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Live Casino vs Traditional casinos

Humans love to gamble and always have done. Historians have even suggested that gambling contributed to the way that society developed and how land was passed from one person to the next – discover live casino. In the absence of money, land had to be used instead. 

Although gambling still takes pretty much the same form; you pay money because you think a certain event will take place, and if it does you win your money back and some extra on top. If it doesn’t, you lose your money. However, the places and means of gambling have changed a lot. Now there are traditional casinos and live casinos, for example. What are the differences between the two? 

Traditional Casinos

A traditional casino is one you can visit physically. When you think of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, or any of the other places that are famous for casinos, traditional casinos are what you will be imagining. The very first traditional casino was built in Venice in the 16th century, and you can still visit it today. 

The majority of traditional casinos will have the same games in them. These include roulette, blackjack, craps, slots, poker, and kino amongst others. These games can, of course, all be played online, but many people like the atmosphere that a traditional casino offers, and this is why they are still popular, despite online gaming being a possibility. 

Online Casinos

Despite the fact that traditional casinos are still used and needed, online casinos are extremely popular. When they were new in the 1990s, no one had ever seen anything like it before, and the idea that you could enjoy slots and other casino table games via the internet was unheard of. Today it’s much more usual, but there are always new ideas coming out, and some of the most recent include mobile gaming, 3D casino games, and virtual reality slots. 

The online casinos are very popular because they are so convenient. They allow people who might not otherwise have had access to casinos due to the time and expense it would take to get there, or because of accessibility issues, for example, the chance to play the games that they love from the comfort of their own home. You can even chat to other players online which certainly adds to the experience. 

Live Casinos

Live casinos are another fascinating idea and they are best described as something of a hybrid of an online casino and a physical, traditional one. The live casino offers, as the name suggests, live casino games, but it does so through a laptop or mobile device. Often thought of as the ‘best of both worlds’, even the RTPs are higher at live casinos that either of the other two versions. 

The games are played in real time, with real dealers and other players too. This adds to the fun as it is almost as if you are in a traditional casino, and apart from actually being there, the gameplay, the atmosphere, and the winning potential is the same.

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