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John Branca Harvard Interview on Branding

Few people know the ins and outs of the music industry as well as John Branca, entertainment lawyer and celebrity in his own right. For decades, he has been one of the principal players when it comes to legal and contract issues in the music industry. Having represented rock and roll acts like The Rolling Stones and The Doors, it’s clear that Branca has covered just about everything there is to cover when it comes to music law.

In a recent John Branca Harvard  interview, Branca spoke openly about the importance of branding. He himself has created his own brand so that industry professionals know what to expect when dealing with this music magnate. In this interview, Branca opens up about how he has never been the type to do things traditionally. He’s always had a bit of a “chip on his shoulder” when it comes to dealing with large organizations, and that attitude has served him well.

His approach includes a stalwart dedication to representing the artist rather than the record company, and he has always found satisfaction in conducting business this way. The John Branca Harvard interview gives us an up-close look at a professional who truly advocates for his clients. He always tries to do the right thing for the artist, and has made that approach a part of his personal brand.

So how has John Branca managed to earn and keep the trust of clients like Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton? It’s simple: he sticks to his principles and always tries to think creatively when performing negotiations and working with the artists he represents. It’s not always easy to deal with celebrities, especially when they reach mega-star status.

But Branca is a likable guy and an experienced entertainment lawyer And being a creative himself, he understands how to work with creative people. It takes a smooth touch to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts while keeping the talent happy, but Branca takes it all in stride. He knows that his priority, first and foremost, is to advocate for the artists he represents, and to manage their legal contract negotiations and other business in a way that keeps their best interests at heart.

Having worked with some of the largest music legends of the 20th century and continuing his work today, John Branca is one of those entertainment lawyers who has been there, done that, and pretty much seen it all. And that’s exactly the kind of representation that serious artists have in mind.

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