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ManCapitalGroup Review 2021: Is This Broker Providing A Secure Way of Exceptional Trade Execution?

Online trading has its ups and downs, but if you have access to the right platform that is stable, reliable, and meets your needs, it can be very profitable. It is difficult to select and determine which platform is the best. It takes a lot of testing, effort, and patience to determine whether or not a platform is trustworthy enough to entrust your fortune too.

A trading platform is a software program that allows investors and traders to invest in different assets and keep track of their accounts without the use of financial intermediaries. In my search I was looking for a trading platform that was equipped with features including real-time quotes, charting software, news feeds, and even premium analysis.

Depending on my trading style and scale, In my early days as a new trader, I used a number of different trading platforms. Whenever I had to pick a platform, I made sure that I thoroughly considered all of the benefits and drawbacks, so I knew exactly what I was getting into. It is unlikely that you can find all of the variables and services you need on a single platform; however, you must ensure that the platform meets all of your top priorities.

The security of the systems in place is one of the major concerns when trading online. It was an important consideration for me when searching for a trading partner. During my hunt for a trustworthy and well-respected brokerage company, I came across ManCapitalGroup.

Picking a platform

Traders and investors should consider both the fees and the functionality available when choosing between trading platforms. However, security is one of the key features that should be on priority when opting for a platform.

Web Design:

When I use an online platform, the friendliness of the website is undoubtedly the first thing that I always notice. I would always be turned off by a difficult-to-understand design/layout. But I noticed how the website is optimized in design and user-friendliness for people who have a different level of experience with online trading platforms.

The ability of the website to attract users and draw their attention to the different services available was the first thing I noticed when I visited it. It has been developed to offer the best experience not only to a qualified or experienced user but also to a start-up; it is simple to navigate with a one-click menu and navigation options within the website. In the start, I felt at home learning how trading works and building their own skills on ManCapitalGroup.

I added this site to my study list right away as it offered the best analytical tools. Since tools allowed me to enhance my trading in ways that no one else could, I took full advantage of them. They have a favorable effect on my trading decisions while also opening up a plethora of other investment opportunities. I’ve been a happy user of the assets provided here.

One of the reasons is that it allows for a great deal of customization. The variety of colors, zooming choices, and flagging tools all contribute to making an otherwise boring and monotonous process more fun and enjoyable.

Overall, the website is very user-friendly and all the graphics make it easier for me to work through the website. It is comfortable to use by both new and old traders.


ManCapitalGroup provides a high level of security to its users. Some key features include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • High password strength requirement
  • Periodic security updates and patches

Trading Technology:

ManCapitalGroup gave me top-of-the-line technology when I became a member of the platform. The availability of price improvement strategies and techniques to find the best bid or offer is an amazing feature provided. The ability to customize my trading experience as per my need using their trading technology has given them extra points in my mind.

Types of Accounts

Their website’s prime aim is to provide retail traders with access to institutional-grade trading. Depending on my qualifications, experience, and preferences, I was able to select from one of five account forms.

  • Self-Managed

Users have the option to self-manage their account with over 200 tradable assets, available market view and flexible leverage of up to 1:100. A minimum balance requirement of €250 is required for this account.

  • Basic

A Basic account provides Market Review, Dedicated Account Manager, and Trading Bonuses, along with basic spreads and improved leverage up to 1:200. A minimum balance requirement for this account is €5000.

  • Gold

Gold accounts not only provide a market review, dedicated account manager, and trading bonuses but also, financial management, risk management planning, special ventures, private analyst sessions, and priority withdrawal. A minimum balance of €10,000 is required.

  • Platinum

      A platinum account is a step-up account dealing in €25,000 and more. I recently upgraded my account to this one. I feel more comfortable with the listed features that I now have complete access to. It has the following features;

  • Market Review
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Trading Bonus
  • Platinum Spreads
  • Improved leverage up to 300
  • Trading Signals
  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Special ventures
  • Invitation to VIP events
  • Private Analyst Sessions
  • Priority Withdrawal
  • Diamond

A diamond account provides the same features as a Platinum account. However, leverage offered is up to 400. Minimum balance for this account is €50,000.

  • VIP

A VIP account is by invitation only but is filled with amazing features.


The cost of using the platform has also been one of the major concerns that I faced while selecting a trading platform. ManCapitalGroup charges a minimal cost for using their platforms and services. Despite having the requirement of maintaining a minimum balance, the experience, satisfaction, and comfort of security surpass the overall cost of using their platform.

Investment Options:

ManCapitalGroup provided me with five types of investment options:

1.     Indices

I did exactly trade lit with indices so I wouldn’t have the clear experience of detailing much on it. However, I do think that the collection of Indices is relatively low as compared to other asset alternatives.

2.     Stocks

Stock trading is one of the most popular types of trading, and it’s also one of the investment options I’ve used and worked on in the past. In contrast to my previous experiences with online brokerage firms, ManCapitalGroup not only expanded my access to various stocks but also offered a rush of Wall Street trading.

3.     Forex

Trading in foreign currency has never been this easy and fun. I am able to trade in various foreign currencies using a single-window, while reviewing their past trends.

4.     Crypto

Crypto is one of the categories that I had never traded-in in the past. However, ManCapitalGroup made me realize that digital coins have transformed the way we transact, think, and invest. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are rapidly changing our world. Hence, I added the same in my portfolio. ManCapitalGroup deals with different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash; meanwhile remarking the associated risks of such booming investments. Including such disclaimers on their website is extremely thoughtful of them because the user must know the risks which also makes ManCapitalGroup, a trustworthy trading platform.

5.     Commodities

I had the option to deal in commodities via ManCapitalGroup. Commodities like Gold, Platinum, and Crude Oil are readily available for trading.

Service Quality:

User satisfaction and loyalty are influenced by service quality, and these factors have had a significant impact on my conduct, as well. Service quality is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and there are many relationships between service quality, consumers’ perceived value, and loyalty. So far ManCapitalGroup has provided me with excellent service. Throughout my trading career, there have been ups and downs, but I found the management to be always supportive. I would say that the service providers at ManCapitalGroup are:

  • Readily available via live chat or email;
  • adequately trained;
  • provide complete information; and
  • with a positive attitude.

ManCapitalGroup allows me to monitor my portfolio according to my needs, with alerts and updates notifying me when the prices of my favorite stocks are attractive or reach a certain threshold. Their cutting-edge trading platform equipped me with all of the tools I needed to master in the exciting world of CFD trading.

Learning and Education:

I’ve learned over the years that learning and education can never end. And, regardless of how long you’ve been in the business, you should be informed about the changing market. This is why ManCapitalGroup has dedicated an entire section to enlightening assets. This is why ManCapitalGroup is regarded not only as a trading forum but also as an asset marketplace. eBooks, Asset Index, Glossary, and FAQ are among the subsections. I was a little disappointed to discover that it isn’t updated on a regular basis, but the way it requires a wide range of traders, advanced or necessary in terms of detail, made it worthwhile.

Take Away:

For those who are looking for an online trading platform, ManCapitalGroup is a secure and reliable option in the long run. I have shared my experience and so far, it has been quite satisfactory.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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