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Science Trends for 2021

You might have found your way here because you are curious about science and the going’s on in the world. Maybe you are a scientist yourself, looking to see what people think the next year means for science! Whatever the reason, the year 2021 is surely not going to disappoint. 

We might be halfway through the year already, but there are still six more months to go, and as we all know, a lot can happen in six months!

This piece will take a look at some of the scientific trends that are dominating the year 2021 and what we can hope to look forward to. 

Climate Control Action

If you have not noticed the many media campaigns that have been put all over social media and broadcasted in a desperate attempt to make people discuss climate change, then you have at least quite possibly noticed the change in the weather over the past couple of years. From heavy rainstorms to hot tropical sun overnight or a snow blizzard in the day only to be greeted by a calm spring-like atmosphere the next morning, there is no coincidence when it comes to climate change and the intense changes our planet is experiencing. 

Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the less time we have to put strategies in place to prevent permanent damage, which is why there is such a strict focus on it this year. After all – we do not own the planet; we are just living on it. 

UFOs, Aliens, and Space

Because we do not have enough to worry about on the earth, we also have to worry about space and its inhabitants. Which is fair enough – they are probably doing a better job than us. UFOs and aliens have long been a fascination for many. With governing bodies and scientists alike that want to get down to the bottom of worlds we do not know, there has become an acute focus on obtaining this information. Because of this, UFOs and science are definitely on the radar this year, and the trend shows no signs of dying down any time soon!

COVID Recovery 

COVID has done an excellent job at ruining a bunch of stuff for everyone over the past year and a half, but fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel for many of us. There will be intense plans to mitigate the damages that have been caused to our personal physical and emotional health, the economy, and our relationship with other countries as we navigate keeping everyone as safe as possible while the vaccines are rolled out. 

Vaccines are also another measure that could be worked on, advanced, and improved over this year as there are still many areas that do not have access to vaccines. The makings of the vaccines also have a direct link to being able to get hold of the correct supplies in adequate amounts, which will all need to be planned quickly and efficiently for optimum recovery

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