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How to Clean iPhone Charging Port Without Toothpick

In this informative article, I’ll teach you several unique methods how to clean iPhone charging port without toothpick. Therefore, in the event that you’ve got your iPhone on your pants or perhaps on your backpack as time passes, the charging port may fill up with a great deal of dirt pits and lint, and this may cause the iPhone to not charge in any way.

There Are Lots of different tools Which You Can use to clean it like:

  • Dearly you don’t want to use thin
  • Tweezers to pull out any dirt and fluff

Top ways to clean your iPhone speakers, charging port & headphone out using just wet tissue, mini brush and sharped pen.

How to Clean IPhone Charging Port without Toothpick



However, I think a lot of folks don’t have those available generally, so instead, you may use a toothbrush, and you would like it to be as dry as you can as you do not need any moisture onto the charging port.

Sharped Pen

sharped pin

It is a simple but dangerous method to clean iPhone charging port. This manner use just when you’re a specialist since it can damage your cellphone.

Pair of Cotton Swabs

cotton swabs

Another great trick you may use set of cotton swabs. Simply stick 1 end of the cotton swab to the water within your iPhone’s dock connector port whenever it’s still moist to remove any dirt or debris which may be lodged within the connector port.

You may also need to try cleaning your telephone by gently pushing its unwanted with your finger, but this method does not remove anything from the cell phone. However, you will love knowing how to clean iPhone charging port with no toothpick following this messy procedure.


These are some wonderful tactics to understand how to clean iPhone charging port with no toothpick but if you discovered your method about how to clean the iPhone charging port without toothpick, please also discuss down that as you are going to be helping other iPhone users around as always, thanks for reading.

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