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Experience The Magic Of Topgolf With A Topgolf Course

Topgolf is an international multi-sport entertainment business based in Dallas, Texas with local locations in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Dubai. In June 2010, publicly listed Callaway Golf joined forces with Topgolf to form a strategic alliance.

The acquisition marked a major step towards building on the growing international opportunities for Topgolf. In September 2010, Topgolf released their third annual Global Green Series, the largest golf event in history.


The business model of topgolf includes providing topnotch professional course facilities to host popular tournaments like the Callaway Classic, the Majestic Challenge and the World Tour Championship presented by Ping and English.

Each Topgolf course has its own unique features like holes with water or green maintenance, large greens, and well maintained signage. These features create an ultimate playing experience.

The courses are designed to give every player a great game experience with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The professional staff helps players master their golf skills through advice and round-the-clock feedback.

Golfing tips

Each round starts with a short pre-round briefing where golfing tips and strategy are explained by the pro staff. Then, the players are separated into groups and assigned to groups based on their ranking in the world rankings.

 A Topgolf coach will be assigned to each group and help players improve their game. As part of the training, players are taught proper hitting technique and the importance of keeping their feet moving during golfing.

Other techniques such as chipping, putting, and driving require practice and patience to master.

Topgolf Restaurant

After a strenuous round of golf, players can relax at the topgolf restaurant and enjoy amazing food and drinks. The topgolf chefs cook the players’ favorite food to ensure they get the highest score points and impress their friends and relatives.

Players may opt for a more casual dining experience, or ask their waiter for a professional grade meal. Some of the popular Topgolf dining options include the “Le Poirere” (which translates to “The Prince”), the “Mallory” (which is French for “The Noble”), and the “Le Riche.”

Topgolf incorporates different levels of play

There are different skill levels ranging from beginner to expert, and then master’s levels. This allows everyone to enjoy the game. Whether you are a beginner just starting out with a few bad drives or an experienced golfer looking for a new challenge,

Topgolf can provide it. Plus, playing in a topgolf course will also allow you to practice your golfing skills in a less controlled environment, and gain valuable experience while competing against other top professionals.


There are many reasons why playing topgolf is better than practicing at a driving range. For one, driving ranges only allow certain sized golf balls into them, whereas topgolf courses can accept any size golf ball.

Plus, there is usually a lot of room for the course’s intended use, unlike a driving range. In addition to these benefits, another advantage of playing topgolf at a Topgolf venue is that the course is generally less expensive than other similar courses.

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