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Has Mike Tyson Ever Lost a Fight?

With a solid, healthy casing and energy filled serious drive, Mike Tyson has all the earmarks of being invulnerable. 

Mike Tyson has lost a battle. Actually, throughout the span of his long career, he lost six battles. 

He is human after all. However, with such an amazing resume of wins, there is no utilization harping on the couple of losses through his broad career. 

Striking Losses: Few and Far Between 

While examining Mike Tyson’s boxing career, his losses are frequently not the first to be taken note. Mike Tyson was incredibly effective in his boxing career, as he was the most youthful fighter to win the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, and International Boxing Federation titles. 

He additionally turned into the most youthful heavyweight champion in 1988, when he took out Michael Spinks at 20 years old. Mike Tyson was known for his staggering force, as he ruled boxing for a lion’s share of the 1980s 

You can see the video clasp of Mike Tyson’s heavyweight champion knockout shot in this Instagram post, which is connected beneath.

By and large, his boxing career record incorporates 50 wins, of which incorporates 44 knockouts, six losses, and two no challenges. 

All in all, it makes one wonder, who is behind those six losses that tormented Mike Tyson’s career? 

Douglas Shocks the World as the First to Beat Mike Tyson 

On February 11, 1990, dark horse Buster Douglas arranged to battle Mike Tyson, and honestly battled obviously superior to anybody would have anticipated. Douglas sent a stun all through the boxing scene when he took out Mike Tyson in the 10th round, giving Tyson his first career loss. 

You can see the video of Mike Tyson’s first career loss, utilizing the YouTube connect beneath. 

Who Else Beat Mike Tyson? 

While Mike Tyson’s different losses didn’t have the same impact on his standing as the first, his other five losses conveyed a lot of show throughout the span of his career. 

His next loss was at the MGM Grand in November 1996 to match Evander Holyfield. Tyson lost in the eleventh cycle, a staggering blow after recovering foothold since his first loss. 

After that loss, one thing was without a doubt, Mike Tyson would successfully win a battle regardless of whether it required urgent, brutal measures. 

Tyson and Holyfield met again at a rematch at the MGM Grand in June 1997. Tyson was resolved to win and, when he thought Holyfield deliberately headbutted him in early adjustments, he was angered enough to nibble his ear off. 

The function caused genuine aftermath, including a $3,000,000 fine, a lost boxing permit, and a spell of required network administration. In any case, Tyson kept up his standing as the “baddest man on earth.” 

After losing his permit, it took Tyson some time to recapture licensure and re-visitation of the ring. Some will contend that starting now and into the foreseeable future, it was apparent that Mike Tyson had passed his prime. 

In June 2002, Lennox Lewis met Mike Tyson at the Pyramid in Memphis. While it was by all accounts a genuinely even match at an early stage, Tyson couldn’t hang on and a substantial right across from Lewis added another loss to Tyson’s alluring career record. 

After two years, in 2004, another loss struck Mike Tyson. Tyson battled Danny Williams in Freedom Hall, Kentucky, and endured a torn tendon in his knee that ruined his presentation in the ring. 

He was unable to hold tight, and he lost to Danny Williams in the fourth round. 

In conclusion, in the last boxing match of his career, Mike Tyson lost to Kevin “Irishman” McBride in June 2005. It was obvious to all that the fighter was approaching the finish of his boxing career as a result of his failure to keep up strength in the manner that he used to. 

Notwithstanding being ahead by two on the appointed authorities’ scorecards, Tyson quit before the seventh round started. In amazement of an activity that was so against his character and past serious nature, clearly his heart was no longer in the game. 

Tyson later conceded that he had acknowledged the battle due to his requirement for cash. In any case, Tyson’s flexibility and quality has shone through. 

Tyson is currently in the “best state of his life,” and plans to re-visitation of the ring with an end goal to bring issues to light for different foundations later on..

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