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Morgan Freeman Net Worth

NET WORTH$250,000,000
NameMorgan Freeman
Date of Birth/AgeJune 1, 1937 (age 82)
State/City of originMemphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Years active1964–present
Occupation(s)Actor, film director, film narrator

Total assets 

Morgan Freeman’s total assets are $250 million. 

How Did Morgan Freeman Make His Money? 

Morgan Freeman is an actor and maker. Freeman is a Hollywood legend who has won various awards for his acting. 

Freeman appreciates a standing for the nature of his acting, his particular voice, and his overall standing as an astute, insightful, and noble individual. 

Freeman was a long way from an overnight achievement. Even though he had a fruitful performance center career, he didn’t begin working in movies until he was in his 50s. 

A Wise, Dignified Image 

Freeman, as a rule, plays characters that are quiet, shrewd, and noble, yet he has also acted in real-life movies and comedies. 

He regularly gives the portrayal to his movies and as the voiceover in narratives. 

Until 2018, he was the notable voice on a few advertisements for Visa, articulating that it’s “wherever you need to be.” 

Most loved Roles 

During a 2004 appearance on the Charlie Rose Show on the tenth commemoration of The Shawshank Redemption, Freeman said he thought about that movie as one of the features of his career. 

He also referred to Glory, Driving Miss Daisy, and Unforgiven as his top choices. 

Freeman has won more than 60 acting and picture awards. 

Awards and Achievements 

2005 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Million Dollar Baby. 

1998 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Street Smart. 

2010 Academy Award chosen one, Best Actor, Invictus. 

1990 Academy Award chosen one, Best Actor, Driving Miss Daisy. 

2010 Golden Globe for Best Actor, Invictus. 

1990 Golden Globe for Best Actor, Driving Miss Daisy. 

2018 Emmy Nominee, Outstanding Narrator, L’empereur. 

2015 Black Reel Award, Outstanding Voice Actor, The Lego Movie. 

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award, Dubai Film Festival. 

2004 Lifetime Achievement Award, Denver Film Festival. 

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award, Acapulco Black Film Festival. 

2016 AARP Awards, Best Grownups’ Love Story, Five Flights Up. 

2008 AARP Awards, Best Grownups’ Buddy Picture, The Bucket List. 

Morgan Freeman Quick Facts 

He was brought into the world on June 1, 1937, in Memphis. 

He has homes in Charleston, Mississippi, and New York City. 

He is 6 foot 2 inches tall. 


Freeman was brought into the world in Memphis in 1937. His mom was an educator and his dad was a hairdresser. Freeman’s mom kicked the bucket in 200. His dad kicked the bucket of cirrhosis in 1961. 

Early Life 

Freeman said he got the acting bug when he showed up in a play in evaluation school. At the point when he was 12, he entered and won a statewide acting rivalry. 

That award prompted his appearance on a Tennessee public broadcast. 

Freeman served in the Air Force from 1955 to 1959. At a certain point, he considered remaining in the administration as a career. 

Move to Los Angeles 

In 1959, Freeman moved to Los Angeles. He accepted employment as a typist at Los Angeles City College. In the nights, he took acting classes at the profoundly respected Pasadena Playhouse. 

He also took dance classes and considered dialects. 

Early Success 

Freeman discovered consistent work as an artist with different organizations. He also functioned as an extra in the 1965 movie The Pawnbroker. In 1965, he moved to New York to act in off-Broadway creations. 

In 1968, Freeman made his Broadway debut in an all-dark rendition of Hello, Dolly! that also featured Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway. 

Theater Career 

Freeman’s venue career was fruitful. In 1980, he got the Obie Award for his exhibition as the lead in Coriolanus. 

In 1984, he got his second Obie Award for The Gospel at Colonus. Freeman also won a Drama Desk Award and a Clarence Derwent Award for his part as a drunkard in The Mighty Gents. 

He won an Obie Award for his part as a driver for a Jewish widow in Driving Miss Daisy. 

Morgan later had one of his best-known exhibitions in the 1989 screen variant of the play. He featured in the movie rendition with Jessica Tandy. 

As of now, Morgan Freeman’s total assets are $250 million. 

Movie Appearances 

Freeman started taking little functions in movies. He immediately climbed to driving man status. In 1987, he got his first Academy Award designation for his part in Street Smart. He later said that this selection truly assisted him with careering take-off. 

From the time he began working in movies, he showed up at any rate one movie a year for the following 30 years. 

His most vital movies include: 

Brubaker, 1980. 

Road Smart, 1987. 

Magnificence, Lean on Me and Driving Miss Daisy, 1989. 

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, 1991. 

Unforgiven, 1992. 

The Shawshank Redemption, 1994. 

Episode and Seven, 1995. 

Amistad and Kiss the Girls, 1997. 

Bruce Almighty, 2003. 

Million Dollar Baby, 2004. 

Gone, Baby, Gone and The Bucket List, 2007. 

The Dark Knight, 2008. 

Dolphin Tale, 2011. 

Sorcery of Belle Isle and The Dark Knight Rises, 2012. 

Dolphin Tale 2 and Five Flights Up, 2014. 

Going in Style and Just Getting Started, 2017. 


Freeman has been hitched and separated twice. He has three kids. Freeman is right now single. 

Intriguing Facts About Morgan Freeman 

In 2014, Morgan Freeman demonstrated he was the same amount of an activity saint, in actuality, as he has been in the movies. Freeman has a pilot’s permit and is an accomplished plane pilot. 

He was flying from his home in Mississippi to the Toronto Film Festival for the debut of his movie Ruth and Alex. 

The plane created motor issues, and Freeman needed to land it on four separate occasions to manage the issues. 

He later said that he was not in any peril, but rather he felt awful about being an hour and a half late to the debut party. 

In 2014, Freeman devoted more than 100 sections of land of his property as a honey bee asylum. 

Achievement Tips from Morgan Freeman 

1. “If your life ends up being acceptable and you have a huge measure of karma in your life, it really is ideal to pivot and make it work for other people.” 

2. “I never returned to composing, however, I had some genuine lean occasions between jobs. In any case, I didn’t need to go to work for any other person. I didn’t need to wash dishes, I didn’t need to tend to tables, I didn’t need to drive a taxi or wash vehicles. I intentionally left myself nothing to depend on. If you have a pad, where you land, you remain. You can’t ascend a mountain with a net.” 

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