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RosewoodTrust Review – Why I Truste This Broker?

Are you lost trying to find a perfect trading platform? I have been using RosewoodTrust for the last three years and I am truly content with my decision. There are so many factors that I went through while picking this broker. Here are some of the features that I wanted from a trading platform and you should look for the same features too!

  • Security
  • Account types
  • Tools
  • Chart
  • Assets
  • Education Center
  • Custom Service
Rosewood trust

So, I targeted the above-mentioned points while searching for the trading platform.  I think before searching for a platform it is important to make a list of things that you want specifically. It tremendously helped me narrow down my list of brokers. But how do I assess all the points mentioned in the platform? It is simple and you will be able to learn that in my review as you read along. When I landed on RosewoodTrust I vetted the platform on all those pointers and some more. I will go through all the details in this review. This way you will also be able to know what RosewoodTrust brings to the table. A good platform first and foremost holds a high level of security. No matter what kind of features you may be looking for in a platform if it does not the security then it will not be of any use. RosewoodTrust holds multiple security regulations which include the following:

1.      Privacy Policy

2.      Terms and Conditions

3.      Bonus Policy

4.      Risk Disclosure Statement

5.      Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)

6.      KYC

7.      Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy

With that list of security list alone I was enticed enough to be a part of this platform. But that Is not what RosewoodTrust has to offer. Now let’s go over some of the findings I got from my research on RosewoodTrust, RosewoodTrust offers global extension in the field of FX and CFD trading and builds up a solid base of key clients. Additionally, increment the resources and investment of the organization to help the improvement of administrations. Ultimately, it constructs a decent standing in the field of Wealth management and becomes a central participant in the business.

This broker is my personal ultimate platform because of its execution. Over the platform and the tools have been extraordinary in helping me analyze my trades. I believe they have the perfect chart and tools that offer the best analysis of trades possible. It furnishes more than 200 assets, education, professional trading, and even cryptocurrency trading. With the features and the security intact I decided to give this platform a try by becoming a member. I started with the very initial account type called Saving ($250 minimum balance) and built myself up to the highest account type for professionals called Wealth-Builder ($100,000 minimum balance). It took me a lot of time to absorb the education that the platform offered along with the help of my account supervisor to be at a point where I can trade comfortably.

Minimum Initial Deposit$250.00
Active Trader or VIP DiscountsYes
Access VIP EventsFor account types of Retirement and Wealth Builder
Special GiftsWorth $5000

I highly noticed that RosewoodTrust gives a remarkable assortment of trading platforms and tools. The usefulness is inescapable and served me of all experience levels as I built myself up as a trader with the help of the education center. Other than the L2 Dealer and real-time chart, I zeroed in my testing on RosewoodTrust’s leading online platform.

Rosewood Trust

RosewoodTrust’s Online Platform Includes:RosewoodTrust’s exclusive online platform comes stacked with a huge assortment of highlights as I have mentioned some above. Ease of use is at the core of the experience. For instance, the chart opens from almost any view where live market prices or streaming buy/sell rates appear. There are likewise interminable exploration and trading tools, including risk management modules coordinated very straightforwardly. The lone minor admonition I found is that it requires a couple of moments to set up the layout, as the default view is generally unfilled for the chart. Various custom formats can be saved easily too.

RosewoodTrust Online Platform Chart: The default chart inside the platform highlights a number of discretionary analysis and progress functionality, for example, amounting to four alarms on any of 11 upheld indicators. Other than five chart types (OHLC, Line, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick), there is likewise a tick graph, which not all dealers offer. I likewise found it extraordinarily refreshing that zooming in and out, close by resizing the view across time periods, felt exceptionally quick and smooth. Finally, trading from the chart with a coordinated trade pass shows risk/reward proportions and permits me to drag any stops/limits with extraordinary accuracy.

Real-Time Chart: More progressed charts with almost an assortment of indicators and robotized techniques are accessible in the Real-time chart, these are offered to the members of the platform. Real-time costs no fee at all as compared to other platforms that ask to pay some sort of high fee to see the real-time chart, but it does not apply to RosewoodTrust. While the Real-time format is exceptionally adjustable, my testing left me figuring it could utilize an advanced overhaul. For instance, floating windows can get chaotic and are substandard compared to current snap formats. All things considered, the chart was a flat-out joy to utilize for me, particularly the programmed shading of studies, making it simpler to see when numerous pointers are added.

Rosewood Trust

Education Center And Market Analysis: RosewoodTrust’s analysis tools incorporate staples, for example, streaming news on all assets and an economic calendar. Progressed tools incorporate an adaptable screener for different asset classes, remembering CFDs for worldwide stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. Showing its development, the education center is even customized for new and experienced trades in the forms of Glossary and eBooks that intend to tailor features dependent on a particular trader’s characteristics. There is additionally various real-time information available and I was always educated on real-time news by my account supervisor, with numerous him covering daily/weekly/monthly worldwide monetary business sectors. I learned a lot from my account supervisor and the education center. I started from being a new trader to an experienced trader in a matter of a couple of months.

Trading signals and premium substance: RosewoodTrust incorporates Autochartist and PIA First into its foundation but that is available to a member of the platform only, permitting me to see trade signals produced via mechanized example acknowledgment and specialized investigation.  It monitors 24 hours a day, alerting me to the trade opportunities in real-time. These trading innovations advantageously empowered me to duplicate them with a solitary snap, which pre-populates the trade ticket window. Premium analysis from the real-time chart is given at RosewoodTrust to the only member of the platform who holds account types with the broker, and real-time chart analysis is accessible for those with a little fee or more on deposit, as well.

Customer Service: This segment on the platform has been an amazing accomplice to me. RosewoodTrust was put a lot of effort and time into its customer service and representatives. I can say that because I have sued this service suite a lot. Each time I faced an issue whether it was for signing up, trading, chart to even tools, they were able to come with a great solution that solved my concern in an instant. Not to mention that the Live Chart option is available 24/7. I have not come across a platform that is as active as RosewoodTrust. They also offer a phone service along watt the email option. My preferred services are the telephone and live chat because they are instant as compared to the email option as that can take a few moments. The representatives need to be educated in trading because if they are not able to give instant solutions to the trader then the trader will be left unsatisfied. RosewoodTrust especially trains their representative and then tests them before making them available to the members of the platform.

Rosewood Trust
Daily Market CommentaryYes
Delko’s ResearchNo
Weekly/Monthly WebinarsYes
Personal Account SupervisorYes
Prioritized Withdrawal ProcessYes
Powerful Leverage up to 1:400Yes
Economic CalendarYes
Trading Central (Recognia)No
Ultra-Tight Spread up to 0.3%Yes

Final Thoughts

Bottom Line, RosewoodTrusthas been my trusted broker for several year and I plan to remain a member of this platform.

Retail forex and CFD dealers who need a trusted, minimal effort agent with splendid devices, analysis, and admittance to essentially every worldwide market, more than 200 tradeable resources, will find that RosewoodTrust is a phenomenal decision. RosewoodTrust completed Best in Class across various classifications in 2021, including Offering of Investments, Commissions and Fees, Platform and Tools, Research, Education, Mobile Trading, Professional Trading, Crypto Trading, Trust Score, and Overall. This Platform offers considerably a lot compared to any other broker. I have been a proud member of this platform for years now and traders deserve to know about a reliable platform like RosewoodTrust.

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