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MyTradingCollege Reviews – All The Knowledge You Need About Trading In One Place!

We all need to learn a little extra about trading. This especially goes out to the new traders that don’t necessarily have accurate information about the forex trading world.

I have always struggled with the ever-changing market and all the innovation that comes with it. In my search, I found the perfect platform, MyTradingCollege, from where I got everything I needed to learn about trading. The 3 bundled courses are a significant source to start your trading venture. 

In this review, I will detail everything I got to learn from the platform. I will talk about each course, its features, and how it affected my trading strategies. 


  1. Lite Course
  2. Plus Course
  3. Pro Course

The above three courses come with specific educational material and they all include videos, eBooks, economic calendar, daily analysis, asset trend, etc. The asset trend is very helpful as it taught me how to read any assets’ difficulties while making its analysis. As I studied each course, I got deeper and deeper knowledge and insights about trading and how I could improve my strategies and analysis.

What have I learned In Trading?

  • Day Trading
  • Position Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Scalping
ForexCommoditiesCrypto currenciesIndices
StocksBlockchainETFTechnical Analysis
StrategyCFDMarket AnalysisBull vs Bear Markets
NFPFundamental AnalysisTrading AlertsWeb TV
Video TutorialsAnalyst ViewsMarket TrendseBooks

Knowing about all the above points is very important. I think without having the know-how of what actually comes with forex; it was difficult for me to understand things at their fundamental level. The courses tackle almost everything to the full potential.

It was a gradual learning process for me and completing the courses did not take an enormous amount of time either. I was probably done with them in about 2-3 weeks.

Now let me tell you about all the features I got from each course and how my trading changed as I learned about trading the right way.

What have I got With Each Course?

  • World-class authors.
  • Easy-to-follow videos.
  • One-stop solution.

Personalized Courses

Each course is personalized according to the expertise level of the trader. For example, I knew little about trading, so I started my learning experience with the Lite course, and just like that Plus and Pro have advanced information so people who already know about the fundamentals of trading can choose the rest of the two courses.

  • Lite Course–350 Euros

Pros: I got to learn the very basics of online trading with this course, as it is specially built for the new traders. This course taught me how to read the economic calendar, market news, and trading signals. My weakest spot is not knowing enough about the trading terminology. With the help of the glossary, I enhance my vocabulary and now I can speak freely about trading using the terms.

I think it was very important for me to learn through a proper platform instead of trying to get around by myself or through my friend’s advice. In that way, I would have lost a lot of my money.

Cons: I don’t think the Lite course will suit anyone who has fundamental knowledge about the trading industry. So, they can choose the higher courses directly.

What did I get from the Lite course pack:

  • Access to Trading Signals
  • 130 pages eBooks
  • 90 minutes videos
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market News
  • Glossary

With this course, I got to learn that there is no shortcut to trading. That is why this course emphasizes developing the skills and how I could grab better opportunities.

  • Plus Course–700 Euro

Pros: This is a more exclusive and in-depth course. So, once I was good with my basic knowledge, I went ahead and bought this course. I got to learn that knowing the basics is enough to make better profits, but knowing the trading psychology is also equally important. I learned how to figure out an asset’s future performance or whether it will actually bring me long-term profit or not. This way I got to develop the right mindset of a trader. The videos and eBooks provide better insight into this course.

As I was learning and applying the insights to my trading, I realized that with the proper education I felt more confident. I became steadier about my investments, and it did not scare me to put in more money in various assets.

Cons: I felt that if I hadn’t known the basics from the Lite course, then it would have been difficult for me to understand the market psychology in this course.

What did I get from the Lite course pack?

  • Trading psychology
  • Advanced eBooks
  • In-depth videos
  • Daily Analysis
  • Asset Trends
  • Live Trading Signals

These are the features that I got from the course pack. I believe that mentioning the feature with each course is important so you guys can know how they each vary from the other. None of the courses provided me with the same features. So, with each course, I got improved and new educational material to learn from.

  • Pro Course–1350 Euro

Okay! This course in my opinion deserves a holler.

Pros: This is the ultimate course. I got to unleash my full potential once I applied everything; I learned from it into my trading. I learned the inside secrets and really creative strategies that improved my profits greatly. After learning from this course, I was able to call myself somewhat of a professional because I could understand the market much better. I mean, if you have a trading strategy that can get you monthly profits, then you are doing good in the trading world. And the Pro course is here to give you just that.

Cons: I don’t think that a new trader who only gets this course without learning the basics would benefit much from it. If I hadn’t known about how the market works and what online trading looks like, then it would have been complex for me to understand most of the course.

What did I get from the Pro Course?

  • Advanced Lessons
  • In-depth Laws of Economics
  • Basic + Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Professional Trading Signals
  • Complete Trading Terms
  • Trading Tools
  • Trading Signals

With the help of In-Depth Laws of Economics, I got to learn the agency, market, and contractual theories, several measures of the stock market performance, greater stock price accuracy, stock market liquidity, and much more. If I start explaining about what I learned from the other features, then this will become a very lengthy article. To put it in simple words: I actually consider myself a professional with the knowledge I got from the Pro course.

Payment Method

My experience with the payments was very smooth. With each course, there is an option given “Choose This”. Once I clicked that, a screen popped up. I was asked to provide the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Country
  • Phone no. + Code

With the above, I was asked to accept their User agreement and the Privacy policy. It showed me that my transaction was going to be secured with this platform. As soon as I pressed “Register” I received the whole course pack in an instant.

MyTradingCollege has two alternatives for the payment method that is MasterCard and VISA.

Cons: I was a little bummed when I saw that they don’t offer PayPal.

Though the other alternatives worked very efficiently.

Customer Service

Customer Service seemed pretty active to me. When I talked to the representative, it felt like I was talking to a teacher. While learning the courses, if I got confused or needed an extra explanation, I would just head over to the customer service and ask them about it. Each time I was dealt with professionalism and with proper solutions to my questions.

The email service is pretty fast. I always received my answers in a very short amount of time. I never had to wait long for them to get back to me. I would give the Customer service 5/5 in this regard.

Pros: The contact option is integrated with each page on the website. I could either email or call them during their operating hours I.e., Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 18:00 GMT.

Cons: They only have the phone number for the UK.


I will speak from my experience and how much I actually got to learn from all the courses provided by MyTradingCollege.

Since now I am able to trade without losing much money, I think I learned a great deal from all the courses. My journey from being a new trader to an experienced trader has been all because of MyTradingCollege.  

The video lectures are very engaging, and the eBooks are equally provided with accurate information.

I hope my review helps you guys out in knowing more about MyTradingCollege. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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