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Jordan Belfort’s first wife, Denise Lombardo Wiki Bio, age, net worth, life

Who’s Denise Lombardo?

Jordan Belfort turned into a prosperous stockbroker, but his achievement crumbled from the late’90s when it was found that his tremendous victory was because of prohibited stock-market manipulation. He spent 22 months in prison, but because of his notoriety, folks about him became renowned, such as his first wife, Denise Lombardo.

So, what do you know about her and what exactly do you really wish to know about her? Well, Denise Lombardo is currently in fashion and apparel however, is now a realtor in the Prudential Douglas Elliman Company.

Thus, do you wish to learn more about Denise Lombardo, from her childhood years, to the way she fulfilled Jordan, and they divorced?  If so, then stick with us to the amount of this guide, as we pay for the entire life and career of Jordan Belfort’s first wife, Denise Lombardo.

Denise Lombardo Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Denise Florito on 11 November 1963 at Ohio, USA; she has not shown a lot about her childhood years, and consequently, the titles and vocation of her parents still remain a puzzle.  Additionally, she hasn’t shown whether she has any allies or not.

When it has to do with her schooling, Denise, afterward completed high school registered at Adelphi University, New York, where she got a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort, Rise to Prominence

The two met before Jordan became a prosperous businessman; he was starting his career at L.F. Rothschild as a trainee stockbroker. Their relationship immediately improved and it had been in 1987 the two chose to tie the knot. Since Jordan’s career enhanced, he had less and less time for Denise that had put a strain in their relationship, finally leading to divorce in 1991.  The two did not have kids together.

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Denise attained the limelight following Jordan’s career hit rock bottom; she had been depicted in the movie”The Wolf of this Wall Street” by Cristin Milioti.

Life After Divorce, Career

Regrettably, Denise has chosen to not share details about her private life and is not active on any social networking platform.

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To talk of Denise’s career, she worked at the sales division of Modern Medical Systems Company from 1993’til 2000, subsequently joined The Home Depot Company as a Floor expert for the subsequent ten years. In 2010, Denise acquired a real estate license and seemed to work in the real estate market.  

Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Though it was not her career that made her favorite, her connection with Jordan Belfort, her professional jobs have surely contributed to her prosperity.  Based on authoritative sources, it’s been estimated that Lombardo’s net worth is as large as $3 million, which is quite decent, don’t you believe?

Denise Lombardo Ex-Husband Jordan Belfort

Now that we’ve shared all that is to learn about Denise, let us discuss some information about her or his ex-husband, Jordan Belfort. Born Jordan Ross Belfort about the 9th of July 1962, in Queens, New York , USA, He’s the son of Max and Leah Belfort and is of Jewish ancestry. 

After high school, he acquired a diploma in Biology in American University but showcased his company abilities back in high school when he awakened with Elliot Loewenstern to market Italian ice from Styrofoam coolers to individuals at a nearby beach. The two got over $20,000 each.

He chose to purchase and sell a variety of items before he finally declared bankruptcy at just 25 years old, then joined L.F. Rothschild as a trainee stockbroker. On the other hand, the Black Monday catastrophe watched him as an extra in the company, and he had been fired.

Following this, his rise to stardom starts, first by beginning the Stratton Oakmont, also afterwards scamming people for more than $200 million, during that time he gained a net worth of over $100 million.  But, it had been later demonstrated, and he also spent 22 years in prison because of his illegal actions.

Life After Prison, Net Worth

Ever since being released from prison, he’s turned into a motivational speaker, writer, and screenwriter. His book”The Wolf of this Wall Street” (2007) was hugely powerful, and was adapted into the movie of the identical title, published in 2013; the publication and movie made him renowned yet again.

In relation to his private life, Jordan was married to Nadine Candi from 1991 until 2005, when the two formally divorced; he has two kids with Nadine. He’s presently engaged to Anne Koppe; the two announced their participation back in 2015.

Jordan has experienced ups and downs in his fiscal standing during his lifetime, and since his release from prison he’s seemingly been bankrupted again, along with his net worth as of ancient 2019 is estimated at $-100 million.  

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