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Is It Beneficial To Live in Apartments with Doormen?

There has always been a debate whether to seek one of the doorman apartments central queens offer. The debate is over for some people who are looking for more than just privacy. Having a doorman in the building where you live can give a sense of security to many people and that is why they may have chosen that option. Let’s look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of this choice. There are more pros than cons to consider.

Feeling of Luxury and Confidence

One of the pros of living in an apartment with a doorman is the feeling of luxury that it gives. It is awesome to have the doorman open the door every time you or your guests go in and out. Most people judge an apartment building by its concierge desk and doorman service. It gives you the confidence to invite guests over. Another pro is that you can shop online and have your packages delivered to you; ensuring that you get all your deliveries.

Keep Strangers Out

With a doorman in your building, you will feel safe because it keeps intruders out. If you have a visitor, that person has to declare themselves first before they can come up to your apartment. The doorman acts as your security to keep track of the people who come in and go out. It prevents strangers from attempting to wander into hallways or linger outside the building.

The Cons

With a doorman in your apartment building, you should expect to pay more in rent or other charges. Yes, this amenity does come with extra charges. So, you have to make sure you can afford it. However, when you have this extra security, it makes you feel confident about living there. You also have more privacy in the building. But, the doorman will know everything about who comes to visit you. Make sure you tip your doorman to avoid all the gossiping about you.


The exact choice made of living in doorman apartments central queens offers will depend on the importance you put on privacy, security, and confidence. If you want to live in a space where you feel comfortable, then an apartment with a doorman would be the ideal situation.

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