pain affecting business

What to Do if Pain is Affecting Your Business

If pain is affecting your ability to run your business effectively, there are many steps that you can take to stop this pain from overwhelming you and your life. This guide covers...
car buying options

A Guide to Car Buying Options

Buying a car can be a very exciting time. You are so close to independence and freedom you can almost taste it. However, first comes the difficult bit of choosing how to...
computer malware

The Different Types of Computer Malware: A Guide

As if we did not have enough to worry about when it comes to viruses, it has been a long-standing suggestion that we also need to protect our technological devices from becoming...
Calculate Payroll Hours

How Do I Calculate Payroll Hours?

Before you begin your payroll calculations, you will need to determine the length of each workday. Using an Excel timesheet, time tracking software, or a calculator, you can estimate an employee's total work time....
inventory management software service

Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Inventory Management Software Service

For years, retailers have struggled with the challenge of forecasting inventory needs. Many retailers have been relying heavily on their vendors to provide accurate forecasts. With new technology comes new opportunities for businesses....
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Most Affordable New Businesses To Start

Whether you made the brave and exciting decision to start your own business a while ago and are currently working out the finer details before you launch your company, or you’re merely...
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5 Efficient Ways to Promote Your E-Commerce Business

Promoting e-commerce can be a huge challenge for small to medium-sized enterprises. No matter what your product or service is, this area of business is incredibly saturated, and SME owners need to...
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How to Evaluate Startup Investments

It is crucial to know what you are doing before investing in a startup. Sometimes, it is not enough to trust your intuition. You do not want to risk valuable capital on a...
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5 steps for preparing your firm for a migration to cloud computing services

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and decided it’s time to move your company’s digital services to a cloud computing provider. Well done - you’ll be in good company. Some of today’s...
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Fascinating Amazon Facts

Founded in Jeff Bezos’ garage in 1994, one time bookselling marketplace Amazon has grown into a behemothic monster of an ecommerce company. Amazon now sells a vast range of products and has...