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Why You Should Use the Tekton Tingle Tanning Lotion

For those looking for a way to achieve an even, golden tan while still in the comfort of home, the Tekton Tingle Tanning Lotion is a good option. 

It has been used for decades by tanning salons throughout Australia and is one of the most trusted tanning lotions on the market. 

Available in both spray tan and tanning lotion forms, it can be used at home or used at tanning salons to ensure beautiful results for all customers. If you are thinking about tanning, then this product fits you.


The formulation of the Tekton Tanning Lotion is what sets it apart from other tanning lotion products. Unlike other lotions available, this lotion is infused with a unique blend of Vitamin E and D-limonene, which work to protect your skin from the sun and give it the natural golden colour it is looking for. 

The fact that it can protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun whilst offering a golden glow to your skin at the same time makes it a smart option. Another benefit is that it also works well to remove the signs of sun damage, such as fine lines and wrinkles.


1. One of the benefits that many people notice when using the Tekton Tanning Lotion is that it feels luxurious. The lotion has an addictive quality to it, and those who have used it feel that they can’t ever get it out of their skin. 

The lotion feels luxurious going on because of the unique blend of ingredients it contains. It penetrates deep into your skin and leaves no oily aftertaste behind. One of the reasons why the product is so effective is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals damaging to your skin.

2. Some lotions can leave some of these chemicals on your skin, which is why it is always so important to read the ingredients label when purchasing any lotion.

This is another reason why the Tekton Tanning Lotion is such a popular choice. You don’t have to worry about any streaking or staining of your clothing. 

If you use any other tanning lotion on your skin, this will only cause more of a problem because your body will absorb the chemicals through your skin. It is also great because it helps protect your skin from the harsh UV rays from the sun. 

Your skin will stay moisturised, and the dark tone will not be affected as much by the rays of the sun as it would if you were using a normal tanning lotion.

If you are looking to buy a nice tan, you may want to consider the new range of products that the Tekton Company has developed. 

There are now two ranges that you can choose from. 

Traditional Tanning Lotion

The first range offers the traditional tanning lotion but with added vitamins and minerals that help improve your skin tone. 

This means that you get an even darker shade of protection, and they are also great for people who have dry or sensitive skin.

Ultra Violet Protection

The second range offers ultraviolet protection from the rays of the sun. You get all of the benefits of the traditional tanning lotion, but they are in a very light range, so you don’t have to worry about your skin showing through. 

This is great for people who are always on the go and want to look as good as possible no matter where they are going. If you buy a bottle of the new Tekton Tanning Lotion, you will never need to worry about overexposure again. 

If you want to look better than you ever have before, then you should buy some of this fantastic range of products.

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