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How to Increase Website Traffic

After making the Website, many of the bloggers are facing problem like how to write SEO optimized post & how to increase website traffic. So here I am sharing some tips.

How to Write SEO Optimized Post

 Write on the latest topics

At present date, many of the bloggers are wasting their time on that post which is not in trend & after this, they face low site traffic. 

If you want to good chaise amount of visitor, then you should write on the trend topics. Therefore, you can know the trend topics by some best source like Yahoo Trends, Google Trends & many more. 

Choose your Post title according to trends keyword

After choosing the title name, the main thing is that you also select some trend keyword. A keyword is optimized your site in Google, Yahoo & many more search engine. 

You should always choose quality keywords like “Samsung Galaxy S 4 launched in India”, you should write this to good Keyword like “Samsung Galaxy S4 launched”. 

The post will be consisting of quality content

In blogging, you always aware of quality content because it helps you in Google index, Yahoo index & Bing index as well. 

You should post 250+ words for post quality, and it will content of 5 to 6 keywords. You are also dark the keywords in the post. 

Use SEO Plugin for optimized the post

SEO plugins are a great option. Plugins like All in one SEO pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast, WordPress SEO & many more. 

Its use is very simple. You must write the title in the title box and also describe at least 160 words. And in the SEO plugin keyword box, you should write only 5 to 6 keywords. 

Interlink your posts

Interlink means you should link your post to another post of your site, which helps you

Increase site traffic and also, the duration of the visitor increases, and it will be beneficial to your site. 


So, Guys, these are some tips to increase your site traffic, hope it will help your blogging.

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