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How to clean an iPhone Charging Port

In this article you will learn about how to clean iphone charging port with toothbrush. Cleaning an iPhone using a toothbrush can be difficult for someone who doesn’t know exactly how to do it.

You should know that you should not use any cleaning agent when you are cleaning the iPhone.

If you have ever done any work with toxic chemicals, then you know how dangerous this can be, especially when it comes to something as important as charging your mobile phone.

If you must clean your charging port, make sure you wear a long-sleeved or disposable rubber glove.

This will keep your hands protected and help you clean off the residue without getting a chemical burn or being sensitive to the chemicals.

How to clean iPhone Charging Port with toothbrush

When learning how to clean iphone charging port with toothbrush, make sure you have all of your items ready before you begin working on the phone.

You need to have a

  • piece of cotton that is damp but not dripping
  • small microfiber cloth
  • some water-based polish remover
  • cotton bud
  • pair of headphones (if you aren’t going to be listening to music while cleaning the device)
  • dry cotton towel

Depending on how dirty your iPhone is, you may only need one of these items. If your iPhone is severely dirty, you may only need one of the other four. Remember to read the instructions on your device as well as follow them closely.

You are now ready to make sure you have the right type of toothbrush for cleaning your iPhone. For the best results, always use a bristled toothbrush rather than a soft brush to clean it.

The reason is that soft bristles will end up doing more damage than good to your device, while the bristles on a bristled toothbrush will do a better job cleaning it without damaging it in the process.

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Before you begin working on your iPhone, you need to be sure you have disconnected it from all electrical sources. As long as you have these devices connected, including your cell phone, you can safely clean the charging port using any cleaner that is appropriate for cleaning electrical equipment.

Remember, there is no need to ever clean the device by running the electricity through it as this can cause serious damage that can only be repaired through a replacement. So long as the battery is unplugged, it is safe to clean the device.

Once you have removed all electrical cords and the device is free of potential damage, you are ready to begin cleaning. Start cleaning the area around the charging port by using the dampness from your previous step.

Apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the area to ensure it is thoroughly wet.

Next, using the toothbrush cleaning solution into the small gap between the glass and the device’s case to remove any extra grime.


Be sure to avoid cleaning the device near a source of heat or water. You may consider using a plastic toothbrush wrapped in a towel, so it does not get pushed around and damaged.

If you plan on leaving your iPhone in the case, it may be smart to invest in a carrying case or cover to keep your precious iPhone safe. After you finish your learning about how to clean iphone charging port with toothbrush, you will have one less thing you need to worry about.

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