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Video Slots with Free Spins to Try

Before the age of the internet, the only place you would find slot games and slot machines were in a casino, or perhaps a bar or club. However, the rise of on screen entertainment has seen online slot games go leaps and bounds, as well as introducing new enticing features such as free spins, something that would be rather impossible for a physical slot machine.

At first, online UK mobile slots games were just like any other slot games you might see in brick and mortar casinos across the globe. A fairly simple system where you pull a ‘lever’ and see 3 symbols match up to win that lucky jackpot. Whilst online casinos still use this format as a basis for their games, video slots have taken this to a whole new level.

What are video slots?

Video Slots are a deviation from your standard ‘lever and reel’ slot game that you might find in a casino. They are online slot games, but with a kick! Merging new developments in online game technology with the world of gambling, means that you big players out there are in for a more immersive, more dynamic, and more exciting experience than ever before.

What’s different about video slots?

There are a few distinct differences when comparing video slots with physical slot machines:

–          Video slots have a more flexible betting system. Gone are the days of ‘insert coin here’. The power is now in your hands, you can choose to bet as little as 10p for some games, right up to games that offer maximum bets as high as £1000.

–          Video slots are more immersive. There’s only so much you can do to impress the player in a physical slot machine, perhaps flashing lights, sounds effects and smooth mechanics. But with video slots, the capabilities are endless! From succinct animations, to theme songs, to (in some higher end games) full blown cut scenes.

–          Video slots are more dynamic. Once you’ve created and distributed your standard physical slot machine, that’s it. No more changes, no more alterations. But with video slots, the game evolves with the player. Developers are able to update their game with your preferences in mind.

Free Spins in video slots

A common technique that video slot games use to get players playing their game before anyone else is free spins. Any of you big players will know that some games are FAR better than others, and the only way to truly test which ones are worth sticking with is to try them out, and free spins are a very helpful way of doing this without you having to risk your own money straight off the bat. If a good video slot game wants to grab your attention and keep you playing, they’ll do so in three steps.

1.      Offer free spins to new players to get them playing.

2.      Immerse and captivate you with good graphics, themes, music and animations.

3.      Offer good loyalty rewards to big players, and have a sensible RTP (return to player) percentage.

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