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The dispatch of documents in any firm and especially financial documents having more important value is of utmost importance. These documents usually contain sensitive information, i.e. name, contact, address, and social security number, etc.

The safety and security of such information is a top priority in every firm. If a firm loses this information, it can badly affect goodwill and may lead to financial fraud. In the recent past, paper documents were used for this purpose.

These documents would be sent by fax/mail. However, with the advancement in technology, various digital means are being used for this purpose. This has increased the efficiency and reduced the sharing time along with being an economic option.

  • Sharing Paper Documents

The printing/sharing of paper documents has a very negative impact on the environment. It is not economical as more money is required in printing and mailing.

Delivery would ultimately take more time and hamper the decision-making process. Most of the organization now scan the paper documents and use the internet for its sharing and storing.

  • Use of Fax

A fax machine is used for sending documents more rapidly. As per a recent survey, 21 percent of the respondent of various accounting firms use a fax machine.

It plays important role in sharing documents with the client and other firms but is costly as it requires paper, phone connection, and ink.

The use of fax also has security implications. The fax machine is vulnerable and people may pretend to be from IRS or some other Government agency thus creating a security risk for the firm.

  • Use of Email

It is one of the fastest means available in the digital world and can be very helpful in sharing information.

As per a survey, around 70 percent of financial firms use email to deliver CPA files. However, it is not safe and can be hacked at any time. Emailing tax returns can put the client in trouble by compromising his security.

  • File Sharing

‘Google share’, ‘Dropbox’, and ‘ShareFile’ are some of the famous websites being used for file sharing. They are comparatively much safer means of sharing data than the erstwhile system.

These websites offer services like sharing, storing, and editing all types of documents. CPA File Share or any other file/document with financial value/information can easily be handled with such websites.

This website does not only secure file sharing but also encrypts your files. Your files are also one-way encrypted. This is a type of encryption in which there is only one password for the file and it’s with the user.

File size of 4 GBs can be uploaded at a time. However, with the express version, files up to 10 GBs can also be uploaded.

‘ICFiles’ has an interesting feature of identification and verification of users, thereby not allowing free access. It also has several checks/scans with which the website undergoes to ensure maximum protection and security for the information.

The client files can also be accessed from a laptop/tablet even if the staff/accountants are traveling. It gives easy access to both parties.

These qualities ensure data security and allow the users to get in touch with the clients and office for efficiency and productivity.

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