Net Worth The 25 Richest Comedians In The World And Their...

The 25 Richest Comedians In The World And Their Net Worth


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As the expression goes bliss is the best medication but another side of the equation is that laughter may also be quite lucrative. Only ask some of the 25 richest comedians recorded below and you will see that it is very possible to earn a living making others laugh as quickly as you can. While being a comedian might not be for everybody these 25 actors have honed their abilities in an art form almost guaranteeing that where they go they are guaranteed to be fulfilled with remarkable audience numbers and much more remarkable incomes.

The 25 Richest Comedians In The World And Their Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld – $950 Million

The no 1 spot belongs to Jerry Seinfeld founder of the NBC show Seinfeld, which ran for nine seasons for a total of 180 episodes and is now among the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful shows in television history, with an entire earnings generation of more than 4 billion.

At the shows the very first season of five episodes Seinfeld obtained $20,000 per episode to get a total of $100,000. His pay has been bumped around $40,000 for seasons 3 and 2 totaling 3.5 million earned both seasons 4 6 and 5 saw Seinfeld earn $100,000 per episode using a total of seven million earned over 70 episodes. 

From last year the celebrity was earning 1 million each episode not counting the fact that Seinfeld possessed 7.5% equity for those shows syndication rights that the actor and comedian earned a bit under $60 million while Seinfeld was about the atmosphere.

Matt Stone – $700 Million

Matt Stone combined Trey Parker to make South Park, that has landed the duo on the second and third places with this listing of 25 richest comedians. As a result of the 50 advertisement revenue clause that they could negotiate in 2007, Stone and Parker earn $25 – $30 million yearly for its broadcast of their south park on comedy central.

The contracts clause also permits them to earn a 50% out of syndication prices when Hulu compensated 192 million in 2015 for 4 decades of rights to south park s back catalogue. Stone and Parker earned roughly 50 million annually by 2019 the duo placed a south park in the marketplace for $500 million that equates to $125 million to every one of these.

Trey Parker – $600 Million

Trey Parker is famous for being the co-creator of humor central highly acclaimed animated series South Park partnering with college partner and longtime friend Matt Stone, South Park has gone on to earn Parker millions of dollars since it started airing in 1997. 

Using a contract renewal in 2007 Trey Parker was able to earn an unprecedented bargain that gave him and Stone 50% of ad revenue created by the show’s electronic broadcast. Initially worth nothing it was shown to be a rewarding clause for the duo with the dawn of youtube the contract also gave them the rights to broadcast the shows digitally in whatever way they saw fit.

Ellen DeGeners – $490 Million

Before Ellen DeGeneres became the host of her own syndicated talk show, she made and starred in the sitcom, Ellen which conducted from 94 to 98 beginning out acting stand-up comedy at small clubs she became the emcee of Clyde’s comedy club in New Orleans by 1981. She obtained her first routine television role in 1989s open home before acquiring parts in different shows such as Laurie Hill and all these friends of mine that was later renamed Ellen by year two.

By September 2003 she established her discussion show the Ellen DeGeneres show arguably among those most-watched shows on daytime television that the show won 25 Emmy awards for its first few seasons she’s also hosted the Grammys Emmys along with academy awards.

Jay Leno – $450 Million

Jay Leno did stand-up comedy for many years prior to earning his place as sponsor of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC from 1992 to 2009. He returned as host of The Tonight Show in 2010 and stayed on the show until 2013. In his very first year he had been paid 1 million his wages gradually increased along with attaining a peak of 30 million from the end of his tenure as sponsor. Leno had left a whopping 320 million regardless of the humongous salary earnings leno has reported to have lived from his eponymous comedy income without needing to touch earnings from The Tonight Show. He also took a 50% cover cut following 2011 so his team could maintain their jobs and earn pay increases.  

Adam Sandler – $420 Million

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Adam Sandler signed a four-film manufacturing deal with Netflix in 2014 worth 250 million, which he revived in 2017 for four extra pictures. Regardless of the terrible testimonials his films have been receiving, Sandler’s movies on Netflix have experienced over 500 million hours of flow time because the bargain started in 14. Not only a comedian but Sandler also has an eye for great enterprise. By way of instance, Sandler earned $25 million when he first starred in 2003s Anger Management using a $37.5 million incentive in complete he earned $62.5 million to film alone.

David Letterman – $400 Million

Before he had been the host of the late night show David Letterman began as a newscaster for the Ball State University radio station, WBST. He worked as a weatherman for an Indianapolis channel where he started to exhibit his talent for casual comedy on-air. He finally moved to Los Angeles to pursue his comedy career in which he played stand-up in the Comedy Store. 

