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Furniture Tips to make small room look bigger

Worried about decorating your small room? Small rooms are comparatively difficult to design but that does not mean that you need to sacrifice in styling and designing your room. Small rooms are easier to clean and manage. But when it comes to looking at the room, it can look overcrowded and cramped, if they are not done the right way.

Decorating a small room needs good research work in terms of selecting the size and type of furniture, color scheme, home décor elements, etc. Let your small room make a style statement with these tips. These tips are easy to implement. In case you do not have time to work on it, you can always refer to best furniture packages available in the market. 

 Here are the tricks to make a small room look bigger and brighter.  

Avoid Heavy and Bulky Furniture

Furniture plays a very important role in home décor. If not chosen correctly, the type and size of your furniture can ruin the whole look. There are two ways of using furniture in a small room. Either, place only larger pieces of furniture in the room like only a big bed in a small room, no side tables. Another one is to place only small pieces of furniture in the room.

Heavyweight furniture will eat up all your space. Do not put too many furniture pieces in a small room; it will make the room look cluttered. Less furniture will make your small room look bigger. 

Consider Space Saving Furniture

Another important point to consider while decorating a small room is to pay attention to space saving furniture. As you are already short of space, using space saving furniture can make the room look bigger. These pieces are designed for small spaces with fold away designs, easy storage and additional add ons.

You can select beds with storage or a Murphy bed, folding chairs or tables, corner storage shelves, storage ottomans, to save on space. Wheeled or folded furniture is the perfect pick for you. Consider floating furniture as well, it can be easily moved as per the convenience. 

Dual Function furniture

Use dual function, multipurpose or transformable furniture to save on space and to make the room look bigger. Planning on the functionality of the furniture is the key point to pay attention to small spaces. Try multipurpose furniture to get the best use of it and to optimize your space. Wall mounted shelves are best to put knick knacks and books.

Moreover, shelves mounted on the wall will free walking space too. Multipurpose stackable shoe rack can be the best option for keeping shoes, bags and other stuff. Ottomans kept in the living room are best to use as seating for guests, which can be removed as well when not in use. Folding sofa cum bed, folding chairs, folding desktop are the best examples of dual function furniture to use.

Glass Furniture

Using glass or transparent furniture will make the room look bigger. Pair your wooden table with Lucite chairs or use glass tables in the room. Transparency adds airy feel in the room which in turn allows light to pass throughout the room. One of the best advantages of using transparent furniture is that it makes your room more spacious.

For example, replace your centre table placed in the living room with a glass top, it will occupy the same space but it will make the room look bigger. Apart from making space bigger, glass or Lucite furniture expand the view as well.

Reflective Surfaces

Incorporating reflective surfaces in your space is the best way to increase light and space in a room. Mirrors are every interior designer’s best friend. Using an oversized framed mirror in your living room or bedroom will give an enlarging effect. You will get a broader view of your home, making space look bigger too in a stylish way.

Mirrors are best for reflecting light which gives an instant feeling of open space. Place the mirror according to your space, keeping in mind that it should be placed at such place, from where maximum light can be reflected.

Home Furnishings

Every home décor is incomplete without perfect home furnishings. Adding furniture alone does not complete home decor. Home furnishings are required to enhance their beauty. Home furnishings add a fresh look to your home and transform the whole look of your space. Home furnishings are easy to place, rearrange, move and replace such as rugs, carpets, flower vases, linens, cushions, lamps, handicrafts, and many more.

Use rugs to define space. Pick bold patterned cushions for your sofa, bed or even chairs. Try to mix your wall color with neutral shades; it will help in making living space broader. You can check home furnishings London websites for all sorts of home accessories and furniture packages.


Have you ever thought that lighting could be one of the important tricks to make a small room look bigger? Yes! A well lit space can make a large difference. No doubt, natural light is the best way to light up our space.

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But, it is not always possible to bring natural light home. Therefore, you can try for other options. Consider using wall lights to augment the hidden corners. Try installing long floor lamps with neutral shades. Use multiple sources of light to spread the light all around the home. 

Color Scheme

Beautiful home furnishings, relaxed and comfortable furniture, and lighting makes the small room look bigger. Apart from these tips and tricks, color schemes also play an important role in transforming a home décor. Choosing paint colors that provide a feeling of openness in any room is essential.

It is a fact that light colored walls make a room look larger, but it does nor mean that you are restricted to these colors only. White, gray and pastel shades never go out of style. You try dark colors as well to create a dramatic look.

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