Enterprise Architecture

The Need of Building Enterprise Architecture

Building Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture or EA is all about collaboration, customers, connection, and communication. It is basically the management of all four aspects. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have to research for a product and you start looking for information in all the systems that you have access to. You put in hours of hard work to find out information that existed in a system specifically created for that purpose.

Here is another scenario. You need to raise a ticket about an issue that you haven’t experienced before. Imagine talking to all the people around you and logging into several different systems before finally finding the right one. Both these situations occur when an organisation’s thinking siloed and fragmented. This is where enterprise architecture benefits organisations. It helps them bring uniformity in all their systems and processes.

What Is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture involves the development of a process that helps businesses to bring their strategic vision in line with their IT. EA involves establishing a connection between different departments or units of an organisation to promote collaboration and communication. It also helps in creating an exceptional end-user experience.

Many companies undermine the importance of working with the right technology partners for creating efficient enterprise architecture. The role of enterprise software development services is instrumental in helping you achieve strategic and technological uniformity. You are highly mistaken if you think you can build an EA without the assistance of an enterprise software development company and others.

Enterprise Architecture Objective

The ultimate objective of EA is to use IT to drive strategic growth in the present as well as the future. It is very important for organisations to not forget about the future when putting together EA. So the company needs to work with its technology partners to plan, define, and regulate more than a few aspects.

From business processes and technology to data and more, everything needs to be considered for the future. The work needs to be done from both the micro and macro angles. The macro angle is keeping in mind the entire enterprise. Business strategy is a key element when working on the macro angle.

Now the micro view is also very important. The development of software solutions or systems for individuals departments or units comes under this. It is very important for organisations to give concrete guidelines to their enterprise software development to ensure the development of tailored solutions.

The delivery of all the individual projects should align with the bigger enterprise architectural goal. When you reach this stage, you will be in a better position to transform your tech idea into seamless business solutions. You will know what technology or innovation can help you enable your business strategy.

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In other words, your enterprise architecture will help you bridge silos as well as map and define your future with the optimal use of technology. Now we will see why EA is so important. Let us discuss some key reasons.

Importance of Enterprise Architecture

  • EA is a holistic approach. Unlike other solutions that only help you deal with immediate and individual business problems, EA sees those problems from the perspective of an entire organisation. And it helps in devising solutions that impact the enterprise as a whole. For example, let us assume that you have a system in place to answer customer queries coming from a particular location. You need to understand that it is only for that location. With EA, you can align this system at the enterprise level. You can develop a system that can be used across the enterprise regardless of the location.
  • Enterprise architecture and IT governance are two sides of the same coin. You will be in control of every business process across the enterprise. You will have a well-designed framework for all the important aspects of your business, including business processes, leadership, best practices, organisational structure, and standards amongst others.
  • EA provides you a consistent way of finding solutions to business problems. You will have a more structured way of delivering business solutions. You will also have established models you can refer to find solutions for different business demands.

Benefits of Having EA in Place

  • There is a clear model of your business processes, IT architecture, data, and applications in place. It also includes the dependencies between these aspects. This holistic view can help you make better business decisions.
  • When you align your business strategy with IT, you can significantly increase your business value. EA can help you use the power of information to make business processes yield expected outcomes.
  • EA gives you a planning process that takes into account your business strategy. With this, you are in a position to respond to competitive pressures in minimal time. You are also ready to deploy a quality product in no time at all.
  • Using EA will let you know the importance of using updated software and technologies to improve your business strategy. Such as- you can use QuickBooks online for accounting.


Enterprise architecture has had a profound impact on the business landscape in the time it has been around. If you haven’t thought about building your own EA yet, you won’t have a better time to do it.

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