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3 Jobs Suitable for Night Owls

Not everyone wants to work a 9 to 5 schedule. Some people just thrive more at night. One benefit of working outside daylight hours is that many employers pay extra for shift differentials. If that sounds like you, check out the following jobs that might better align with your personality. 

1. Security Guard

Many places have precious items that they want to protect. Shopping malls, warehouses and parking garages often need employees to secure the grounds during the night. That is where security guards come in. Someone in this position will be responsible for monitoring activity on the premises, calling the police after witnessing criminal activities and checking if people are authorized to enter their workplace. If you work in a particularly dangerous area, you might consider wearing concealed carry clothing for security guards.

2. Truck Driver

The fields of transportation and logistics are as important as ever. With so many people purchasing items online, there is a vast need for delivery workers because people want their packages as quickly as possible. Truck drivers help fill this need. If you would like to become one, you should get a commercial driver’s license, or CDL for short. This job can take you on the road for more than one day, so it is important to make sure your family understands this.

3. Emergency Medical Technician

Medical emergencies don’t stop just because the sun goes down. If you want to help people while you maximize the hours late into the night, you might consider becoming an emergency medical technician. If you do decide to go this route, you will be tasked with performing CPR, stopping people from bleeding to death and transporting patients to the hospital for further care. After working as an EMT, you can gain enough experience and education to be promoted to the job of paramedic where you will have more skills to help save people’s lives.

Whether you suffer from insomnia or need to pick up a second job, there are plenty of reasons to work second and third shifts. Thankfully there are plenty of opportunities available for folks who wish to do so. 

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