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Donald Trump Rips Barack Obama After Blistering Rebuke Of Presidency

Donald Trump fires back at Barack Obama following Obama s rankling reprimand of Trump s time in office.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama are taking the gloves off … Trump just ripped Obama after his rankling reproach of Trump’s administration.

The Prez went crazy on Obama during Wednesday’s meeting in North Carolina, and it sure seems like he watched Barry attack him during a red hot discourse in Philadelphia.

Nobody gets under Trump’s skin like Obama, so it’s nothing unexpected he terminated back at the previous president … Trump says he’s really happy Obama’s hitting the battlefield lastly advocating for Joe Biden.

Trump recounted his allies an anecdote about learning Obama was lobbying for Biden, and he guarantees he told his helpers it’s a surprisingly positive development since no one battled harder for Hillary Clinton than Obama, and peer how that turned out.

Trump’s certainly been holding this resentment for quite a long time – bringing up Obama missed the point in 2016 by telling individuals Trump wouldn’t run, wouldn’t win the assignment, and wouldn’t win the White House.

Trump was extra egotistical … also, he said the main individual more troubled than Hillary on Election Night 2016 was Obama.

No doubt, Obama unquestionably got the opportunity to Trump.

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