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RichmondSuper Review 2021–A Look Inside At What Makes This Platform Tick


Trading platforms today are slowly making their way into the digital sphere with online servers. Each of them is aligning advanced tools and characteristic services to attract customers. As the market continues to evolve, you cannot keep your trading vocation limited. And in order for you to flourish as a trader, you need to associate yourself with some of these reputable platforms.

I have been a seasonal trader because I have always tried to avoid buying stocks without making a prior assessment of their price movements. CFDs totally changed the game for me ever since their advent in the last decade. You can now invest without physically owning the asset, and these Contract For Differences (CFDs) pave the way for new-age trading strategies.

No matter which negotiation you might be gearing for, it is always better to have a reliable brokerage firm at hand. There was a time when you had to physically visit the stock exchange to invest in securities, but now that companies have introduced private ventures of their own, you have the option of brokerage firms. Even these brokerage firms are going online with their trade operations.

Now assessing the trade operations requires you to actively invest in these firms. But since there are a fair amount of scam servers in the online world, you put yourself at a greater risk than that of the offline investment agencies. While they might come across as the more convenient option, there a number of other factors that are involved.

One way to explore the different parameters of the online trading platforms is through critical assessment. I thought my first-hand experience in the trading industry would help me make this assessment. I have been associated with an online trading platform for the past three and a half years. While this is not my first experience with a trading platform, it happens to be one of the better ones.

RichmondSuper manages to stand out from all my previous experiences owing to its technological innovations and exemplary service administration. I don’t think there has ever been a platform that has been able to package all such quality features so efficiently. The best way to critically assess the platform’s features was through categorization of the good and bad. Since this is a first-hand experience, it is possible that different traders might prefer a different outlook or different trading conditions. I hope to bring in an unbiased approach while evaluating the various features.

Optimized Server

RichmondSuper is a well-regulated Forex, CFD and Stock trading platform, and the market assessment it offers is pretty good. The server that it features is specialized with dynamic elements to make the web-based platform more engaging. The brokerage expresses solidarity with its competitors by lining up an impress interface that relays the basic information about the service operations efficiently.

Good for beginners

· Instructive tools that feature the integrated support option

· Straightforward interface

· Engaging layout

Good for experts

· Smart layout

· Solid, secure framework

· Premium investment opportunities

As you progress as a trader and expand your profile, you will find a number of features up to the mark. Your needs will evolve as you take your business profile to the next level. This is why RichmondSuper takes into account the requirements of all types of traders. The way traders perceive these opportunities by the platform will help them excel. However, if they are unable to catch on at the right time, they may experience failures.

Having a well-optimised server goes a long way in the trading world as it gives you promised efficiency. The market is very busy and you need a server that is able to bear the load of this fast-paced world. I know in my previous experiences; I have had to deal with platforms that had too many glitches in their servers. When I was day trading with those platforms, the high-risk operations that I was carrying out would cause the server to crash within one trading session. While day trading does require a highly regulated platform for the securities have variable price changes, it is still a part and parcel for active traders. And if a server is not capable enough to accommodate all types of traders and their respective trade operations, then it isn’t as inclusive as it should be in the global market.

When it comes to inclusivity, this European broker features only two languages, English and Deutsch. The selection option can be accessed from the pop-up panel that features a variety of other options. There is also no visual display of date and time on the platform. You will have to count on external resources to provide this information.

The Assortment of Account Types

The registration process for this platform is pretty easy and straightforward, and you are required to provide only your identity card for verification. You can sign up easily using your email address and full name, and this process took me less than 5 minutes to complete.

RichmondSuper extends its support to traders of all levels through its advanced account packages which include 5 types. The characteristic features of each one are enlisted within the graphical display itself, making it easier for you to draw out a comparative analysis and make a calculated decision based on your own requirements.

Account TypeMinimum Deposit Balance Requirement
Passive Income$10,000
Portfolio Management$50,000

I like most traders out there chose the trial account in the beginning before making my way up to higher account levels. The entry pricings for the accounts were pretty reasonable, and you do not get subjected to unnecessary commission and fees upon upgrade. The platform does not have any hidden charges through which it would seek to bleed you dry. This is one of the many reasons I was at ease with them.

I was guided well regarding the legal framework that binds these accounts by my account manager, Lara Moretti. The financial advice that was relayed by these expert advisors proved to be fruitful in the long run. The platform has strict policies that have been made in accordance with the market laws. The service representatives will always be there to guide you however, they will never directly influence your decisions. RichmondSuper stringently monitors all transactions by its clients.

VIP Network

The VIP accounts are designated separately, thereby giving you an entire section of tailor-made accounts. These accounts are especially for business looking to make exclusive deals on this platform. Not only do these accounts have premium trading conditions, but they also allow you complete control over your contractual agreements. From the next-generation tools to the exclusive event invitations, these accounts are well worth the hype. They come with a dedicated VIP account manager and expert in-market analysis, which equips you to take on the market with considerable skill and authority.

Responsive Support Network

RichmondSuper has an expansive network of service representatives. You can connect with them easily through different means of communication available. You have the option to seek phone support, live chat support, or directly email them.

I have always sought guidance through the live chat as all you need to do is ping them and the server goes live. You will then be patched through to the related service representative. I have a satisfactory experience with the customer care service and have always found the operators to be quite polite. While the representatives themselves are quick to respond, there are certain times when your chat might come across as a little delayed. This is generally due to a large amount of traffic on the support server. You can rest assured that your query will always be answered in due time.

The phone service however is not available worldwide and are limited to two countries which include Australia and The United Kingdom. So, if you are someone who isn’t used to typing out their query, you might find yourself at an inconvenience here. The platform has not introduced this option for other regions as of yet. It also has limited access for certain regions, for example, if you are trying to make an account on this platform from the U.S., you won’t be able to do so. There are jurisdictions that are barred from signing up with this European-based broker.

Last Comments

RichmondSuper provides quality services, no doubt, but there are certain aspects of the platform that depict exclusivity for certain traders. I believe this will hold back the platform from expanding its horizon in the global market.

They can start by introducing more European languages such as Spanish, Polish, French, etc. Not only that, but they also need to work on video-related resources, as this will help get through to more potential customers.

Offering variable means of learning resources allows you to get ahead in the market. Overall, the platform is efficient and provides its customers with exemplary trading conditions. This is exactly why I have stuck around for all these years and hope that new traders looking for a worthy investment, choose this as a dependable option.

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