clarity Money lets you make daily savings deposits and add your savings to a target. With different goals, you can also build multiple savings funds. The savings deposits will be facilitated at a bank insured by FDIC which will be covered up to $250,000. Keep track of your monthly budget by showing how much you have already spent – given that you have connected your debit and credit cards.

V). Complete Dues Solution: Prism

best personal expense tracker app

oPrism shows all your financial statements and bills on one app, giving you a full version of your finances. The company is selling 11,000 billers – more than every other company – like bigger banks, and many smaller utilities. Connect your bills to the app, and Prism records your bills automatically and sends due date reminders to help avoid late payments. 

By arranging payments to be made on the same day or several days in advance, you can use the app itself to pay your bills. Prism removes the need to sign into several bill-paying accounts.

VI). Shared Expenses: Spendee

best personal finance app android

Almost every personal finance apps are designed for internal use. Spendee lets you create shared wallets with friends and family that can be used to handle shared household budget expenses. Import your banking transactions and let the app categorize them completely for you when you spend money every month. 

You can add cash expenses directly to provide a more accurate representation of where your money actually goes. Keep going over budget by establishing budgeted sums for each type of spending and monitoring the progress toward the sum budgeted. 

The bill tracking feature helps you know to pay each of your bills and escape penalties for late payments. When you’re on a holiday or some special occasion, you can create a tab specifically for that occasion to keep track of your spending and budget.

VII). Budgeting App: EveryDollar

expense tracker app iphone

The EveryDollar app makes use of the zero-based budget plan suggested by Dave Ramsey, a personal finance expert. The zero-based budget has a reason for each dollar in the budget, thus the name of the device EveryDollar. A built-in monthly tracker of expenses enabling you to link to your bank to import transactions and keep up with your expenses. You can also divide the costs between different items on your list. 

The app shows you how much you have spent for the month till now, and how much you have left to spend. You’ll be able to communicate with money management experts through the app, who can support you with your financial planning. You can view your budget through the web, or through a desktop computer. All new users get a free trial of the app’s paid edition.

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