Top Ways To Lower Your Cancer Risk

Top Ways To Lower Your Cancer Risk

Nowadays cancer seems to be everywhere, we all know someone who is experiencing a health cancer problem, but can you prevent it? Old age is the biggest factor in cancer and we can’t avoid it, but more than 40% of all cancer diagnosed each year are preventable.

There are things that every person can do to reduce the risk of cancer and also the risk of other serious diseases while improving your life, live healthier and longer.

Top Ways To Lower Your Cancer Risk

Keep a Healthy Weight

The truth is that being overweight increases your risk of many cancers while maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of different types of cancer such as prostate, breast, kidney, lung, mesothelioma, and colon.

Regular Check-Ups

There are no symptoms in the early stages of cancer, regular screenings can help you catch cancers when they are still small and concentrated in one area, which is often the easiest way to treat it.

Eat Healthily

Nowadays we are very busy and we don’t pay attention to what we eat. A long time ago when we ate healthily without processed foods we never heard of cancer. This fast modern way of life has had a negative impact on our health. There are studies showing that eating fruits and vegetables, fish and whole grains is linked to lower cancer risk.

It is recommended by the American Cancer Society:

  • To Eat less processed meat and less red meat
  • Eat 5 to 9 serves of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits a day
  • Eat pasta, cereals, and bread from whole grains
  • Reduce sugar, fewer sodas, and sweets
  • Exercise

Physical activity has shown that it might lower your risk of breast and colon cancer. 30 minutes of exercise a day is fine.

Less Tobacco

Smoking is responsible for one in five deaths in America. 80% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking tobacco products, which is about 480,000 premature deaths each year that can be prevented.

Reduce Alcohol

Most people are aware that drinking a lot can cause long term health problems. But they ignore that alcohol also increases your cancer risk. Drinking moderately is a wise decision, don’t stress your body.


Have a healthy lifestyle, take the right decision for your body and health. Make wise choices, exercise and avoid unhealthy habits. Moderation is the key, don’t poison your body with excess alcohol, snacks and tobacco, look for organic food with the necessary nutrients and avoid processed food as much as you can. Mesothelioma Information – 10 Most Asked Q & A

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