How did Island boy get famous?

Hi, I’m Island Boy. I’m a popular YouTuber who uploads videos about my life and other people’s lives in this crazy world. But how did I get so famous? Let’s dive into some answers!

What does Island Boy do in his videos?

Island Boy is a singer and dancer. He has been performing in videos for many years, but his most famous work was on the TV show The Lion Guard. He made some great videos that you can watch on YouTube!

In his videos, Island Boy sings songs about animals and makes jokes about them. For example: “A lion is eating me alive.” Or this one: “A zebra dances so well.”

How did he get famous?

Island Boy was popular on YouTube and got a shoutout from another famous YouTuber. The shoutout was a good thing because it helped him get more views and subscribers, but it also made people think Island Boy was the next big thing in music.

The problem with the shoutout is that it made people think that Island Boy would be famous and that all of their friends would want to see him perform live shows. This is not true at all! Most of those who watched his videos never even listened to his music after they saw him perform live shows at clubs or bars around town since there were no recordings made online for anyone else who wanted them (or even if they did exist).

Biographical information about the Island Boys

The Island Boys, now more widely known as The Voodoo Glow Skulls, were a Canadian reggae band from Toronto. They are best known for their 1981 hit “Rockaway Beach,” which peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent nine weeks there in 1981. It also reached number one on the Hot Soul Singles chart and number two on the R&B Singles chart.

The song was used in the soundtrack of the film Scarface (1983) and appears in its video game adaptation, Scarface: The World Is Yours. It has been covered by artists such as Bad Brains, Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Fishbone, and Jimmy Buffett, among others.[citation needed]

Personal lives

In the early days, Island Boy was just a name for a band. The members were friends from high school, and they’d been playing together since high school. The four of them were Alex, Chanel, and the two guys who would eventually become Alex and Chanel’s husbands. They’d lived in New York for years before moving to LA in 2005.

The first time I saw them live was at a show in Brooklyn with Mal Blumberg, a producer who had worked on records by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. After the show, he came up to me and asked if I wanted to join Island Boy as their manager. We agreed that they needed someone with more experience than me (I had no experience managing bands), and he began sending me their demos weekly.

I met Alex during one of these demo sessions. She was sitting on top of a piano bench across from me at my desk when I tried to hand her one of the songs they’d made that day — she knocked it out of my hands!

The internet is a strange place.

The internet is a strange place. It’s full of weird things happening all the time, and sometimes those things are just as interesting as the rest of life.

  • Island boy started his channel by uploading videos about how he was trying to get famous on YouTube. His first video was “How I’m Trying To Get Famous On YouTube.” It featured him sitting in front of his laptop with no shirt on, looking at himself in a mirror while he talked about how great it would be if people liked him online.
  • He eventually became less concerned with getting attention from strangers and more interested in making money from his content—a trend that continues today!


We know Island Boy is not the only one to make a living off YouTube. Nearly every YouTuber has a unique story about getting started in this industry. We hope we’ve given you some insight into what makes Island Boy tick and how he went from working retail jobs to becoming one of the most popular vloggers on the web today!

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