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How a Waste Baler Can Help Retail Stores Recycle More Effectively

Retail stores generate a significant amount of waste. Waste can consist of many different tossed out items and can include sales flyers, cardboard shipping boxes, and even sales reports. With a waste baler, it’s possible for stores to participate more effectively in recycling programs.

How Trash is Generated

Trash is generated inside the store and out. Even what the stores sell to customers can generate trash at one point or another. Maybe it’s packaging materials that customers have to deal with. Maybe it’s the empty ink cartridge when they’re done printing. Whatever it is, there’s a lot that can be recycled.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 75 percent of the waste that ends up in a landfill is recyclable. Unfortunately, only about 30 percent is being recycled. It means that there is room for improvement.

Why Retail Stores Need to Recycle

Retail stores need to recycle since they’re responsible for generating so much trash. By showing that they care about the environment, they can get others to care, too. It can be a marketing ploy, too. They will often boast their impressive numbers for recycling. Some use it as a way to compete against each other. The competition is good for the earth, though – more competition leads to more recycling.

How More Retail Stores are Participating in Recycle Programs

Many retail stores are exploring ways to recycle. They’re recycling their own trash and they’re encouraging customers to bring their waste back to the store. Stores know that people don’t know how to recycle everything on their own. As such, they invite people to bring certain products back in.

As retailers get more than what they have in their stores to recycle, it becomes that much more of a burden in terms of what to do with it all. Some can send boxes back to manufacturers with such things as ink cartridges and batteries. But what about the boxes, the paper, and everything else being generated? It may be too much for the recycling bins that they are given – and this is where it’s important to understand various tools to get the job done.

How a Waste Baler Can Help

Many retail stores take the time to set up programs. They have the best of intentions. But in practice, they generate so much waste that they don’t know what to do with it. Retail employees bring recycling out to the recycling bin out back only to find it full. Rather than try to make room, they dump it into the dumpster next to it.

A waste baler can be a great investment as it can be used for various products to be recycled. It is responsible for compacting materials – cardboard, soft plastic, and even paper. It makes it easier for all of the recycling to be pushed into pallet-sized bales. It allows the bales to be picked up for transport by various recycling companies.

When there’s a baler in place, it eliminates the need to depend solely on space within a recycling dumpster. It’s a way for the retail store to commit to their promise to recycle. It also keeps employees more accountable because it’s easy to count how many bales are picked up each week or month. If the number of bales drops, it’s possible to look back to see if employees stopped recycling for a specific time period.

Retail stores of all sizes have an environmental obligation to recycle. Using a waste baler is simply one of the easiest ways to make it happen. Once installed, it can remind them that they need to keep up with their recycling programs.

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