Regardless of the important success it suffered bad ratings until NBC moved it to the nighttime slot in February 1982. In general, he hosted 6080 episodes until he retired in April 2014.

Larry David – $400 Million

Larry Davids’s latest creation is when he worked with buddy Jerry Seinfeld also on this list to make Seinfeld on NBC semi-autobiographical comedy show which followed the lifetime of titular character Jerry Seinfeld. David owned 7.5% of Seinfeld s backend equity that no doubt has imputed to some high net worth. Together with the show’s earliest syndication sale in 98, David earned $225 million in 2015 when it had been marketed to Hulu, he earned $27 million. When it had been marketed to Netflix in 2019, he left $75 million. Larry Davids’s net worth would have been more, if not for his divorce to Laurie Lennard in 2007 that resulted in his net worth getting cut in half consequently.

Seth MacFarlane – $300 Million

No 9 on the record of 25 wealthiest comedians is Seth Macfarlane. The creator of Family Guy, American Dad, along with The Cleveland Show, Seth Macfarlane’s successes come not simply from his zany ideas for animations but also due to his amazing voice acting abilities.  MacFarlane is well-known for expressing distinct characters in his shows and in case you didn’t know he had been the one doing the expressing you would not even think to appear his way.  MacFarlane became the youngest executive producer in 24 years old in tv history after Fox purchased a complete season of Family Guy. The show debuted in 1999 and has had more than 14 seasons. From 2005 to 2008 it earned $400 million in DVD sales, $200 million in product sales, and 400 million in syndication prices.

Kevin Hart – $200 Million

As one of those highest-paid entertainers on the planet, Kevin Hart’s entrance free of 10 of the 25 wealthiest comedians is not a great deal of surprise. Between August 2015 and August 16 Hart managed to make $90 million in films, product, touring and exemptions, From June 17 to June 18, he earned $60 million in precisely the identical round of job.

Apart from his comedic successes, Kevin Hart also possesses an underwear line, which he started in 2017. In 2018 he started his very own comedy streaming agency Laugh out Loud with its own radio show on Sirius satellite radio. His teachings comprise deals with brands such as at Mountain Dew and Samsung.

Steve Harvey – $200 Million

Steve Harvey is quite famous for his outfit of suits that he wears when he appears as the host of TV shows. His first foray into comedy was 1985 when he played in Ohio’s Hilarities Comedy Club at Cleveland.  He had been a finalist at the 1990s Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search, landing a spot for a TV show host soon after. He combined comedians Cedric the entertainer the late Bernie Mac and D.I Hughley about the 1997 kings of comedy tour that grossed 37 million from the end of its conduct.

Terry Fator – $160 Million

Terry Fator enters the listing free of 12 of the 25 wealthiest comedians that a ventriloquist effective at over 100 distinct impersonations, Fator utilizes three distinct puppets because of his comedy functions. He discovered his passion for ventriloquism at the fifth grade when he came across Paul Winchell’s Novel, ventriloquism for profit and fun. Taking his time practice he ended up winning a 25 trophy for his performance using a willie talk blossom in a church picnic.  By June 2017 on June 2018 he made a total of 18 million placing him on the map among those highest-paid comedians.

Conan O’Brien – $150 Million

But before he seemed on he began on NBC’s late night with Conan O’Brien in 1993. The show began poorly but started to garner superior testimonials and increase in popularity, with OBrien winning the Emmy award for best writing in a comedy or number show in 2007. After a few nominations after leaving NBC O’Brien has been compensated $32.5 million in settlement prices by NBC and an extra $12 million who went to his team. Conan would move on to premiere in 2010 on tbs after O’Brien awoke on a 30-city live tour the same year.

Rowan Atkinson – $150 Million

Anybody who appears at Rowan Atkinson will instantly be reminded of this adorable hijinks of Mr bean. First released in 1990 the character of Mr Bean could prove to become a devastating hit for Atkinson’s livelihood. After appearing frequently on tv from 90 to 95 Atkinson published the first Mr Bean film in 1997 that was a box office success. It raked in $250 million within an 18 million funding the next Mr Bean film Mr Bean’s vacation premiered in 2007 to more commercial and critical acclaim gaining $232 million about a $25 million funding.

Bill Maher – $140 Million  


A comic actor and tv show host with heart control, Maher is among the record of the 25 wealthiest comedians not simply due to his comedic profession but due to a smart investment decision that he left back in 2012. The comic bought a minority stake of 4 at the new york Mets worth roughly $20 million back in 2012. With the Mets currently worth roughly #2 billion.  Maher’s bet has seen an update to be worth roughly $80 million but this isn’t all that he has going for him. He’s been nominated 22 days for an Emmy award but regrettably has not taken home one nonetheless.

