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Slot regulations and laws across the world

Online slots do not differ much – if at all – from nation to nation. They’re played in the exact same way with the exact same technology as well as with the exact same objective (to enjoy and perhaps, if you are fortunate, to win a reward too). Still, because every different nation has its own gambling laws, you will find different rules related to these online activities based on the place you’re playing. Should you go on vacation and still wish to enjoy your favourite online pay by phone slots, is this even going to be possible? It all depends on the slot regulations and laws where you’re heading. 


Age is a huge thing to take note of with regards to internet slot and slots laws around the world. Although technically there’s nothing stopping an underage individual from playing (it is not like you have to show ID when you enter an online casino), you cannot legally access your winnings if you decide to play and you win the jackpot, or even a smaller amount. So don’t tempt fate and just play slots when you’re old enough to do it. Some countries set that age at 18, some at 21, and so on; check first to make sure you’re playing within the law. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have their own set of laws along with the common ones that you would expect. These games provide an additional degree of excitement to them, as the jackpots are up in the many millions, and surely well worth six figures – there’s a great deal on the line so there are plenty of rules also. 

An example of this is that there should be a meter shown on the screen where the genuine jackpot figure is found all the time. This was at first made available to enable players to help make the correct judgement concerning whether it was really worth playing or not, though it has in fact helped internet casinos as well. Imagine playing a progressive slot and also watching the jackpot money growing before your eyes; in all of the excitement, could you be tempted to play and also pay a bit more than you are intending to? 


In the UK almost any winnings originating from a casino are tax free, which is great news. It would be terrible to have won some money, large or small amounts, and then have to give a portion of it away to the HMRC! Still this may not be the case in some other places, therefore it pays to examine exactly where your casino is and also what the tax regulations are. You might not want to play if there is a chance you could lose even when you win. 

Is It Legal?

In the UK, gambling is absolutely authorised. We have a great deal of freedom and it might be that we assume we can gamble wherever we go just because that’s what we’re used to. But this might not be the case, and you could find yourself in trouble if you play when you’re not meant to. 

Switzerland is a good example of a progressive nation which just does not allow some types of gambling, including online slots. Even if you did try to do it, the sites are generally unable to be accessed and are blocked. 

In larger countries with numerous states and provinces like the USA and Canada, gambling is permitted in some places but not others, so once again it’s advisable to check this out before you begin performing something which might enable you to get into serious trouble.

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