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The Different Types of Computer Malware: A Guide

As if we did not have enough to worry about when it comes to viruses, it has been a long-standing suggestion that we also need to protect our technological devices from becoming unwell.

And, of course, it cannot just be simple. There are actually many different types of computer malware that people need to keep an eye out for, and they all do different unwelcome things to your computer.

This piece is going to take a look at the different types of computer malware that you should be aware of so you can spot if anything goes wrong and get adequate protection in place.



The most well-known threat to a computer, the virus, is usually a term that is used interchangeably for all of the different malware issues. This is absolutely fair enough as most of them do similar things. However, thankfully ‘pure’ computer viruses are relatively uncommon these days. Actual computer viruses are triggered by the unknowing victim. The virus will have a file host, and when that is activated, it will also activate the virus. However, these could be the worst out of the bunch, as they go on to infect other files on the device and ultimately cause a mess that is difficult to clean up without any collateral damage.

Computer Worms

Worms have been around perhaps the longest out of any of the malware and were originally transmitted through email attachments. Due to their sophistication, or maybe more accurately, the lack of protection against them, they were able to take entire companies down with one click. Computer worms are self-replicating, which can be devastating as they do not require any more additional input from users.

Frustratingly, computer worms are still around to this day, they have just become far more difficult to detect.


One of the least popular malware out there, the ransomware adds insult to injury by infecting your computer and taking hold of your files, and then offering you the privilege of paying a certain amount of money for them to be released back to you.

This is a particularly distressing type of malware, as it can be quite convincing. It is crucial to resist the urge to hand over your hard-earned cash to stop someone from releasing an indecent video they illegally filmed through your webcam of you they absolutely do not have and contact an expert who will be able to advise on what to do next. Ransomware is often sneaky because it will be created around a subject that the victim will be too ashamed to seek help for.

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Adware is perhaps one of the most common types of malware out there, and thankfully they are perhaps the least invasive, as you actually have to engage with them. Usually, adware will look like a legitimate advert for something, which will encourage you to click on them. You can also experience these on your phone.

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