Jeff Dunham – $140 Million

Jeff Dunham has earned his net worth thanks to his comedy performances involving ventriloquism. Dunham does his comedy pieces with the assistance of ventriloquist dolls with back and forth conversations with them to the delight of his audience. He’s also one of those highest-paid comedians earning as much as $25 million annual.

He has appeared on many shows such as a Late Show with David Letterman comedy central presents and The Tonight Show in 2009. He made a deal with comedy central which gave him the opportunity to broadcast his specials on the channel in addition to tour 60 cities for his comedy performances.

Ray Romano – $130 Million

Born and raised in Queens New York Ray Romano had his start in comedy in the early 1990s.  He competed in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search, Star Search, and later on, appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman.

His big break arrived when he had been cast in the lead role for CBS’s Sitcom, Everyone Loves Raymond.  The show ran for nine seasons with 210 episodes and has been a massive success both critically and commercially.   Simple to comprehend the way he chooses a spot on the 25 richest comedians list.

Ricky Gervais – $130 Million

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Ricky Gervais is a British comedian, actor-filmmaker, and author who has earned a bulk of his net worth from being the inventor of the comedy series The Office. Initially intended as a restricted run British show it was adapted to an American model that starred Steve Carell and John Krasinski among others operating for 201 episodes nine seasons. One of the very lucrative shows on American TV.

Gervais earns royalties whenever the show is picked up for reruns. Gervais is also a successful stand-up comic with the success of the workplace helping push his livelihood to newer heights.

Sacha Baron Cohen – $130 Million  

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English comedian writer and actor Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his creation and portrayal of various fictional characters all satirical that have gained him widespread fame. Each personality has had their own TV show and/or movie, which was met with critical and commercial acclaim.  The comedian was nominated and has won several awards including the Bafta, British Comedy Award, TV Quick Award, Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe award amongst others.

Steve Martin – $130 Million


Originally studying philosophy at California State University, Steve Martin transferred to UCLA to study theater but dropped out not long after. Boasting a prosperous career in comedy, Martin performed on national excursions before he got into acting in the 1980s. But before all this Steve Martin worked at Disneyland where his abilities at juggling, balloon, animals, banjo playing, and magical tricks were perfected.

One of his most successful functions is because french inspector Jacques Clouseau in the 2006 film The Pink Panther for which Steve Martin earned $28 million.  For this he earns a spot on the 25 wealthiest comedians.

Martin Lawrence – $110 Million


Funnyman Martin Lawrence is best known for his own television show, Martin, which received critical acclaim through its period . He is not only known for this, he is also known for being Will Smiths’ co-star from the Michael Bay-directed action movie franchise, Bad Boys for which Lawrence took residence $20 million in 2003 for Bad Boys ii.

He has earned big bucks because of his many stand-up performances and film characters such as earning 20 million for Blue Streak in 1999, $13 million for What Is The Worst that can occur in 2001, and $20 million in 2003s nationwide safety.

Chris Rock – $100 Million

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Gaining fame with his stint on Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s, Chris Rock is extremely well known for its semi-autobiographical sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris, he created and made it aired between 2005 and 09 to get 88 events. 

Stone has always stayed amongst the highest-paid comedians on the planet earning roughly $60 million in June 2016 to June 17 and $30 million in June 17 to June 18. He finishes up at number 22 with this list due to his divorce with his ex-wife Malaak Compton; he paid premiums worth tens of millions.

Jeff Foxworthy – $100 Million


Creator of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a troupe comprising fellow comedians Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry The Cable Guy, Foxworthy has launched six humor albums and is famous among the best-selling humor recording artists. His earliest You may be a Redneck if…, was certified gold in 1994 from the RIAA, platinum in 1995, and 3x platinum in 1996. Since 2007 he’s become the host of the quiz show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and also is a quote on NBC’s comedy competition series bring the humor.

Jon Stewart – $100 Million

Jon Stewart is quite well known because of its former host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.  A comedian and political satirist Stewart is reported to have made a summit yearly salary of 25 million since the show’s host.

Beginning his career in comedy by acting at The Bitter End and Comedy Cellar clubs in New York , Stewart took over hosting his daily show in 1999, stepping down to Trevor Noah following 2579 episodes.  His tenure as the host has been commercially and critically successful with The Daily Show winning several awards such as 22 primetime, Emmys, and two Peabody awards.

Kevin James $80 Million

Taking the lowest place on the 25 richest comedians record is Kevin James.  He even made his comedic debut in 1989 when he played stand-up comedy in the East Side Comedy Club in Manhattan New York.

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